Monday, June 14, 2010

Sending a Beautiful Friend...

I am sending a basket of the brightest
sunshine, smiles and gratitude...
to say
Thank You
to someone very special
to me~

Thank you Sande for the
giveaway gifts from
that literally took my breath away,
took words out of my mouth,
stopped my heart from beating,
started my heart pounding,
brought happy tears, tender memories
and sent me on a tailspin
of emotion~

The emotions of feeling so loved
so special...

The presentation of this gift was beyond
one of the most
exquisite I have ever seen in my life~
Undressing this gift was
an experience all it's own...
{shhhhh...I'm really not weird but...
I felt like what a man must feel like when
undressing a beautiful woman}.
The gifts themselves were everything
a woman could dream for with her
most spoiled Marie Antoinette imagination!

Merci Beaucoup

Mon Aime!!!

More importantly and most of all...
Thank you Sande Chase for your
sweet & beautiful



photo 1 google images, 2,3,4 taken by frenchblue 4 a little lovliness


  1. Janet~

    This giftwrapping is so sumptuous! Sande's work is amazing! I love that lavendar and gold wrapping paper-GORGEOUS!

    Have a happy week!

  2. Sande is truly a rare gem & undeniably a talented, gifted woman. We are all blessed to know her. Congrat's to you, I can understand why you were so touched.


  3. P.S. You're mighty fabulous too!!!!

  4. Gobsmacked at how sumptuous your gift was wrapped & then wowie at what you received.
    I'm uncertain why Sandes talent always stuns me, knowing how amazing she is, but I secretly believe she stays awake at night wondering how to blow us all away & really she being simply the wonderful woman she is....thats amazing.

  5. Great,lovely,just fantastic thank´s post,dear Janet:-)))*

    Congrats with you beautiful gift from you beautiful Friend,Sande!
    I am happy for you,realy much!

    My sunshine hugs,

  6. Awe, how nice! What beautiful little girls!

  7. So so lovely....what a sweet friend you have. I am glad you feel so special because you so deserve all this loveliness! xoxoxo

  8. Oh Janet I know exactly how you feel. I had the same wonderful experience when I won her Charlotte Moss Giveaway. Receiving a gift from Sande is the ultimate :)
    Such a lovely post and beautiful tribute to a dear friend!

  9. Sande brings gift giving to the highest level, absolutely stunning!

    Art by Karena

  10. Dear Janet,
    What a beautiful and touching post. I thought at the time how lovely it was that you won Sande's giveaway as you are good friend's ........and then, to receive it in it's unique wrapping......a beautiful moment, I think.
    I bet that you were tempted to leave it in its wonderful wrapping. I always find it rather difficult, unwrapping such beautiful gifts. It seems such a shame but, it has to be done as there are more fabulous things inside.
    Thanks for sharing such a special moment. XXXX

  11. Dear Janet,
    Thank you for the wonderful post , it was simply a pleasure to wrap this gift up with love and friendship and even more a delight to know you enjoyed it. Hopefully one day I can bring you one in person! Thank you for your kind words which are a gift in themselves. No one deserves a bit of beauty more than our blogging princess. Much love XO

  12. Exquisite indeed, wow ... and what beautiful photographs of the gift/wrapping.

    Those little girls ... what darling little angel faces!!!

  13. Dear Janet,
    It is no surprise to me that such a lovely person as you would have many lovely friends.


  14. you and sande are both gems... and those faces??? amazing....xx

  15. Dearest Janet ~
    A stunning gift for an equally gorgeous recipient! Sande definitely knows how to use her exquisite talents and adds the perfect touch to everything she does!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead...

  16. A beautiful gift for a beautiful person. You deserve as much loveliness as you bring to us!
    I hope you have a glorious week.

  17. Sande has a way with paper like no one else. Enjoy.

  18. Gorgeous blog...
    Great photos and the sweetest little smiles ever at the end of this post!
    Enjoyed my visit...Stop in when time allows too!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  19. I feel lucky to have seen this gift in person, it was exquisite from the inside out!

    XO Noel