Friday, June 11, 2010

Lazy Days

Lazy days are worth everything
to me these days...

and they must be
in the most comfortable way~

I think I will be hammock
shopping this weekend...

I just can't resist~

Have a Very Happy & Lazy weekend
my Adorable friends!!



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  1. That first pic is great. Makes me want to curl up with my honey. Have a good weekend.

  2. I love Summer!! I have never had a hammock....have to wait for my trees to mature....but when they do!......
    I love a blanket on the seems to transport you....


  3. What wonderful examples of hammocks, Janet.
    I would love any one of those in my garden.
    Enjoy your weekend too Janet. XXXX

  4. Reminds me of my childhood sweet friend. We had a huge willow tree and one adorable hammock...I must of read a million books in that hammock. xoxoo Have a blessed weekend. xoxo

  5. Janet~

    My husband and I have been talking of buying a hammock for years, but we just never do it! Father's Day is coming up...Maybe that's what I'll buy for him! Enjoy your lazy weekend!


  6. Fin, Adore the hammocks and reminds me of summertime in the country!

    Art by Karena

  7. Dearest Janet ~

    Nothing speaks Summer time bliss more than an exquisitely comfortable hammock puffed perfectly with linens for an afternoon nap!

    J'adore your way of making life so beautiful!


  8. I want to be in a hammock Fin! How can you shop in your hammock, uh uh uh?

  9. We have two gorgeous hammocks and they are used almost daily.
    One on the verandah outside our bedroom and is the exclusive domain of Captain Valentine and I. We often debrief there after work and the kids know it's a 'no-interupto' zone. Sometimes we take a snuggly rug ala your first image and watch the stars after the children have gone to bed.
    My favourite thing to do is to take a good book to the sunshiney hammock downstairs and while away an hour or two on a Sunday.
    See my blog entry for 5 June titled hammock time.


  10. Have a very calm,relaxing weekend,dear,dear Janet!-)*

    Such a lovely,and SO cozy photos...

    Sunshine hugs and love for you,

  11. On my list too, I'm now craving a lazy Sunday! xx

  12. OH I could so do with a rest in that first picture....bliss.

    Have a beautiful weekend darling,

  13. This is so inviting....I can totally do with one of these!!

  14. Oh my goodness I have just come across this lovely blog and now I am following you with a passion...OK so you have 800 Followers and me following won't mean anything but to me it does! Its a beautiful, beautiful blog and makes me want to head to Paris! Thank you for being in Blogland...

  15. I love hammocks -- every garden or sleeping porch must have one. Been oh so busy -- catching up to your beautiful blog -- and yes Elise Valdorcia work is amazing. I am saving up for a pair of her angels. Love her remodeling job she did for a client she posted it on her web site.

    Thanks also for bringing us Dana -- she is a fine artist.

    Have a wonderful week -end and good hammock hunting. Don't forget to enjoy it when you bring it home and relax.


  16. The second one is my favourite! Can't wait to see what you buy! Have a fun lazy weekend darling! xoxo

  17. I love lazy days in summer and I love hammocks. My first thought when seeing the two dreaming people in the hammock was..if we all slept in hammocks that way our backs would probably feel seems like it might curve us naturally. Beautiful blog. Always enjoy it!

  18. Oh those hammocks look so relaxing...
    Napping in a hammock is the grown up version of being pushed around in a stroller. Love them! Let me know if you find a great one... you have the most exquisite taste!!!

  19. so wonderful, love your pics. I have been saying for years that I wanted one. now I will do it, you always inspire me dear friend.


  20. Love looking at the cushy hammocks. That 1st pic is adorable & precious. xx's

  21. i would LOVE to have 2 trees to hang one... someday... xx

  22. Wonderful! Now I have a new dream addition to the garden....

  23. I've never quite mastered getting into or out of a hammock but I love the concept of taking a lazy day in the summer! Hope there are some in your future.

  24. Oh I want a hammock now! Lovely post, thanks!

  25. Oh wow, you are KILLING ME with this. That first picture looks like heaven. I'm really holding onto what little rest I can get these days...

    Hope you have a great (relaxing) week Love!