Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Summer Wind

The summer wind~

came blowin in~~

across the sea~~~

I woke up this morning
feeling summer in the air~

Image It'sMaryRuffle

It is time for me to get wet
get my toes in the sand~

Image Toast

It is time to fluff & bring out my summer linens~

And time to find a few treasures on sale from the
Toast Summer Catalogue ~

Image FrenchBlue & Co. is time to offer you THIS for my summer
To win just tell me your favorite
thing or memory about summer~

Winner will be drawn from
a Big White Clam Shell on
June 30th!

Oh and I can't forget....
It is time to wish ALL of you
Beautiful Bathing Beauties
warm long happy days
of Summer!!




  1. Well it looks like you are enjoying a beautiful day in San Clemente! We both woke up to gorgeous mornings didn't we.
    So nice to visit your summery French Blue! My best summertime memory was going to New York "When I Was A Young Girl" and shopping in the village by myself and for the first time EVER, being in a dressing room by myself trying on French bikinis!
    Finger's crossed XX

  2. What a completely divine giveaway; so generous of you to offer this to one of your readers. And, absolutely, I would love to receive it.
    My best summer memory is when my husband allowed me to rent a villa for a month and I was able to invite the entire family (his & mine) and our friends to come spend some time with us as our guests. We all loved it. Just being together, sharing cooking, chores, dinners at home, exploring the countryside together, getting hopelessly lost together, and laughing laughing laughing. We still talk about it. xx's Marsha

  3. Oh my Janet how I would love to win this Giveaway of yours... how incredibly generous and amazing of you!!!
    I would have to say one of my favorite things about Summer is going to Lake Tahoe with friends and family, especially over 4th of July. Great times, good food, fireworks displays over the lake! So much to love about spending a summer week in beautiful Lake Tahoe just says Summer like nothing else. I always love to start the week on the drive up with a stop at Ikeda's for the best burger in the world and then shopping the amazing farmstand produce and home backed pies to bring up for the week ahead... I could go on and on :)
    Love this Giveaway

  4. Favorite memory nana's house in Delhi playing in the mud pool (lol)with all the colony kids!

  5. When we were young my parents took us to a private lake in East Texas where we would meet up with two other families. We would swim, ski, hike, laugh and eat for two weeks and loved every moment. I still think about those wonderful summers spent with family and friends and wish we were young again.

  6. what a lovely giveway, love that gorgeous clam shell friend. I remember summer after summer as a child to early teen going to our summer cottage, really like a shack~ bathrooms down the gravel road. It was wonderful. Escpecially picking periwinkles on the sharp rocks which Mom would then boil and then we would all gathe on the same ocean front rocks digging in to the one big pan, each with our own safety pin- a New England tradition.thanks for making me relive it!!


  7. Wonderfully cool, springy and lovely. :-)

  8. Hello,dearest Janet!-)*
    Such astonishing GIVE AWAY...Oh,my!

    The favorite summer thing?...

    Last year I was in Sint Pitersburg in june and there is in this time: the''White nights''time...
    You stay awake all night,you can not sleep because around you unforgatteble great light,you hear music,you go to wolk on the street...The river Neva and the buildings in the sity are magnifigue,SOooo dreamly and so special is these days in the summer there!-)*
    I should never forget it!

    Wish all folwers of Janet a very good luck!-)*

    Always with Love,

  9. Gorgeous Post....
    Not really as pretty as your summer post... but my best summer memory is..
    Being the only woman on a fishing trip with 7 blokes.. and catching the bigest and best!! A 35 Pound barramundi....:)Boy were they annoyed... lol!
    Lou xx

  10. My favorite memory from summer is actually playing in the grove of trees with my pots and pans. I could play all day with one pan and a spoon set atop an old ragged blanket...if only I could do that now! Thanks for the offer to go down memory lane!!

  11. thank you for your comment on my barn post- glad there are other barn lovers! let's start a group -or maybe a group post. Barn Chicks?


  12. My most favorite summer memory would have to be when my husband gently cleaned sand from our beautiful daughter's face when she was only two. I happen to capture this moment on camera and it's on my wall of black and white photo collage. Thanks so much for the chance at such a lovely and generous gift.

  13. Impossible....really? Wow, what an incredible giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

    My favorite summer memory is spending longs days at the beach with our kids...we'd spend the whole day, arriving early and leaving well past all others. The kids would play all day and we'd walk down to the clam shack for clam cakes and chowder! It was pure bliss. The best memories! xoxo Beth

  14. Just found your beautiful blog and will be following.

  15. What a lovely way to bring in summer!

    I love the long evenings spent outside with food, good wine and friends.

  16. hi darling... i love this post...i want to run into the ocean!
    i am a shell girl... i have them everywhere and another would be welcome in my home anytime!

    i have sooo many wonderful summertime memories.. i must say one of my favorites is spending it in nantucket for the 4th of july... there is nothing in the world like it... with my family and friends...
    xx pam

  17. Wonderful giveaway...imagine the possibilites with a shell like that!

    Favorite memories of summer are long lazy days at the beach with family and friends and a long kayak trip down the Anisquam River just before the sun sets...nothing better !

    Jeanne :)

  18. Janet, such a pretty post (as ever).

    'Summer', just the very word brings a smile to my face. I think it is because for a short time my world stops, I can breathe in the sweet scents of warmer days and I can relax. As the French say, 'respirer'....which means so much more than, 'to breath' means to take the time, to slow down and to enjoy. This verb becomes more than a word, it is an expression about letting go and making the worries and stresses of life recede for a moment and appreciate the now.....'Respirer', that is the first thought that pops into my mind with 'summer', xv

  19. As a child, we would spend summers at my Grandmothers house in the woods of Northern Wisconsin. Days were spent on the lake with cousins floating all day on inner tubes, diving from the boat docks and then coming in exhausted and sunburnt. Grandma made us sandwiches , iced tea, and homemade donuts. She would then send us off to gather the tiny wild strawberries that grew in the fields behind her house. Nightimes were bonfires and the gathering of fireflies in old fruit jars. Those days are now like beautiful dreams that I can tap into when feeling blue and out of sorts..

  20. Hi! I love your blog! so pretty!!!

    I would love to be included in your marvelous 'giveaway'~

    My favorite summer memory is this:

    When I was a child, we lived in New Orleans... going to the beach was a regular thing we did on Sundays in the summer.

    One particular beach visit, while not officially summer, but felt like it being that Summer comes early to that part of the country, was the Easter parade where parents dressed their children in the finest, most lovely easter dresses and outfits... and the audience response determined the winner... Out of all the children who paraded that day, the audience most overwhelmingly applauded the one little girl who had a 'dad' with her... all the rest of the contestants had their mom. That moment made for such a sweet memory!

  21. Janet I have the perfect spot!! I adore this beautiful coral creation.

    I am thinking of such carefree times running barefoot in the grass , swinging, tree climbing (I was a Tomboy w three brothers!)

    Art by Karena

  22. Dear Janet,
    What a lovely post (as usual)! Summer is my very favorite time of the year. My favorite memory of summer is from the summer that my husband (the summer before we were married) moved to Washington, DC. We had just been re-united after having not seen each other for 18 years. We both took the summer off and just explored DC together, taking long walks at night, eating in outdoor cafés, taking the night train to Boston, spending days exploring nice cool museums (all except for the National Botanical Gardens, which is kept warm all the time for the tropical plants!). Oh, and that getting engaged while watching fireworks over The Washington Monument at 4th of July was nice too! :)

    Thanks for reminding me!!

    Wishing you a wonderful summer weekend!


  23. I love your beautiful summer post - it is like a soft breeze coming in through the blue curtains as I nap on the bed. Dreamy!
    One of my favorite summer memories is laying on a beach towel on the small hill in our backyard, the smell of Coppertone in the air, my mom next to me in a yellow bathing suit, working on her tan, transistor radio on, sun beaming on us.
    Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  24. Another lyrical post with the perfect pictures. How do you do it?
    I too am looking forward to summer. My favourite thing about summer is that time seems to slow down. I love lazy summer afternoons by the pool, when I can read a book and travel to faraway places and times in my mind.
    Best wishes for a happy weekend!

  25. beautiful images... perfect to cool down these summer heat!

  26. Just realized that I was so infatuated with your blog the other night, that I forgot to leave a favorite summer memory. My favorite summer memory would have to be almost every weekend for the past four years. We bought a little cabin right on the water at Greers Ferry Lake abou8t an hour and a half from our home in Little Rock. We head out every Friday around noon and come home on Sunday evenings. From the minute we unlock the door all stress, every worry vanishes. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for this little spot of heaven. We enjoy it immensely when family or friends join us, and we are equally as happy just the two of us with our little puppy that is 13 years old. Life is just so good at the lake! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win such a generous giveaway!

  27. After what seems an age I am back in the fold.
    New website DONE
    New collaboration DONE
    and at last a post telling everyone who I have been collaborating with. If you have a nosey gene, as I have, then pop over and see.

  28. Hello, I'm new to your blog and I can't tell you how much I enjoy your stunning photos! I can't wait to see more!


  29. What a divine post! These pictures celebrate summer so beautifully and stylishly and what a lovely and kind giveaway,too. Am also new to your blog. Wishing you a very nice Tuesday!

  30. My favorite Summer memory is sitting at the baseball field watching my son play when he was young, while the girls ran around, chasing fire flys, with ice pop juice all over their faces. It was breezy and the sun was setting, and I was drinking a cold ice tea knowing they were all safe, in one place, and smiling.

  31. Love your blog!Leave mine so you can see my wall decals' collection
    Best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  32. Hi Janet! It's been too long! I hope you're deep in the throes of summer love right now. These images are just great and love that you asked for summer memories. I remember how hot it was and driving with my mom to my Aunt Carmel's pool where we all sat by the cabana that had the words Cat House on it. We'd listen to the radio, use the curved slide and have a ball with all the cousins every summer. Thanks for reminding me! Hope you're making some new memories right now! xc

  33. What beautiful summer memories.

  34. Oh my dearest and most lovely Janet ~

    You definitely know how to start the summer off just beautifully...look at that incredible bowl! STUNNING!

    Am I too late for the party? Obviously, I'm in the Summer swing of things (no, I wish I was on the beach for hours, but instead, I'm completely overloaded with work, etc.).

    But at least I have fond and wonderful memories of Summers past to keep me happy! One of my very favorites just happened last year when we took the crumb to Europe for the first time. At the sweet age of 15 months, she fell in love with Flamenco dancing, tasted her first ice cream cone, and stole the hearts of all the locals wherever we went. Seeing her soak up the warmth and beauty of another culture, and bringing it all home with her (because she still loves to Flamenco and breaks into a dance the moment she hears guitar music), provided a Summer memory that I will cherish for a lifetime.


  35. so nice to meet you and your lovely blog. I need to thank La Dolfina for getting us together! and what a great giveaway. I will have to say summer evenings with family on the lawn with the air filled with fireflys is my favorite memory. simple but lovely.

    so glad to have found you, too!

  36. AWWW!! I love giveaways! I love everything about summer...but my favs would have to be the smell of freshly cut grass and the warmth of the concreted porch! Thank you for the chance to win!!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~