Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pink Goyards!!

It's funny what a window display will
do to me...
especially when it is in Paris~

I am in BIG trouble now...
I am actually considering adding a
PINK Goyard
to my collection on my next trip!!!
The most interesting thing is
I am SO NOT a pink kind of person...
unless of course it is
birthday cake donuts
cotton candy at a circus~
Would you buy a pink Goyard?

This image of LeAnn Rimes
is sealing my deal
very quickly~

If you wouldn't want pink
which color would you buy?
what color stripes or initials
would you choose to put on it
or would you leave it plain?


photo 1,2,4 google images photo 4 just jared


  1. I have a mini orange one. I would totally buy a pink one - I should have last year when I was in Paris!

  2. I love pink,but to buy i will go for orange or lime with initials in white

  3. Somehow, I am so attracted to the simple white.

  4. A Goyard confection perfection. I would love to have a pink one!

  5. Yes, to initials! I'd go for to have a travel bag in a different color. Also, I tagged you in today's post about shoes...stop by to see!

  6. So as you know, I am a pink girl so YES!!! Go for it. xooxo

  7. love, love, love your blog. I would say, pink. I hope you come and check out my new blog site. I have a book featured right now that I know you would just love.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries

  8. I sure would buy a pink one and now that I see it in pink I want one too!! Oh blogs get me in trouble all the time! I will look for them in Paris next month when I go.

  9. I'll take and white...I could tie my Black and White Hermes scarf to the handle....and feel utterly French!
    Do feed your passion...go pink if your heart says to...

  10. I want one or 5 or those pink goyards!!!!!!!

  11. Oh Janet ~
    Yes, yes, yes ~ Pink for sure! The crumb would be in heaven with such a bag on her mama's arm! And I would leave it plain...

  12. Oh. My. Gosh. OH NO!!!! This could be the post that did me in. Sooo pretty! Remember I returned that dusty pink ruffled bag cause the pink and the ruffles. Well, now a pink Goyard? I hear a PINK tote calling my name. Stop me NOW!

  13. OHHHHH my I don't even know what a Goyard is but I'm in love with that pink one! YES yes yes, I'd get a pink one!

  14. The blue or black would be my standard pick but that display of pink is growing on me.

  15. Only here for a minute today Janet, but think the pink is delicious. The coral red is kind of nice too. What a perfect treat! XO

  16. Oh you are so sweet...I would buy one in an instant..treat is just too short not to...and yes...Pink would be my choice!!!...xoxoxo

  17. Not a pink fan but I'm crazy about this pink Goyard. Not sure what color I would choose, probably the turquoise blue or maybe the chocolate. As for initials, it would have to be my one or maybe just Sea Witch.

  18. I have a weakness for this too... And I totally agree. I am not a "pink" kind of girl, but sometimes you just HAVE to go pink. Ya know? This would be so much fun! I would also consider a classic white with initials :)


  19. I am definitely a pink girl! I am really thinking you need one though. Maybe a couple of them in different colors!

  20. Totally silly question. Of course, we would love to have every pink piece they make. My birthday is June 10th, so would somebody please please please get me a piece of Goyard?

  21. Normally, I would choose the White but this is such a pretty shade of Pink! It's like icing on a fluffy cupcake! :) Scrumptious!!! I love the initials, it makes it so personal and unique. Just gorgeous! That window display makes me swon.

  22. Sigh, pink and it,s powers, is undeniable. I totally understand the not pink thing and this stunning case swaying you towards the pink line. I would opt for pink with orange stripe's, I adore orange it has such a sunny feel, but also is has a sense of the spiritual, it easy to wear all year round too! Hope to see you over at My Passport to Style my stylish friend xx

  23. I'm a big time pink girl myself. Great images.

  24. oh yes my!! I would of course buy the pink! folow your heart. I do not think I would add trim but meduim grey initials would be grand.

  25. So lovely. I would probably purchase the chocolate brown bag with orange intials!

  26. It's the color of bubblegum, it makes me to happy and it's so cheerful! I LOVE the new color! And look at that cotton candy in the window!? Scoooop, you scoop it up!


  27. So many colors, too little disposable handbag income! I'm leaning towards the pink, though...

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  28. I would absolutely buy a pink one! I have a green one and it's gotten so much use, it's starting to show its age. A good excuse to get a new one, right? ;)

  29. Oh dear Janet,
    Decisions, decisions. I'm hopeless at making up my mind over something like this. All that I can say is that I love them all so, I don't think that it would matter too much. Whatever you choose would be lovely.I just know that you will choose the nicest, as you have the perfect taste Janet. XXXX

  30. I am not a pink person either ~ but a pink Goyard ~ yes!! Do it!! ...and leave it plain. :)
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  31. Every colour.....but especially pink. Happy weekend Janet, xv.

  32. I've wanted the white one for a long time but you're making me reconsider! J'adore the pink!

  33. I adore those pink Goyards...
    I'd love one in pink any day of the week :)
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend

  34. Ah but there's pink and then there is that dusky powdery pink you see in the Paris windows - no comparison

  35. Lovely!!!!