Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Me Oh My!

"Oh me....Oh my"....
I said to Myself when

photographed & posted these
pink mini donuts with
~~~White Sprinkles~~~
from Starbucks!!

Go on, you can look a little closer...
"Yum Yum Yum" I said a bit louder to Myself!!
Myself said back to me...
"They are even less calories than your protein bars!!"
I said back to Myself,
"yes yes, I know but not as nutritious..."
Myself replied,
"yes yes, I know but they are called
AND it doesn't even have to be a birthday
AND they are pale pale pink icing
AND just look how adorable they are!!"

So I said back to Myself,

"ok ok ok you know me SO well, you win
but just ONE!"
Me, Myself & I
are very very happy we did
and we are all living happily ever after~~


Have a week that is just like
it's your birthday even
if it's not!



All photos from Such Pretty Things


  1. That is hilarious! Good for you! Me, Myself and I would like one too! Have a great week! ~lulu

  2. OMG ... I saw those little donuts standing in line last week and thought they were ADORABLE !! So cute, they were actually crying through the glass, "take me, take me !!" YUM

  3. what a sweet little post. Always lovely to come here for special words and eye candy, Happy Monday Kathysue

  4. Scoop! I saw these yesterday at Starbucks and my first thought was I have to tell Mom and I HAVE to tell her what they're called! Birthday cupcakes... light pink w/ sprinkles.. omg omg. Mike pulled me over to them and said "look Birthday cupcakes!!"

    Such pretty pictures from Such Pretty things!

    Muah''sssss Scoop

  5. Fin, OMG! I totally thought of you when I saw those in Starbucks! I forgot to call you on that day, but now you've found them and we're all in trouble! uh uh uh, soooo pretty!

  6. Me oh my is right. I love these pictures...and your blog, too.

  7. What a cute post!!! They look yummy, and the little plate is just gorgeous!!! Blessings~~~Daphne

  8. i have eaten soooo more sugar in the last week... you dont need to feel guilty about these sweeties...
    hope you are well dear friend xx

  9. so pretty...Starbucks? Really? I may have to make a trip there today. Oh how I love the blog...Such Pretty Things...always such pretty things..hugs. xoxo

  10. Janet,
    These donuts look so delicious. Last week I bought a bag of powdered donuts; they just looked so yummy! But these donuts from Starbucks are so beautiful...Hmmm...This Friday my mother and law and I are going shopping. I think I know where our first stop will be. Perhaps I shall treat her to a "birthday" donut!

    Have a lovely week!

  11. Hello,dear Janet:-)*
    You makes me smile and I adore these photos...
    realy pretty beginning of the week,darling!!!


  12. I really enjoyed this post Janet, it did make me smile!

    I have those conversations all the time :)

    Take care my friend xo

  13. Dear Janet,
    These do look very nice, don't they? As a former Starbucks employee, I will tell you that every once in a while, there would be that one new fun sweet thing that would have our attention (and appetites) for DAYS! All of my friends and I miss the Summer Cobbler Bars, which were crumbly cookie bars topped with peach and blueberry purees (together!) YUM!



  14. Oh my goodness gracious....I am so there tomorrow....these will be great in the morning with my White Hot Chocolate!! xOxO

  15. beautiful and delicious and I am trying so hard to be good these days (which really isn't going all that well at all quite honestly)
    starbucks, you say? hhmmm... I was just thinking I could use a coffee...

  16. Those are adorable. I'm a fan of their Banana loaf.

  17. Oh my! Those sweet little things look like they are having a party of their own! Wonderful photography!

  18. Those donuts are truly beautiful...almost too good to eat. I think I'll have to take my daughter for a little Starbucks trip after school...a fun surprise!

  19. Wow! These look like the quintessential treat! I will have to look for these at my local Starbucks! I will have to share this news with my daughters!

    I saw your post photo in the sidebar of Koralee @{Bluebird Notes}
    ...couldn't resist a visit!
    You have a pretty blog! Nice to 'meet you'

  20. Oh Janet,
    They are little works of art in themselves. It seems a shame to eat them ....well, perhaps not !!!!..... and, what's a few calories between friends.
    I think that, being as they are so small, you can eat at least 10 which would be the equivalent of one regular size doughnut ( that is how we spell doughnut in the U.K. !!!!) !!!!

  21. These are absolutely gorgeous! The pink and the just makes me happy looking at them! I wish we could frame them or take a picture then frame them and then eat them. Beautiful post.. has made my afternoon!

  22. Hi sweetie, some great reasons there, that I need to stow away for just such a time when the next heart meltingly beautiful cake drifts my way and I need good reason to indulge!!Never new doughnut's could look so chic, these are!Do come and check out my interview with ethical Jewellery designer to the celebrities Sabine Roemer, her work is amazing! Sharon xx

  23. Mmmm...mmmm...Delicious! What a sweet treat :) The perfect way to start the week.

  24. Oh my gosh, I would NOT be able to resist these...they are divine! I so want one and I adore the gorgeous plate they are on...too pretty.

  25. There is no way I could resist, pink, covered with frosting and sprinkles!!!! Not to mention they are so very pretty. Almost to pretty to eat...almost :)

  26. you're so cute! seriously, those are from Starbucks?!?!?!
    xox alison

  27. Beautiful images. I would certainly thought about eating them, but never about a photo session with them. Fun post.

  28. Those look sooooo good! I can't wait to try (just) one!!! :0)

  29. I am so glad I took my time to visit June's blog and find your blog. Especially the pink donuts and you are from San Clemente. It's not far from Rainbow! If you have time I will be part of Glitterfest this Saturday, it's always nice to meet bloggers. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  30. I have NEVER needed a donut so badly! Tomorrow morning it's donut time!

  31. They are gorgeous. I am a huge fan of "mini food". My lovely middle son is 18 on Friday and all the party food is "miniature". Some of the sweet treats I am serving are "cupcake pops". Translates to mini cupcakes on a stick!!! As cupcakes seem to be all the rage at the moment, I thought, why not mini ones. I will post pictures on my blog next week if you would like to pop over and have a peak.

  32. Oh YUM! Starbucks, really? I know exactly what I'm getting for breakfast snack tomorrow morning. I saw the sign when I was in the drive through there a few days ago, but didn't really pay attention. Oh me Oh my what a fabulous post. These certainly are such pretty things; I'll have to pop over and check out her blog.

  33. What...Starbucks...uh, hold on, I'll be right back! ;)

    Great blog!
    xoxo Beth

  34. So pretty! Those mini-doughnuts are so pretty they deserve a prettier name than doughnuts! I'm new to your beautiful blog -- thanks for sharing lovely images to make all of our days even more lovely!

  35. I dont know if they have them in Austalian Starbucks but I am certainly going to check them out! They are so.. beautiful!!