Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lost in Translation

my efforts feel tattered....
I work SO hard,
then stop to see,
I have just made
a big circle
that comes back to
nowhere or nothing at all~

I am always here,

I'm Lost in Translation,

with a language of property investors....

Not really my language at all
of butterfly wings
dancing on the mOOn~

So just here to say...

I want to play with you,
come fly with you
I am sorry
I haven't been around too much.
So also,
this is my simple confirmation
to myself in "our world"
where magic HAPPENS,
that I know things will
payoff in the most
d e l i g h t f u l

I hope your having a fun week

my darling butterflies~



Photo 1 the loveliest dustjacket attic 2 google images 3&4 tim walker


  1. My sweet butterfly, I will fly with you anywhere. I will come out and play with you. And I will understand you. Always.

  2. You have artfully written what I was attempting to say to a friend yesterday. Thank you.

  3. Hello my sweet, it will payoff and don't be sorry, there is only so much we can do at one time.

    What a gorgeous post (that last pic is so Tim isn't it) and thank you SO much for the darling link love.

    Take care
    love DJ

  4. Lovely post. It's OK, I think there are a lot of us lost in translation too! Take care.

  5. I love the spirit of this post and the words and the photos you choose to express your feelings...

  6. Gorgeous images. :-) I'm sorry you're feeling a bit out of sorts. I hope some lovely things happen this weekend to cheer and encourage your heart. :-)

  7. Hi Dear Janet, I am sending you the happiest of thoughts and wishing you so much success in your work. Your words and images are always so inspiring to us and your posts add some magic and sparkle into our lives.

  8. Relax and enjoy your weekend Janet....make sure to do some butterfly flitting of your own, xv.

  9. I know exactly how you feel.... some days when I feel like I have worked so hard and I can't see any results, I just feel confused and deflated. Then on another day when I have actually really enjoyed the day and everything falls into place I think, those efforts have been rewarded. It is so hard because when you work hard and want to achieve, it is nice to see a little bit of progress each day. Thank-you for your lovely post and I am more than happy to get my butterfly wings out and see what magic can happen! Beautiful post and have a great week-end.

  10. Dear Janet,
    You are working so hard and, I'm sure that you are fulfilling everything that you intended. Sometimes when you do so much, it feels as if you are running round in circles, but, I'm sure you will see the fruits of your labours very soon and everything will slot into place and come together.
    Don't worry, you haven't missed much and we will still all be here when you come back out to play !!
    Don't work too hard and try to find a little bit of time for yourself. Take care, Janet. XXXX

  11. Oh what a delightfully dreamy and romantic blog and home you own. It was such a pleasure to visit and dart in and out of the soft fabrics, smell the roses and feel the magic!!

  12. You are absolutely right,sweetheart Noel...when are you SO tired all the best is coming back in you soulmate home,where Magic happens!:-)*
    I can imagine how totally lost feelings is it...
    But you are a beautiful,delightful Angel for youself and you greatest butterflies should being beside you and gives you always many embraced encouraging wings!-)*

    My Love and sunshine hugs for you,

  13. Love the butterfly in the net!
    Lots of cream and white! Dreamy .....

  14. Welcome back to the LOVE.
    We'll always be here for you with open arms and butterfly wings :)

  15. Beautiful words and so obviously dance on the moon....I will watch for you!

  16. Sweet post & Beautiful images!

  17. I totally get it! And I feel exactly the same way.

  18. There is enough time for everything so relax and enjoy the ride, take each challenge as it comes. Most of all when the day is done, shut down and enjoy that gorgeous family of yours. Tomorrow is another day, Moonbeams!

  19. Dearest Janet,
    You definitely have the magic touch of creating serene images in the midst of chaos!
    I know that it must be difficult to find any sort of beauty when talking with property investors...Aren't you so thankful for this escape we call blogging?
    Take care,

  20. Oh how does your beauty shine though your words and images. So perfectly lovely and apropos to me this week ! xoxo,

  21. I hope you'll find some quiet time for yourself this weekend, Janet. With all you do you still have time to send us these beautiful visions. I hope you know how much you mean to us all.

  22. Oh,I am SO sorry,Janet:-(*
    I wrote to you and I call you Noel...
    I adore you blog and enchanted creations of Noel(her blog is also amazing!!!)

    Hugs and Love,

  23. Oh sweet one....I can't wait to see your tinkering ....I know it will be lovely! Everything you touch turns to beauty. Hugs for a great weekend. xoxox

  24. Your so gifted with your words!

  25. Scoop~

    I love the pure images and how you express this time that you're going through. You are doing so much that many can't handle. I don't know how you do it, but you always 'do it' with such grace. All the work is going to pay off and be delightful like you said. I love you!!


  26. Beautiful...this post made me stop and take a breath....the words...the photos....then go over it again....Lovely!
    Happy Weekend xOxO

  27. YOU HAVE A MAGNIFICENT BLOG! I have seen your name around, but I am finally here and I am enchanted. We share the same VISION and I am a French teacher! I thank you for this inspiration. Merci mille fois, Anita

  28. Dear Janet,
    As usual, you have said for us the things we feel in our hearts.

    Thank you so much for your very kind note to me.

    I have missed my blogging friends very much.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


  29. Lovely poem and the sentiment is mine too...
    Though I could never have expressed it so beautifully!

  30. I am sure things will turn up "in the most delghtful way." Even Mary will agree that with all your talent and joyful ways, all will be rosy. Take care of you friend...

  31. Oh yes, I spin around in circles too and try so hard not to get so dizzy I tumble over..
    I hope you found the thread again and that you indeed had a magical weekend!

    x Charlotta

  32. so much beauty- I love this post, the images are breathtaking.

  33. Oh how I have missed your blog - I have been having a lovely weekend looking over many of your previous posts. They are such a delight - your beautiful words and images are breathtaking

  34. Another gorgeous post! I feel the same way at times. So much to do and never enough time.

  35. oh how i relate to what you're saying. the people we mix with online and through these beautiful blogs are a wonderful escape from reality. best wishes to you.
    xox alison

  36. I love your thought and the images are so feminine...

    Giveaway by Beth Cosner Designs is up on my site. Come visit and spread the word!!


    Art by Karena

  37. Dearest Janet ~

    Your words and these images definitely were the pages of my story during the past few days. I'm now playing 'catch-up' on every single facet of life that was put on hold while I created, baked and decorated 6+ wedding cakes. The wedding was yesterday, and I must say, it was one of the most magical and organically blissful affairs I have ever attended. All my efforts and loving labors were beyond was a garden fairytale filled with the perfect prince and princess! I caught myself many times thinking of you and how you and Noel would have appreciated all the glorious details and the stunning backdrop of nature's most exquisite Springtime offerings. The cakes were a huge success and not a morsel was left. And our crumb laughed, danced and chased turkeys and chickens like nobody's business.

    I'm hoping with all my heart that you define and seal this 'translation' soon. You deserve to play amongst the fairytale world we are lucky enough to cherish and behold on a daily basis.

    Much love and big hugs/kisses to you.