Sunday, March 7, 2010

She's Somebody Special

She's Somebody Special...
She shows the most unique
in fashion~

She always shares only the BEST...

She has an eye for the most quality of

details & textures...

She shares the most
rare in vintage,
most beautiful handmade creations
the most hard to find new items!

She adores pretty
paper & ribbons.

She tells us about her favorite

antique shops, tea salons, she tells
funny stories about herself
stories about her beautiful family
and home
while living in the Uk~

She sees art & design
in nature.

She lives in the same
whimsical world as
we do!

She has a passion for delicate paper art~

She is Beautiful.
She is my friend.
If I could,
I would nominate her for an
Oscar award.
She would be the winner!!

She would win
Best Designer & Artist!!

Everybody DANCE
Clap your HANDS...

If you don't already know her
please meet
Di Overton,
the amazing author & creator of
Designers Block Uk!!

She is also the owner of the
beautiful, wild, & delicious website
Ghost Furniture~
She is a treat to know.
She is absolute inspiration.
There is no other like her in this whole world.
Di is Somebody Very Special!!

Have a warm & bright week
my precious ones!!



All photos from Designers Block UK


  1. WoW what a remarkable post! She should be honored! I'm absoulutely intriqued!


  2. Janet,

    This post is BEAUTIFUL and what a tribute to Di Overton. I know that she will cherish all of the wonderful things you've said about her!

    A happy and beautiful week to you, too, my friend.

  3. gorgeous post. beautiful images. oh, that dress with the vintage hankerchieves! I am off to visit the cool ghost furniture site-

    cannot wait to see the Alice movie now after your comment- thank you as always, friend...


  4. Oh she sounds to visit your sweet friend! Thank you for sharing her! xoxox

  5. I love it all! Off to check out her site! Thanks for sharing! ~lulu

  6. Wooo! I just went to checkout her site Ghost furniture:) All the design were so unique as her! She deserve this award from you my dear frd.

    Have a wonderful weekd onwards sweet frd!

  7. I think you were talking about yourself also, you always show such drool worthy pictures, makes me want to sell all my firniture and buy antiques!!! LOVE everything!@!!!

  8. Oh My God. Me, the one who doesn't even cry at sad films is sitting here at 7am in the morning with a tear in her eye. What a wonderful thing to wake up to. I am flattered, honoured and as we Brits say - GOB SMACKED!
    Thank you, thank you my lovely friend. I may be stuck in my cottage for a while as there isn't a door wide enough for me to get my head through.
    Big hugs

  9. Amazing images Janet. I am so excited to pop over to Di's site and learn more about her beautiful, whimsical, magical world! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. wow, thanks a lot for this - the pics are amazing!!!

  11. I'm so pleased that you wrote about the fabulous Di Overton, I may not have found your blog otherwise. Di is an inspiration and your choice of words and images were a work of art.
    Thanks! I look forward to visiting you again.

  12. Someone I don't know so it will be a pleasure to go visit. She sounds like my kind of gal if she loves paper. Have the best week Janet ~Xo
    Beautiful post, you will make her day!

  13. Di is lovely, as are you Janet for posting such a gorgeous introduction to Designers Block, xv.

  14. You have the most interesting and talented friends!

  15. Oh Janet,
    What a lovely post for someone really special. Di Overton featured me on her blog a while ago. I was so flattered....and the furniture is wonderful. XXXX

  16. Magnifiques photos vraiment !!

    Bravo à Di et à vous aussi



  17. Wow, what a beautiful blog !! I found you via Brocantees..I saw that you mentioned Wertz Brothers Antique Mall...I have a space there..been there for 9 years now...I love it!!! Stop on by my brand new blog..Just started it Feb.13th..very new to it all...having a blast..Cynthia

  18. Such a lovely post! I adore the first image. I WANT THAT CORSET! divine! x

  19. Beautiful! I am running over to check her out. Thanks for sharing, apparently I must have been hiding under a rock!

  20. Excellent survey of Di's many talents!
    So many, hard to keep up

  21. The bustle--oh my, I love that. I can almost feel that antique linen and the lace trim. I'll go check her out!

  22. Lovely lovely article on a person whose blog I follow regularly!

  23. What a beautiful post darling, not only the gorgeous pictures but such a lovely gesture for your friend Di Overton (I must go and check out her site).
    xoxo DJ

  24. Oh Thank you for sharing - can't wait to meet her!

  25. She sounds very special and I look forward to going and meeting her. Thank you Janet for sharing your friend :)

  26. Wonderful ODE to Di . I already know her and I'm a fan of he blog. You wrote a beautiful post

  27. beautiful tribute!!! I can't wait to go check out her site

    xoxo Haleigh @ Bardot in Blue