Sunday, March 21, 2010

Christian Dior Meets Fanciful

Did you know....

I know some of you
already heard this news...
but I want to take this opportunity
to make a
Very Special Tribute
to my daughter
Noel at Fanciful Designs~
So Proud Of Her!!

Noel, known for her detailed eye
and French paper art
mostly in shoes & flowers
was contacted by the head art director
to make samples of flowers for their
new packaging designs~
See her complete story HERE~

She rose to the occasion and delivered.
So this means
I can now share with you
a few of the images
of the actual samples
she sent to
in Paris France~

A rose~

An open rose ~

Detail of the rose~

A dove gray daisy~

Each flower was placed in
it's own separate box~
It was a positively beautiful

I told Noel that the
real gift for her is the gift of
she has been given.
Her art was considered
by one of the most prestigious
well known designers
in this world~

The most interesting thing to me is that
Christian Dior, Chanel & Paris

have always been

Noel's greatest inspiration

behind her art...

I never knew her vision was focused so precisely~



Mauh Mauh Mauh's my Scoop!!!







  1. Dearest Janet,
    My heart still skips a beat when I think of Noel and Christian Dior together ~ a true stroke of pure artistic talent recognized by one of the best! So proud of Noel and her gorgeous Fanciful Designs!

  2. It is one of the best things we have heard here in blogland.......I can't imagine how excited and honoured Noel (and you!) were. As I told Noel, she will be hearing from them again I am sure. Much love today....XO

  3. What a beautiful tribute from a proud Mother!!
    I can't begin to imagine the excitement and awe that had to be taking place in your world these past weeks!! What an honor and what pressure at the same time! Really unbelievable!!!
    It goes to show you how powerful your intentions are and that what you focus on expands!!! Keep that beautiful and talented daughter focused on her dream!!! And congrats to you Janet, as the ever supportive, loving and proud mother :) XOX

  4. Oh my god, that is the most marvelous opportunity!! Christian Dior, much congratulations to your daughter, it is quite a dream come true, I am cheering her on!! I am only too happy for you!
    Much much love,

  5. Dear Janet!-)*

    How much I can understand you,my dear friend,about you PROUD of Noel!!!

    She amazed all of us here in the Blog Land,but I know it,not only here,because one of the most beautiful house-Dior gives her SO special recognition!!!

    Congratulation and warmly hugs from Netherland,


  6. Oh my Gosh....I'm SO excited for Noel! Seriously this is just such an honour and goes to show how respected Noel's work is. Totally Fabulous!!

    re comment...I told you I love you didn't...yeah I'm sure I have ... :)

  7. gorgeous... hope you had a lovely weekend xx

  8. Wow...that is amazing but I can see why..her talent is beyond words. The beauty of each flower is overwhelming. Congratulations to both of Noel for her creative talent and for you sweet mom for helping your daughter to blossom. Hugs for a wonderful new week...isn't it exciting to see what the week may bring. xo

  9. Oh. My. WORD! Congratulations hardly seems enough! Noel! You ROCK!

    I can't stop smiling for you!!!!!!!

    Oh my goodness... oh my goodness.... Congratulations! (Lame-o, but there it is).

    Oh please pass on my greatest best wishes to her!!!! Yay, Noel!!!


  10. I remember reading about this and seeing the lovely images of the roses each in its seperate glass box. Amazing and you are so right to be recognized by Christian Dior, what an amazing validation of her talent, Congrats! You must be a very proud Mom,Kathysue

  11. Congratulations on your daughter Noel's absolutely beautiful work.

    I'm not surprised that Christian Dior have contacted her, beautiful things should be treasured and respected and shared. I do look forward to seeing more of her wonderful creations.

    xx Coty Farquhar

  12. What fabulous news and how exciting!! Congratulations to you both! I hope you'll keep posting some of her creations. They are absolutely lovely!
    A wonderful week to you!

  13. Darling Janet, how wonderful for you and your darling daughter, Noel. Christian Dior!!!
    Her work is beautiful and entirely unusual. I know how proud you must be. Congratulations.
    xx's Marsha

  14. Hi Janet! What a remarkable daughter you have! To be sought out and recognized by DIOR!!! What an honor and accomplishment. Congrats Noel!!!

  15. My dear friend Janet,
    Isn't it just the most wonderful thing when our children do well in their career ? I'm sure that you are just as excited as Noel is. You must be so proud of her and, I think that you should take a little of the credit for your love and encouragement.
    Wonderful news and I wish Noel continued success with her incedible talent. XXXX

  16. Janet:

    Noel's artful rose & paper designs are exquisite. It is Christian Dior that is getting the prize --

    It is wonderful news! Enough to make a pride mothers heart break open with joy..

    Best, Joanny

  17. Janet,

    Yes, you do have a very TALENTED daughter indeed. It is no surprise that Dior discovered her beautiful talent and wanted to see more!
    I am so happy for BOTH of you. I can only imagine how PROUD you felt to witness such recognition of your daughter's work from such a prestigious marque as Dior!

  18. Wow, what a proud moment mum, what a fabulous achievement!! A huge congratulations your daughter from me and thank-you for sharing this delight! You must be a truly inspiring mother! My son is very artistic(13) we hope he will enter the world of film and animation, which is as you know very competitive.He has a gift and the greatest gift we can give our children is to dream big, even in tough times!Celebrate big time, my friend :) Sharon xxooxx

  19. I love the last image and the cream sequined dress is to die for! I would love to have one just like it.

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I love the gowns in your posts...amazingly beautiful!

  21. Congratulations, what a wonderful honor. Your blog is amazing, I am truly inspired. I love it, I have added you to my reader.

  22. Well congratulations to both of you! What a tremendous honor and affirmation of your beautiful daughter's talent. {I just got back from visiting her site!!!} What joy this must be and hopefully just the beginning of more well deserved recognition. Aren't daughters just the best gift. I discovered your site through my little gem...Bardot in Blue and I will return often to visit all of the loveliness you dispense here! ~jermaine~

  23. So beautiful, the flowers, the presentation ~ thank you for sharing her work, her story, Monica

  24. What an extraordinary accomplishment. Congratulations to her and to you as her proud mama!

  25. She is a superstar your Noel....xv

  26. Beautiful ^-^!!!

  27. YYYYEEEEAAAAA NOEL!!!!!How exciting! Gorgeous, wonderful talent:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  28. How fantastic and well deserved, her work is so beautiful. To be so honored by her and everyone's fav! congrats to Noel and her proud Mom!

  29. Oh Scoop! It's taken me a couple days to sink in this post. I can't even tell you how much this means. Having you behind me through everything means the world to me. :) I love you so much!

    And EVERYONE, thank you for these amazing comments. They have made me smile over and over endless times. All of you have lifted me up giving me so much encouragement! I truly love you guys :-))

    Thank you Scoop for putting together such a special memory of this on your blog. I will always be able to look back and have this.

    Muahssss! I love you!

  30. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so impressive. Noel definitely produced some beautiful work.
    CD is my favourite designer of all time.
    *kisses* HH
    P.s. stop by and enter my competition for gift certificates :)

  31. Janet how very exciting!! Your daughter Noel is Sooo talented!!
    Oh giveaway coming soon!


    Art by Karena

  32. Such recognition was long overdue, what an amazing talent!

  33. Absolutely squeal worthy! Wonderfully magically, incredible!!! Her work is stunning, congrats!