Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cake Tasting Time

This mother has waited over nine thousand days and over three hundred months
 for wedding cake tasting time!
 Of course with my Noel it will be the most unusual experience.
Of course Noel is thinking of making her own wedding cake!
Of course guess Who gets to taste all of her sample cakes?
 Of course it will be the most delicious cake I will ever taste~
 She's thinking perhaps a hint of rose to add a special touch~
Or pink champagne would be moist and most beautiful~
 Or maybe she will bake a cherry blossom vanilla cake!
 She wants it simple and to look something like this~
 Or maybe like this!
I know whatever she creates will be
The. Most. Exquisite.
It will be baked with
All of Her Love



all photos from google images except.
photo 2 from Sue King Fisher


  1. congrats again- what fun- cannot wait to see how beautiful it will be!


  2. Oh, you are having too much fun with this wedding Janet! What fun it will be to taste all these gorgeous cakes. I am so impresses that Noel is going to attempt her own cake............but so special. Much love XO

  3. Oh Janet,
    I know that Noel's cake will be the most beautiful and exquisite cake EVER !!
    You have shown such perfect examples .....I can almost taste them !! XXXX

  4. What a special time for the both of you.
    Thank you for the virtual taste although I think I'd rather taste it in person!!
    The flavors Noel has chosen sound delicious, artistic, and unique-perfectly Solomon-esque!

    Enjoy every bite!

  5. Uh uh uh!!! OMG, how exciting. The rose cake is the prettiest I've ever seen! I'm sure whatever she picks will be stunning, but I must say those white cakes are AMAZING! XO

  6. Oh my!! I don't have a daughter so I won't get that experience... I LOVE cake. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to tag along when one of my boys gets married to help decide. I cannot make it through more than a few days without cake...

  7. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Sea Witch

  8. Is this a pink dream ?If it is don't wake me up.This is tres tres jolie mon ami.I love you up to Jesus and back plus infinity.xxxooo

  9. Pure joy my friend.....it will all be sooooo lovely! You must be thrilled..sending you nothing but the best for all the exciting times a head of you all. xoxoxoxxooxo

  10. Dearest Beloved Mother-of-the-bride-to-be ~

    Oh our sweet Noel...of course she will create the most exquisite wedding cake of made with the purest of love. She never ceases to leave me in a state of glorious awe ~ just like her mama!

    Your beautiful dream involving our crumb has made me smile endlessly for days. I must find a way to make this dream a reality for you both.


  11. Janet I am more and more excited for you!! Such a talented Mother and Daughter!! Thank you for sharing with us!


    Art by Karena

  12. Uh uh uh ! Thank you for being there for me every part of the way, sharing this journey together are memories I'll always hold close to my heart. I don't know if my cake will be as beautiful as these yummy pictures?! I love you with all my heart! Muahss Noel

  13. Janet, both of you are simply amazing. I know Noel "can" make the cake and it will be beautiful...and if she does I hope she doesn't stress over too many details. My daughter married 4 years ago and I remember the last week was filled with so many parties, events, dresses, jewelry, food, gifts, she would have been overwhelmed if she had to do anymore. But, you guys are such a good team, I know if you do this it will be perfect. Sending love to you both from hot HOT Texas.....

  14. Wonderful cakes .I'm sure everything will be perfect . Love the song , what it is ?

  15. Wow that is an ambitious project, but you two are full of wonderful ideas...love the rose flavor...keep us posted; this will be nothing short of amazing!!

  16. What fun it will be to taste all these gorgeous cakes.

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  17. how exciting - just the sort of reason I would have liked a daughter for (yep - lots of v shallow reasons!!!)
    fee x

  18. lovely !
    so pretty!
    happy week,

  19. Thinking about you sweet friend. xoxo

  20. what beautiful images you have found ... enjoy the tasting parties!!!

  21. A beautiful blog. I have just found you through your kind comment to one of my favourite British bloggers. Being your most recent follower, I look forward to your visit and knowing you though your special blog
    Helen Tilstonxx

  22. Castles Crowns and Cottages has left a new comment on your post "Cake Tasting Time":

    ATTENDS! Gâteau à la champagne rose??? REALLY? Now that has to be made. That is a must!!! What wonderful photos and also, I want to thank you for your visit! I have seen, and heard of your wonderful blog here. Merci pour être venue, Madame! Parlez-vous français? Quel joli blog...Amitiés, ANITA

    Posted by Castles Crowns and Cottages to FrenchBlue at August 15, 2011 1:10 PM

  23. What could be more perfect - divine cake served on Astier de Villatte - beautiful images - Jill

  24. Love you my sweet friend. Your words are always so encouraging and kind...I know they come from your heart. xoxoxo

  25. How perfectly beautiful this wedding will be, and the cake will take its rightful place as one of the most gorgeous and creative of all time...

    Can't wait to see more about Noel's wedding; enjoy every minute!

    xox Kit

  26. I know you are busy, busy with all the wedding plans, bet you can't even sleep at night! Just wanted to say ...........have a great weekend too. Much love. XO