Saturday, August 20, 2011

Her Hands.

Her hands have become a dream to me... 
The kind of dream a mother would never imagine~ 
designed and handmade her own wedding invitations!
She didn't share one detail with me so it was an unexpected surprise the day I went to my mailbox! 
It was one of those breathless moments that a Mom experiences~  
She cut each label... 
She tore and rounded each edge.....
She sculptured and curled her French cotton paper.
She tied the box with peony silk....
She wrapped it with English tulle... sprinkled it with dried peonies and sealed it with nothing less than absolute perfection.
It sat in my mailbox enveloped in  pearly blanc gift wrap~ 
It shimmered, just like a diamond!
It whispered her name, dusted with her love....her magic... the pure essence of her, my baby daughter Noel...

I am so proud of her! 

BIG Hugs to all of you, my precious friends!




Custom Handmade Invitations available for YOUR special occasion at 
Fanciful Designs

Image 1 Kathy Hackman Hutchison pinterest by Maryann Rizzo 
 All other images by Noel Solomon at Fanciful Designs.


  1. Noel is truly an amazing young woman... you heart must be SO full!! :)


  2. Oh Janet,
    I saw them over at Fancilful Designs. They are the most perfect invitations and, every guest must have been thrilled when they opened it, and probably let out a little gasp of delight !.
    I said to Noel, I can't wait until September to see photographs of the special day. I know that it is going to be exquisite and beautiful. You all must be getting SO excited. I'm sure that you have bought your outfit and I know that you will look wonderful.I think one must enjoy all of the preparations and the build up, as much as the Big Day ! Don't forget to buy a delicate lace handkerchief,,,,,I think you might be needing it !! XXXX

  3. Oh it is just wonderful, Noel is incredibly creative and talented...and what a beautiful post to celebrate her.

  4. Oh how very beautiful! Your daughter is very talented and the invitation is gorgeous! I can tell you are very proud of her. LOVE this post and the title of it too!!

  5. This is enough to make me want to get married! Too bad my other half does not!!! The invites are indeed perfection, Janet~

  6. Dear janet ~ Noels invitation is the most exquisite, creative, romantic and divine wedding invitation and I worked in custom invitations years ago in Toronto and have seen some remarkable ones. But this beats them this. You must be so proud of Noels talent (which never falls far from the tree). What a wonderful day it was to open your daughter;s invitation. Let the festivities begin! I cannot wait to see how all this unfolds. And I bet your dress is fabulous too! Much love XO

  7. Janet how stunning! Your dear daughter is so talented and is lovingly making her own personal mark and style on her wedding!


    Art by Karena

  8. I am so happy for you...dreams do come true.

  9. Exquisite and sooo very beautiful ...

    Jo x
    Eliza Interiors & Design

  10. How absolutely breath-taking! She takes after her mother in creativity and inner beauty!

  11. Janet,

    I'm sure it was so hard for Noel to keep her invitation ideas a secret from you. (I'm always sharing my creative visions with my mother.) These are like little masterpieces. I can just imagine the wonder in your eyes as you studied the beautiful details all made by your baby girl's hands.


  12. Dear Janet,
    How happy I am for you and Noel! This is such a special time for you and I am so glad for you!



  13. My Beautiful Mom,

    You touch my heart being there form me.
    You touch my heart as you see me for who I am.
    You touch my heart and make it feel warm.
    You touch my heart as you whisper a mother's love over me.
    Since I was a little girl you've touched my heart.. I'm so thankful that's never changed.
    I feel so lucky I'm yours and that you're my mother.

    I love you my beautiful mom~
    Love, Noel

  14. So lovely!

  15. Simply Beautiful! How exciting what a dream come true.Best wishes to her.

    Oh it would be so much fun for you to come Brocante with me at Miss Amy's, we could do some serious damage.I get so excited every time I go.I wonder if I will ever tire of it myself~Cheers Kim xox

  16. Oh my goodness my sweet friend...this post makes me shed tears into my Monday morning tea! Your sweet daughter is amazing...I really have never seen anything so beautiful..these invites are stunning and to think she created them with her own hands. You must be sooooo proud.

    Sending you ooooodles of love! I have missed you so.