Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some Things Never Change

It's funny what you loved when you were little
is still so relevant to your life today. 
 One of my very most favorite movies when I was little was
 Mary Poppins~
Truly because of this scene
this song that she sang~
 It seems to be near me and in me always~
 Today, I am still the same.
 I Love Love Love watching someone feed the birds~
And one day in Paris,
I saw a little man bending over towards the bushes whistling to the birds!
That moment was priceless. I'll remember him always~



All photos from google images.  Bottom photo is my own taken when in Paris.


  1. Love that. Pigeons remind me of being in Saint Mark's Square in Venice.

  2. janet I have always been a bird lover. I have barn swallows nesting on my terrace, and they do make a mess! They are so wonderful though, the way they swoop in and out!


    Art by Karena

  3. A great memory indeed! Xoxoxo

  4. Wonderful post! in the summer, i wake up to the singing birds. I love feeding birds and watching the pigeons fly all around me as i throw seeds in the air.

  5. Dearest Beloved Janet ~

    Do you know Mary Poppins is one of Gaia's most favorite movies...and I often find her singing some of the tunes as we go about our day.

    Always love your tales of such simplistic wonders that make ones heart smile so brightly.


  6. Oh yay, another bird lover!! Actually, I have to admit, I have never seen Mary Poppins. Seems it is an error I have to fix some time soon.

  7. Thank you for remembering :-)
    I like too to feed the birds - and I do it every day in my garden.

    Have a nice day

  8. I loved Mary Poppins too Janet....I think in some way it's why I love London so much....I'm always on the lookout for 17 CherryTree Lane ;) v

  9. Mary Poppins is a classic and one of my favourites too! I have a photo of me and my dad feeding the birds in Venice. I think I was 6 at the time and it is one of my favourites, especially since he is no longer with us.
    There is something so tender about feeding birds.

  10. I LOVE birds...and I have a similar shot of that lovely statue in Palais Royal, which always seems to have birds on it! Longer email to you later today!~

  11. Mary Poppins was my favorite film when I was a child! Love the post :)

  12. I look forward to seeing all of the dear things Amelia hold to from now to her adulthood. I hope she will always have the heart of a child.

    Sweet post, my dear friend,

  13. Birds have a way of making photos come alive.
    Mary has been a long time since I've seen that. Perfect for a rainy day, like today. :)

  14. Daisy and I watch and listen to the birds each morning while having my morning coffee on the screened veranda. She finds birds fascinating! Hope your summer is going wonderfully Janet and how are those wedding plans going? Love and hugs. XO

  15. Hi dear Janet,
    I LOVE Mary Poppin's and the 'Feed The Birds' moment is beautiful and so atmospheric. I think that they captured St Paul's perfectly. We often visit the City where St. Paul's is and I always get chill's when we are there. Our niece got married in St Paul's and it was the most wonderful wedding. Actually, I could have got married in St. Paul's as my dad was a Freeman of the City of London !!
    Sorry if I've missed any of your posts.......I have been staying with my sister and blogging took second place. I'm trying to catch up now.
    Miss you too. Much love. XXXX

  16. Oh such a treasure and such precious memories.. the day you posted this I had also just purchased tickets to see Mary Poppins (broadway performance) at the San Diego Civic Theatre,oh the irony it is...I love my birds, especially my blue birds, and all of my hummingbirds have names, the mourning doves coo all day, and the list goes on...i am thankful for Gods creatues who wake me every morning.....blessings to you Janet...each day is closer to my daughter Alexandra leaving for college...i am sad................she is like a beautiful bird, i am not ready for her to fly away....

  17. love mary poppins... hoping you are well sweet friend... xoxo

  18. Como una escalera a los sueños.....el vuelo, el silecio.
    I like it