Monday, July 18, 2011

My Dream

My dream is to live in a very old church someday
with walls of plaster, stone or brick
 floors of wood or concrete.
Under arches everywhere.
To feel the open doorways.
To feel the open ceilings.
To feel the simplicity.
To live in the juxtaposition of old & modern.
To feel the pure energy of the walls.
To hear the echos of church bells, the voices of Angels
warm wavy windows of light everywhere. 
Because I don't really think my dream never really will come true.
 I have decided my home is my church.
 I find peace here.
There are no arches, but the arches I live under are rounded.  I try to roll off what is not important.
There are no big open ceilings & doorways,
but my opportunities have no ceiling and there is always a new doorway to walk through...
My walls are soaked with windows of light.
And I really do hear Angels sometimes.
I imagine the sound of church bells everyday in my mind
from a church on a hill in the South of France.
And it is this that keeps me going everyday.

Hugs Beautiful Angels!



photo 1 Kathy Hackman from pinterest all other photos google images.



  1. Thank you, thank you, Dear Janet, for your enriching and enlightening words today. They are much needed and gratefully received.

    I'm working on a small fieldtrip and treat for all Friends of The Tearoom, so keep your eye open!

    Biggest hugs to you back!


  2. I love your church it sounds heavenly,
    Love Kristina xx

  3. It seems like you are living your dream now even though it might manifest in a different way that you initially imagined it. Everything you do seems to be touched with grace and beauty.

  4. Perfect, for so many reasons. And that first photo really speaks to me.

  5. The images are beautiful, and so are your lovely words. I feel the same, safe inside my home, content, creative, and nurturing to everyone who visits. Excellent post!!

  6. I actually really love this idea! Beautiful!

  7. A beautiful post! I love my church too!

  8. Beautiful thoughts Janet. It would be so lovely to live in a space like these you have shown.

    I agree though, we must all make our homes a haven and refuge.


    Art by Karena

  9. Oh my friend...your dream may come true..anything is possible. I have always wished that homes that come from old love love.

    Blessing to you sweet one. xoxoxo
    I just came back from down your I want to move! Such beauty in those beaches.

  10. Sweet Beloved Janet ~

    Accepting your home as your sanctuary is a beautiful quest, and I can personally say that your abode is worthy of such peaceful praise. You are the true essence of goodness which flows through every room, and those angels you hear, they must be your lovely girls.


  11. I love the idea of your home being your church :)

    Angela x

  12. There are always churches for sale in Wales, quite inexpensive too. They are oftenconverted into houses!
    Lovely post :-)

  13. I rented a chapel once to stay on the Cornish coast of England. I didn't sleep the entire five-days I stayed was the most unsettling place I have ever visited. If you get the opportunity, choose your church carefully!

  14. Lovely dream! It's got wonderful architecture! Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

  15. Dear Janet,
    I love the way that you have turned it around so that your own home has becomne that church that you have been searching for and yearn to live in. I love the images that you have shown us but, if I ever saw your home, I kn ow that I would love it more. XXXX

  16. I couldn't agree more.

    If it's not too weird I would love a little ancient graveyard to look after too.

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  18. Very nice blog!!!!

  19. I agree! It seems like they call to me. I had actually looked at one for sale years ago which needed LOVE but I ended up getting a divorce instead. WHOOPS! Maybe next time. Don't ever give up on your DREAMS they just might come true!