Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sweetness Today

Have a Perfectly Sweet Weekend!

Be Safe
Most of all Have Fun!!

Happy 4th!!!



both photos from Flicker


  1. lovely! happy long weekend to you!

  2. Your sweet comments always touch my are one gentle soul my dear friend.

    Wishing you handfuls of joy for a blessed 4th of JULY!

    love to you

  3. I love these white scalloped shorts-so sweet.
    Happy July 4th to you as well!
    I'll be happy just to stay out of the heat.


  4. So funny, we must be on the same page today Janet. I was putting together a post about white, ivory and taupe linen when your 1st photo popped up on blogger. Hope your summer is well underway, it is 113 here today so needless to say we are indoors for the afternoon. Hope all is well. Much love. XO

  5. You answered my dreams again sweet lady, scalloped shorts divine, if only I knew where they were from? Can I ask you a little favour dear french blogger,would you vote/like my blog, before Sunday? To help me win a competition to report on NY fashion week? If it's a yes or you just fancy doing a shoe shuffle over to my blog, thank-you so much and look forward to seeing you again! Sharon xx

  6. Dearest Janet ~

    When I first glanced at this image in reader, I thought, 'oh look at Noel'. But upon closer glance, I knew instantly it wasn't our gorgeous girl. But I could easily see her in something so perfectly classic and chic.

    Bon week-end to you lovely friend,

  7. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Thank you so much, Dear Janet and wishing you and your family the same!



  9. I am so crushing on that shorts and cardigan... so gorgeous.

    Oh have a lovely weekend ♥

  10. I have discovered your blog through Red Ticking and have been delightfully exploring the different places it takes me. All accompanied by the most charming music. The composition and content of your blog transcends blogging to a different level...albeit I'm new to the medium, I think your aesthetic is superb and as a recovering architect, I recognize but also applaud a work of art. Merci for the inspiration!

  11. Adorable post to celebrate the 4th! Muah

  12. I love these white scalloped shorts-so sweet.

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