Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Sweet Sweet Winners!!

above photo by mimi charmante
I'm Home from Paris!
My journey was
filled with so much
wonder, beauty
And I have unpacked
Your prizes from my suitcase~
My moments were having
Laduree cafe'...
or tea in the afternoon...

this old plaster cherub
from Laduree at a flea market!
I just hung it
over my kitchen door~

Ok it's time.....
And the winner is.....
Our cheerful sweet one,
wished for a
Pink Marie Antoinette
gift box...
from Laduree~

From the flea market,
she wished for
"wee little french creamer"
for her breakfast table
that will make her
"heart happy" to look at
when she is sipping her tea~
So easy to find,
I found it my first

I could not resist our
very blissful
thinking of her
"little crumb",
Gaia Miette~
She explained her name means
little crumb or little pearl
in French.
So our sweet Melissa
aka Simply Mel
is my winner too!
Her wish was the
Les Secrets watercolor Journal
from Laduree...

and a French story book for her little crumb...
printed in Paris
from the flea market~
Melissa's amazing boutique
offers treasures of
you can visit it Here~

I loved searching for all of you~
Thank you for playing with me
giving me the fun of hunting
just for you!
My real treasure was watching time
move slow...
the children play
it was like heaven~


p.s. I promise more photos this week...

Winners, please email me at
you mailing address~

first photo from mimi charmante
all others photos taken by FrenchBlue


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time!!! Happy you're home! Have a most beautiful Fall day!

  2. Janet,

    You are so so sweet for bringing these little tresors home from Paris for Koralee and Mel.
    I know that they will cherish them. I am glad that you have landed safely back into your home. Those little Lauduree boxes look so incredibly pretty!
    I anxiously await your photos of Paris!

  3. Hi there,Im still fairly new here, what beautiful images, thank-you for sharing with me and congratulations to the winners paricularly glad that my Mary Poppins, Koralee won,she is a darling and what pretty things she dreamt for and you found!!!!Sharon xxoo
    p.s now following you.x

  4. divine! looks tre chic! you say things so poetically, cannot wiat to see more photos...


  5. Sounds like a FANTASTIC time! CHEERS! Michele

  6. You are the sweetest dearest person in the whole wide world...and I REALLY mean that! To think of little old me on your Paris trip...I have never met anyone so thoughtful! I am screaming with family thinks I am crazy..they all came running into see what was up! Your finds are so perfectly wonderful...sigh! I have longed for a creamer just like that!To think you walked around the streets of Paris looking for it makes it ever so special! Plus that gift box is so lovely! What more could a girl want! I am sending you a great big hug..this is the nicest thing ever! xoxoxoxo I know sweet Mel will be just as thrilled! A million thanks!
    I can't wait to hear more about you trip!

  7. I cannot wait to see all the treasures you brought home. Welcome back!

  8. how sweet and lovely of you to host this giveaway!
    we're happy to see you've safely made it back from Paris. we can't wait to see more pictures!
    and yes, laduree is a must-visit while you're there.

  9. Welcome Home,

    Oh I thought this idea of your's was just darling.

    The two winners are gorgeous gals, love them both.

    I love the gifts you found, it must have been so much fun on your treasure hunt.

    Looking forward to more pictures...Thank you so much for your beautiful comment at mine.
    hugs and xxxx DJ

  10. I'm so excited for the winners! What a beautiful idea. Looking forward to more about your trip.
    Catherine xx

  11. Dearest Janet,
    The tears are flowing, and my heart is beating so intensely after just discovering that I will be the recipient of Parisian treasures hand-picked with love by your sweet, gracious self. I am in awe of your giving spirit and selfless soul. To journey to Paris and not only think of me and my little crumb, but to select incredible French finds for us, is beyond heartwarming and makes me feel like the most special person on Earth! These treasures will be cherished forever and ever just like your thoughtfulness and blissfully giving heart.
    Welcome home - you were missed very much!

  12. Oh Janet.....that was such a good idea of yours, to find those beautiful very kind.
    Koralee is obviously sooooo excited and, I know Mel will be special for 'little crumb'.
    You sound as if you had a great trip and a lovely rest.
    Thanks for your kind comment and I'm so glad you're back as we've all mssed you. XXXX

  13. Dear Janet! So glad you are home safe and sound and that you had a wonderful trip! I LOVE the LAduree cherub over your kitchen door...perfection!!! I adore the photos and can't wait to see more :)

    What a wonderful, sweet, and generous thing for you to do!


  14. What fun you had and delightful treasures for the winners. I can't wait to see all of the lovely photos you have taken and the words you marry up with them. Sea Witch

  15. The blogosphere weaves us all so beautifully together . . . the show ribbons at the top of your posts were sold by me ( to Tiffany of Shabby Scraps, which were photographed by Kim of Mimi Charmante, and now appear on your GORGEOUS blog! What we love truly bonds us, no?!

    Best wishes from Debi at Ormolulu

  16. I am thrilled that you had a lovely time, and will be asking you all sorts of questions in the coming months prior to my trip to Paris with Kasey (lola b)~
    Have a wonderful week my friend,

  17. Congratulations winners. Weldome back home Janet. Can't wait to see your photographs.

  18. I think this giveaway was so lovely, to think of your blog friends while in Paris was wonderful! Glad you had a good time, the weather has been great here - just for you! By the way your new cherub is fabulous.

  19. Sounds so divine! I love visiting your blog, pure Bliss :) Kimberly

  20. So glad to hear your trip was a success! Congratulations to all the winners!

  21. Welcome Back :)
    Congrats to the winners!!!
    Can hardly wait to see all the pretties you found on the trip!

  22. How do you do it. Whenever I am visiting Paris I only get to do half the things on my list. You need to give me lessons ;)

  23. Lovely! I enjoyed your gallery of treasures so very much. You have talented eyes.

  24. How fun. Congrats to the winners and welcome home. I too am looking forward to the pictures to come.

  25. You always post the most breathtaking photos. I'm so glad you had a good time! Well, how could you not, it is Paris after all :)

  26. Might I just say, you are truly delightful.

    And generous.

  27. how gorgeous! it looks like you had a wonderful time!!!

    kindest wishes

  28. Loved that last photo of the little girl watching the boat on the pond. What fun you must have had! Can't wait to see more photos!
    Welcome Home!