Monday, October 19, 2009

Au Revoir Contest! The Hunt is On!

Au Revoir
Little Darlings~
I'm Off
The Hunt is On!!

You get to Tell me
what to HUNT FOR!!!

What do You Want?
It's All About You!

When I go to Paris,

I always bring back
Something Special
to those
close to me~

Because I Adore
each one of
I am bringing back your
Just For You!

This Au Revoir contest
will help me on my hunt...
Here's how to enter:
Just Ask
me on this post for two items:

One Laduree Treat
your heart desires
One Vintage Treasure
You wish for from a
Brocante or Flea Market
in Paris~
{Be as descriptive as possible in case the item is wished for twice}
Or the first one who asks will win~
The Winner will be....
The one who
chooses the items that I
actually find on my trip!


Don't be Shy.

Be Specific.

Be Imaginative.

Only 2 Rules:

1.One entry per person.
{You may comment/enter as often as you like
but each time will eliminate your prior wishes,
because you may change your mind}

2. Items must fit in my Suitcase.

I truly will

Miss You All~

I'm sorry I won't be visiting, commenting

or posting while I am away~

Although, I will publish your entries.

The Winner will be announced

November 1st!!

P.s. If more than one request is found

Most unique item wins!!


Merci Beaucoup for all your

sweet Bon Voyage wishes~

Au Revoir




All images from Laduree


  1. Oh, Janet...we are so going to miss you, but how exciting for you....what an amazing trip that you are going on.
    What a lovely thought to do a giveaway like this.As you asked (although I feel a little bad, asking you to bring something back, especially for me) here are my two wishes...
    A Laduree VANILLA macaroon.
    Any little treasure that has some vintage lace on it.
    Thank you so much, Janet, for this wonderful and unique opportunity.
    Have a fantastic revoir, a toute a l'heure et bon voyage.

  2. That's easy Janet....Caramel is always my macaron of choice and I am thinking a perfume atomiser please. Girly, glass and gorgeous.
    Bon voyage, xv.

  3. Well.....since it's all about me I would like a empty Laudree box to add to the collection you already started me on and some fabulous antique ribbon!!!!! And don't forget that Laduree now has stationery (so I heard) that I think you must get for yourself. Will be thinking of you Janet, have the most fabulous time and can't wait to hear about it when you get back. Safe travels ~ XOXO

  4. Oh Dearest Janet,
    To have my own professional Parisian shopper is to-die for spectacular!

    I've been secretly craving the chestnut or coconut macaroons from Lauduree! As well their Carnet de Voyage journal book! All the beautiful watercolors look divine!

    And if only I could join you at the Flea Market for lunch and indulge in a bowl of the French Onion Soup that is served in the exquisite cast iron terrines! The painting of the tutu draped over the chair in your shop has been on my wish list for quite some time. I love it and am saving up for it for my little crumb. When we were in Paris, I wish I would have found her a very small oil painting of a tutu, ballerina, ballerina slippers, etc. Or an old classic children's French book. Something that she could only get in Paris. We did find a great old wooden box filled with wooden puzzle pieces cut out in animal shapes, painted and with the French names painted upon them. An exquisite find and one I can't wait to give her when she is older. So...I'll stop my rambling, but I would love anything you spot that is extremely special for a sweet little girl named Gaia Miette (which means little crumb or little pearl in French).

    My head is spinning with thoughts of all the magnificent things you will find, see and do! I am a bit jealous but beyond thrilled for you!


  5. Oh I envy you your trip...hope everything is WONDERFUL!

    What I would want, if I were in Paris right now...

    1. from Laduree, one of the luscious mauve pink macarons you have pictured will do nicely

    2. from a puces...something I had in my hand on my last trip (from the Puces des Vanvres, i think), but foolishly put down (probably because it was too expensive...a vintage ceramic wall pocket in the shape of a fleur-de-lis.

  6. Pick up a box of "La poudre scintillante a' la violette" and a piece of jewelry with bling.

  7. Bon Voyage! I will miss you both SO very much! I will think of you every day and my heart will know you are happy in Paris living how all shall live...

    I Love you~ Muahs!

  8. Oh, what a delight! You always have the most delightful bits of loveliness and charming games to share with us.

    So, anything my heart desires from Lauduree...
    Les carrés chocolat “Dégustation. Degustation” box of milk and dark chocolates...heaven, I can only imagine!
    And oh, joy, joy, joy, anything I can dream of from a Paris flee market! Well, I knew the instant you asked...I wish for the most darling and beautiful silk and lace bit of lingerie!!!
    A slip or nighty is what I dream of most, but I do so love tap pants as well and I would not complain.
    Now as to and lace, creamy in color! Oh, I've dreamed of this for a long time and it makes my heart melt at the thought of it!
    Chocolate and French lingerie is what I wish for...what can I say, I'm a true French woman at heart!

    P.S. I hope you have the most beautiful trip and that all of your hearts desires come true in Paris!

  9. O! it must be Laduree marshmallows & for the market a wonderful magnifying glass. Have an amazing trip. We await your safe return.

  10. OOOH La La!!! Count me in :)
    From Laduree, Marie Antoinette Tea and the vintage treasure, a french crown.

    Bonne Chance à nous deux!!!

  11. What a great idea!! I wish you could just take me with you in your suitcase.

    There are so many things I would want from Laduree (especially macarons) but I really want one of thier little vinyl shopping totes, like the green one with macarons on it. SO CUTE!!

    Ive started collecting perfume bottles, and a real unique, vintage French perfume bottle would be AMAZING to have. Something maybe with blue cut glass, a little stopper, or atomizer. Tres Chic!

    Have fun on your trip!! I cant wait to hear all about it

  12. Happy hunting. Great requests have come in before me, and I'm not too familiar with this shop, so take some photos while you're in there and share them here please. From the flea market, 1940's Paris Post Cards, and a fabulous costume jewelry broach in pink/red and white stones/crystals would be lovely. P.S. Would love to shop around San Clemente with you when you return, or meet up at the pier for Farmers Market on Sundays. Cyn

  13. Oh how you make life so much fun! What a sweet idea and how thoughtful of you to think of us all on your trip. Enjoy Paris in the Fall...I can only dream of the beauty!
    A sweet little pink Marie Antonnette gift box from Laduree would be so lovely to have. Or a wee little french creamer to have on my breakfast table in the morning as I sip my tea would make my heart happy. Have so much fun and enjoy your treasure hunt...wish I was there to enjoy the moments. xoxoxox

  14. if feels so wrong to ask for something when all I do is get happiness from your site.

    But if I must - here it is - from Laduree, a dark chocolate macaron with nuts on top. I don't know that they make them, but I'm just imagining it.

    From the market, I would love an old lace tablecloth. White or cream, for a circular table.

    Thank you. Have an amazing trip and once again, thanks for your wonderful blog.

  15. C'est Magnifique...all the treats & treasures :) Have an amazing trip!!!

  16. Oh, Janet, merci!

    Jem les rouge framboise macaroos!

    If I could have anything from Paris it would be a small headform or hat form from the flea market. I would love to place it ontop my armoire with my old beret!

    Au revoir!
    have a great timr- will miss your posts...


  17. Oh how I wish I could go shopping in Paris or anywhere in France. You must have an incredible time. My wishes would be for a metal tea tin from Laduree or a cookie tin and from the Paris flea market some old pieces of ormalu off some once incredible furniture. Have an incredible time!! Colleen

  18. We just got back from Paris! Went to Laduree can never have enough macaroons!!!! YUM!

  19. Have a wonderful trip and good luck for hunting. I would love to see pics of you in paris Flea markets. My favorite one is Vanves . In your digital camera, the pictures will be very very light, you can carry thousands of them very easily

  20. Paris, how wonderful. Well, there are so many wonderful treasures to find there and that is half the fun. How about a pretty ladies compact, or tiny beaded bag. Pretty vintage silk ribbons or millinary frou frou. Have a wonderful time, this is your city. Sea Witch

  21. Oh, what a lovely Blog!!!! I will be back for sure! :) Beautiful pictures:)

    Have a nice evening! XX Nicky :)

  22. I would love to try the Laduree cocoa powder and a scarf from the flea market would be the perfect keepsake! Have a great time!

  23. I would love from Laduree a photo of you standing by the front door, from the flea market a elegant cup & saucer so every morning when you have your cup of tea you will remember your wonderful trip to Paris.

  24. The Laudree Raspberry mini-macaroon I just saw featured in a magazine recently. And, small antique glasses or china that can double as small votive candle holders or vases. The more mismatched and uniquw...the better!

  25. Rose macaroon, and antique French linen chemise with embroidered initials. Would love a rose carved ceil de lit (a la Polonaise)..but that might be tough, even for you. Can I come next year? Au revoir...Trish

  26. OMG, my computer crashed so I missed out on the game. Melissa asked first for the Carnet de Voyage watercolor journal from Laduree that I wanted :) and I do hate to ask for anything ...but, if you insist, I would also love a menu the Plaza Athenee did a while back with the watercolored chandelier if you can find one!! :)
    Oooh...have so much fun!!! ~ Dana

  27. What a wonderfully imaginative way to do a giveaway! Count me in!

    From Laduree: Rose petal jam!

    From the flea about a vintage Vogue magazine?!

    My mind is now filled with thoughts of my homemade country white loaf, slathered with butter and rose petal jam...

  28. hope I'm not too late ... I'd love any kind of french linen ... knubby and creamy, maybe with a monogram on it

    hope I'm not too late

    you're sweet

  29. Ooooh my... you are a lucky girl!!! ENJOY every moment!!! I hope to be saying I'm off to Paris next Spring for REAL!!!
    Can't wait to hear and see all about your trip!

  30. oooh, anything chocolate and a miniature vintage painting in oil of a French pup, landscape, or still life :)

  31. May be too late but just for the fun of playing, would love a mint macaron and any Paris vintage postcards. Hope it was a fabulous trip and love this contest idea!!

  32. Lovely blog, like the mint green!

  33. Since you offered, I would love to have a petit souvenir, how about a tiny tour eiffel statue or something from Mono prix, the prettiest scarf at the Paris 5 & dime!

  34. Ok it might be to late but here goes, from Laduree...just a bag for my collection, I love to frame great bags from famous shops...
    And from the flea market, a top piece for my judie...she is missing hers
    Thanks Carol Ann

  35. Hello Sweet!
    It's the name of your blog I love so much Frenchblue make me stopping by:) I'd love to let you know a little bit of myself here, I'm a girl who truly live in my own dream world and i love vintahe and Marie Antoinette so much! Vacation in France my dream!

    I'm glad i found your blog and you have a new follower today! Which is ME *TEEHEE* Do you still accept new blogger to hunt? I'd say anything small & divine:)
    Have a nice weekend!

  36. Bonjour Janet!!!
    My only requests are for you to post a beautiful picture from Paris to make me feel as though I too was there and for you to have an amazing time!!! I hope your trip is going well. Safe and happy returns my Dear Friend!

  37. what a wonderful idea!!! ive never been to Paris but something parisian would be nice! like a pink journal from lauderee & a book{either blank, handwritten, printed or manuscript but beautifully tattered} from the market would be a joy :) have a magnificent trip, bon voyage!