Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Evening at The Opera House

Number 11
was my seat...
At Garnier's Palace
in Paris...

This building radiates
with Energy like a Soul~

Every corner Shines~

The ceiling,
painted by Chagall
whispers to you
and takes you to
a place of Pure

The tiny ballerinas
danced like they were
in a little music box.
There was one dance
they wore green
tutu's to their knees and
looked like
Christmas Tree Cookies
dancing on a white cake~
They all sparkled
like Sugar...

At the entrance of the gift shop
my heart raced like a child...

Inside was like Magic....



All photos taken by FrenchBlue


  1. Fabulous post, lucky you wish that I was there!

    Leeann x

  2. I've been to Opera Garnier but never to see the show; just to see the inside. Thanks for taking these lovely photos!!

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful!! I love going to the opera. I've been to two in New York City. This place tho omg is gorgeous. I love that doll in the last picture.

  4. Gorgeous, stunning.....words don't really describe this do they? Chagall over head, ballerinas in front and gilding all around....oh my gosh!

  5. Gorgeous, stunning....words to really apply here do they? Chagall over head, ballerinas in front and gilding all around....oh my gosh!

  6. Janet ~ How wonderful that you were able to take photos in this wonderful and exquisite venue! It must have been a magical night for you, think of all the people who have been sitting in seat #11 before you. Thanks for sharing and would love to go there one day! XO

  7. Bonjour! Such beautiful pictures - I'm so glad you enjoyed your evening in this exquisite theatre!

  8. What a stunning post. So much beauty at the opera.


  9. Ooooh la la! How divine!
    I have only been in the Bastille Opera House and sadly it does not have the beauty and elegance of the Garnier Palace. Thank you for sharing your magical photos.

  10. So glad you liked your award, this post is simply magical a delight from start to end, thank-you! Sharonxox

  11. Ooh what a beautiful post. The opera is truly stunning. I love photo 2 which goives you a real feel of it. I must go there one day and experience it's wonderful atmosphere and architecture.
    Isabelle x

  12. Oh Janet, What a spectacular building.....and to see a ballet in Paris...magical. The gift shop looks like no other gift shop I've seen. Our family are going to see The Nutcracker Suite at Sadlers Wells on the day before Christmas Eve. That should put us in a Christmassy mood and start our Christmas off beautifully. XXXX

  13. Beautiful the ballet and my husband adores opera! Thanks for sharing these fabulous photographs...

  14. Your right! It´s magical! Classical Ballet is so dear to me and I keep treasured memories of an once golden time in my life... Hugs.

  15. Janet,

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us. I have yet to step foot in the Opera Garnier...The next time I visit Paris, this is definitely on the top of the list. I am so thankful that you took a picture of the performance, and, of course, of the apple red velvet seat with the gilded numero onze.
    I hope your week is lovely.

  16. Oh Janet...this is such an enchanting post. What a magical building. I love every inch of it even your lovely number 11 seat! We see the Nutcracker every Christmas. The Ballet costumes always give us such joy...those white ones are amazing. Thank you for sharing today my friend.

  17. Dearest Janet,
    Oh how we love the Opera Garnier! We had the good fortune of attending a performance during our last Paris visit while the crumb was in utero. She kicked and moved throughout the entire event, and I will never forget the magic I felt from within as well as the beauty that surrounded me on that very special Sunday.
    Stunning photos!

  18. Oh WOW, I just loved reading this Janet and the photo's are just wonderful. What a magical place to be in and to experience.

    So beautiful,

  19. OM GOD that's a most beautiful Opera House i'hv ever see in your blog:) Indeed divine!
    Gosh i might be too excited like kiddy if i visit the beautiful Opera house!
    Thanks for beautiful pics it's so inspiring.

  20. Oh Janet, these photos are must feel like you are in a beautiful dream when you sit in such a place, how wonderful.

    I have been behind with my blogs since returning from my October week in Italy...I have loved looking at the photos from your Paris trip, my favourites were the tiny sailing boats!

    I hope you are well, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog this off to email you now!

    Simone xo

  21. Amazing post!!! Your blog is fasinating. I am smitten and will be a followers forsure. Thank you for this post it reminded me that I want to go to the ballet again it has been so long since the last time I went.

  22. Hello Janet,
    I have to sigh first and then continue to write this. What a gorgeous, magical post! So many beautiful memories flooded me as I read your beautiful words and looked at your breath taking photos. It is all so perfect! The Garnier is such a magical place and you are quite right that is radiates with energy! It's an amazing place and I have to say my favorite spot is under the staircase, that beautifully carved ballerina hiding away. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Thank you for this gorgeous post!

  23. Wow, that opera house are amazing...
    And nice to meet ya :)

  24. Oh my Janet...
    You really know how to weave a beautiful story!
    What a wonderful experience you must have had.

  25. It took a while to get to the bottom of the comments Janet! We must be telepathic as one minute before your comment I was thinking the exact same thing!!! Blogger trip to provence....why not!!!! Let's see if we can pull this off-talk soon XO

  26. fantastic. divine photos- have never seen that Chagall ceiling, but I will definetly will now!

  27. One of the best blog features I've ever encountered. You've got an excellent feeling for atmosphere. Looking forward to future posts.

  28. wow - beautiful photos. Thanks.

  29. im really hoping to go visit there sometimes soon, its utterly spectacular, thanks for sharing cherie!
    Have a great day

  30. Beautiful! It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  31. I love this whole series and am going to send it on to my daughter. She is a textile artist and assistant costume designer for a midwestern ballet company, I know she will enjoy this as well.