Wednesday, November 11, 2009

French Library at FrenchBlue!

I can't wait another minute to
share with you!!

just added a NEW floor
specializing in 18th & 19th Century
French books!
You must come see Here!

Inspired from
and more than ever
from the old book stores
in Paris...
The mystery of what
all these beautiful books
must say?
My hunts at the flea markets,
turned into a passionate search for
Old Paris Books~

For me,
they are for decorating only.
They make my happy just to look
at them... they make me want to dance~
The pages are so old and so thick.
I can only dream to read in French
one day....

Along with my dreams
to walk in the gardens & parks
everyday too~


All photos taken by FrenchBlue



  1. I just adore old books. I hope you are well my dear.


  2. Janet, I am dreaming vicariously through you ! And all those french books and goodies ...( gasp! ) Sounds like it was a lovely time and glad to hear of your safe return. XOL

  3. Old books are so beautiful, I like to see the faded covers and time worn pages. sandi

  4. I am absolutely bringing some books back from my trip next April!!!
    Fabulous photos my friend,

  5. Happy Dance for you my friend. Those books look amazing...I can see why you have fallen in love with them. Their pages are so inviting...what a lovely way to decorate...just thinking of whom must of read them gets one all excited. Thank you for sharing the magic. xoxoxo

  6. Hi Janet!
    These are just fantastic! How in the world do you come up with new ways to add perfection to your shop so often! These are amazing, I'm putting some on my Christmas wish list for my husband! :)
    Have a wonderful holiday today!

  7. Oh I love old books! I'm working on some contemporary art works using old books. How I'd love to get my hands on your inventory!!!

  8. I adore books both old and new. The old ones have a special energy because other hands and and hearts have visited. There is nothing like the look and feel of aged print. Sea Witch

  9. Hello Mademoiselle!
    I missed you too over the past few weeks as we both traveled! Looks like your shopping trip was well-worth it and what a wonderful addition to your gorgeous website Janet. They are fabulous and exquisite. You look so chic in the photo, hope it was romantic too. I will email you over the next few days so don't forget to check. XOXO

  10. I love old books....the look , the feel and the content. They always have the same musty smell. I love old English books . Leather bound and slightly shabby....gorgeous. XXXX

  11. How perfect will it be when you can read those exquisite old pages as the hours linger away in the Paris parks!

  12. Lovely Janet....I am so glad you had such a wonderful trip, xv.

  13. Bonjour Janet!

    What a LOVELY delight! So brings me back entering into all the magical book stores and oh yes, the wonderful walks in ALL, Paris parks. This is such a nice addition to your store! Merci for sharing!!!:))

  14. What wonderful books you found!
    How will you ever part with them?
    Your new found treasures from France are exquisite! BTW I gave you an award on my blog:)

  15. This is a walk in the park, a look up at the clouds, a cuddle under the covers blog - I lover it! Jennifer

  16. Janet,

    There's something about old pages of literature that is so beautiful. Perhaps it's the reminder of a time when people sat down in a cozy chair and read for hours when this was their main form of entertainment. These faded pages are even more beautiful when we see them written in the French language.
    Your new floor in your shop is gorgeous!
    Happy day, my friend,

  17. What a fabulous find! Enjoy your treasures. :)

  18. Your books gave my heart a leap, the color of a robin's egg. The Victor Hugo books would have been prefect for a client's house I am decorating, I'll show her the other beauties...

  19. What a lovely collection to start. Old books are such treasures. It must be fun looking for them.

  20. Oh, old books are my favorite! They look fantastic and smell wonderful and it's such a thrill to know that someone held it and read it years and years ago.

  21. I can imagine your excitement when visiting such a store...

    I too have a library full of old books.. The soft supple look of leather fading with gold embellishment..ah a feast for the eye.
    I especially love to see inscriptions left from those who once owned the book.

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. I love old books and have been a collector and 'rescuer of the past' my entire life. Your blog is a treasure..

  23. Amazing!! I'm off to the French Blue Library to browse the book stacks

  24. Lovely pictures :)
    So glad to find your beautiful blog {thru bluebird notes}.

  25. OOOOH I love you books and the fluff photo on your side bar!!!!

  26. Fabulous finds. It makes me want to jump all over and crumple up my books :)

  27. Hi my sweet friend...please pop over and enter my giveaway...I really do not want you to miss it. You are one of my dearest friends.

  28. Hi there,so exciting, just poppped over to let you know I have tagged you with a lovely award over @ My Passport to Style, hope you like it! Sharonxox

  29. I love the smell of paper - old and new alike. Reminds me of scented trees on a glorious summer day :)

  30. thanks for your kind words. I would so love you to come to my door with fall leaves and I would serve you my favorite Earl Grey and good ole' New England cranberry muffins. I think we could be jolly friends.
    Thank you dearly,