Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Could Hear Music

Before the ballet, our evening fell
soft & gentle...
We had time,
so we walked over to

As soon as I saw the window,
I could hear music echo in my head
like I was inside of a music box~
For me, the dance had
already begun~

I studied the details immensely...
Pink tulle cotton candy
on white sticks?

Are there really Sugared almonds & tiny
silver balls on the fluffy blush tutu?
The satin slippers lined like
little silk pillows
against the back wall~

Were the
~ribbons ~floating~ wildly~
like confetti at a

Were there shinny balls
strung with real French
from the ceiling?

It was all real!
This time it wasn't
my imagination...
It was so much bigger~
There is Magic
Magic is Alive!

I searched for my way back to earth
and found my ground...
A nod and a smile
from my sweet husband...So
I bought these
Shinny Cherry Red
ballet flats
so I'll never forget
our dance before the ballet~
Have a very Magical week
my tiny dancers~

All photos taken by FrenchBlue


  1. Fabulous! and your shiny red ballet flats are gorgeous! Wonderful photos...thanks for sharing!
    Take care, Laura

  2. now this is making my heart beat a little faster ....and I'm speechless.

    thanks for the wonder of it all

  3. How delightful!It was lovely loosing myself in your beautiful fairytale, sounds like you had a wonderful time!I adore your pictures, what talent!!Sharon xox

  4. oh my how magical` a French dream like version of the Nutcracker ballet. Only you would notice all the details. I feel like I can smell the marsmellows. Thank you as always for your kind words on my blog...

  5. oh what a darling post. That dress is omg, beautiful! Love the red shoes too.

  6. Just breathtaking photographs!

  7. Oh Janet, that window is absolutely breathtaking, truly one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

    I love what you have written too....the whole post is just magical.

    And those beautiful shiny red shoes....fabulous!

    Have a wonderful week,
    Simone :)

  8. Oh my goodness me...what a amazing display. My ballerina daughter would love it...sugar plum fairyland for sure! Your red flats are amazing..I hope you feel like an Angel in them my dear....because they do look like heaven! xoxoxo Happy week to you!

  9. What a magical window, Janet ... and just before you went to the ballet, too.
    Just beautiful.
    ....and I love your cherry red ballet pumps.
    Have a wonderful week. XXXX

  10. I was thrilled to read that you bought the red could you resist and I bet and hope you are wearing them right now! The photos are amazing and you have shared the magic of your trip so well Janet. XO

  11. I think I'm in love... such a gorgeous creation. :)

  12. How perfect ~ your experience and the red shoes.

  13. Oh wow! this is truly stunning. I love your little cherry flats too.

  14. Thanks for the trip inside the music box with you! LOVE the red shoes!

  15. I absolutely love the visions of sugarplums in that very creative window. The red shoes are awesome too.

  16. Dearest Janet,
    How sweet of your husband to stand outside of the Repetto window and watch your merry heart click away on your camera! Marshmallows on ribbons? Sugared almonds meticulously sewn to fluffy tutus? Yes, you are right, this is magical.

    And your sweet cherry red Repetto flats...It looks like you may have floated through Paris after this heart-melting visit!

    I hope you have a lovely week, my friend.

  17. Oh that is just so magical, I love the tutu, it looks so gorgeous.

    That is just so lovely to have those beautiful shoes as a reminder, you are so sweet.

  18. Dearest Fairy Princess Janet,
    You do live an incredibly magical life, and I am so lucky you share it with us. Honestly, I am a bit surprised you ever left Repetto after being surrounded by all those beautiful details (especially the Marshmallows and tutus).
    By the way, my friend hasn't stopped talking about the Bon-Bon treat! She LOVES them (and I didn't know they were coconut - her absolute favorite), and she will cherish the sweet bag and sonnets forever.
    How do you do it? Always filling the world with your magic touch....

  19. Those shiny red Repettos are divine. I have a pair too! Just putting them on makes a cloudy day filled with smiles and sunshine.

  20. Breathtaking window!!

    What a magical life you've got.. Beautiful

  21. Oh my...I love those photos and I bet you look like a queen in those ballerina shoes! Candy Apple red, so cute!

  22. I love the window display..oh la la..that's right up my alley..
    Thanks for the visual...

  23. That first photo is too amazing. I wish I could put that tutu in my house. How on earth do you find so many wonderful photos?!

  24. Your Majesty,

    I just love all of these ballet images. They are so magical and make me want to turn back the hands of time and just slip into the ballet outfit and dance away:)) or just hang it in my dressing room as a beautiful piece to admire all day!!! I love your red shoes too:)

    Royal wishes,
    La Petite Plume

  25. This window is so gorgeous! A piece of art!