Sunday, September 13, 2009


There is something about
the balance of contrast
that I have always

Black & White
is my constant favorite.

Even if it is white on white
placed on black...

Or if it is still another
amazing image
Corey took for her
guessing game over at

I adore,
this vintage Chanel wedding
window display
in Paris~

I found
the contrast of old & new
is in this photo I took
of a Dior window in Paris...
An old broken
beaded chandelier
not hanging leans next to the
new white dress forms~

This favorite statue of mine


the contast of a rough old white

stone texture that was once smooth~

This is my collection
of white glazed
Astier de Villatte
pottery placed in an
old dark Welsh Cupboard
that was given to me from
my Mom~

Have a very special week
my most beautifuls~


top three photos flicker
photo four Tongue in Cheek
photo five Chanel
bottom three photos FrenchBlue


  1. Oh Janet! Those photos r truly inspirational! I especially love the first photo of d chair! Is that crochet, do u know? Great idea 4 weddings I think. Not that I'm getting married anytime soon ;) xxx-eLLy*

  2. Oh how beautiful. The vintage Chanels are just gorgeous as are your Astier De Villatte collection. Love post.


  3. Very beautiful pictures, I love white/black contrast

  4. Ohhhhhhhh what wonderful images! I am on a black and white kick right now and love it!

    Hope you have a wonderful week my dear,

  5. Oh your post makes me so happy today...I adore black and white together. Your dishes are amazingly lovely...they look so elegant against the black. You have on amazing eye for detail my dear.....pure inspiration you have sent my way today!

  6. Wonderful contrasts Janet...Astier de Villatte is one of my favourites, xv.

  7. My favourite colours (although, strictly speaking, I don.t think that white is a colour)...I could just eat the wedding dresses and, of course the chocolates/truffles.....the chandelier, gorgeous and your collection, a triumph.......what a wonderful collection of black and white treasures. XXXX

  8. Gorgeous your Astier. Looks great against black. Know what you the excitement of sometimes jarring contrast. Best, Trish

  9. As always...beautiful photos! I love all the black and white! It's really one of my favorite looks...whether it's clothing or decor..timeless, classic almost always elegant.

  10. Hey! How come I don't know about this Astier de Villatte? Must find out what I am missing as it looks fabulous. Maybe we don't have it in Canada? I prefer white plates, think they are so refined. Oh....who am I kidding? I also like Versace china (but can't have it)and that has lots of colour. Hope your week has started well Janet. Miss You! XO

  11. Another divine post! Black & White- classic yet always fresh- just lovely...

  12. Amazing post. I can see where your daughter gets her love of white from :)

  13. Hi Janet,
    wonderful post. I love your Cupboard with the amazing flatware....
    Have a great week
    Greetings from Germany

  14. Lovely, lovely photos. I especially want the white truffles. You have such a wonderful artistic eye. Sea Witch

  15. Hi Janet~

    I LOVE your contrasts! So classic, my favourite is your collection. What a delight!

    ~Miss Kris~

  16. Hello Janet,
    What a beautiful post! I do love black and white (and white on white)! Everything was just gorgeous, but I wanted to eat the chocolates right now!

    Have a lovely evening,


  17. How refreshing this post is. The contrast of black and white is timeless. (A white shirt under a black sweater is my fallback outfit for any occasion. With any Chanel accessory of course)!
    Their windows are to die for!

  18. White is the perfect star in my book of contrasts. Whether it is used as a background, foreground or as the centerpiece.

  19. I too love black and white. It is crisp and clean and fresh! I often dress that way. Your photos are beautiful!

  20. oh yes, black and white is a classic favorite. it reminds me of chanel! i love color pairings...or in this case, non-color pairings!

  21. Wonderful photos.I used to live in France and I often write about Paris.Seeing all the artful "vitrines" was a treat! Merci for that! You are very talented. My husband is an artist; we work for the design trade producing 18th c. French inspired pieces.My blog should look as good as yours, but doesn't!

  22. oh these are just stunning!!! your blog is such a happy find!!!
    kindest thoughts

  23. White is the perfect star in my book of contrasts.
    How to make a website

  24. gorgeous, esp. the opening throw over the
    chair ... your Villatte pottery collection is
    simply exquisite.