Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where is Home?

When I first met my husband,
he told me Home to him
is where ever I am.
Nothing has ever meant
more to me....
I knew then, how much
he loved me.
He never even had to say
"I love you"~

I believe
Home holds our souls.

Home is where beauty, comfort

function all unite as one....

I believe Home is
where our hearts sing....
and sometimes this may
be somewhere far far away...
with someone very very special~
Where do you think
Home is?



Photo 1 House Beautiful
Photo 2 & 3 Rachel Ashwell
Photo 4 It's Mary Ruffle


  1. Home is...where ever my Kahuna follows me.

    A corner diner booth, a shared single bed, a ride in the car, or a huge hotel suite.

  2. Your husband's words were breathtaking! As you already know, you received the first prize in life the day you met him!

    Home to me is wherever my heart fills the warmest and beats the strongest, and this always involves having my beloved little trio right by my side.

    Beautiful post....

  3. Oh what a beautiful post, the soft green in the first two photo's is just gorgeous ... and the chandeliers.

    Your husband sounds like a lovely man.

  4. Well Janet, thanks so much for doing a whole post on my blog 'HOME' !!!!! HE HE...
    To quote the saying 'HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS', to me, home is where all the people that I love, are, no matter where that may be. XXXX

  5. Home is where you let out a big contented sigh and know you are where you are meant to be.

  6. This is a beautiful sentiment, and I totally agree.

    My other half and my closest friends are my true family, and as long as Im with them, I am home.

  7. Oh I adore this post today...I am so with you on home...I am such a nester and home gal. Your images are amazingly lovely today. You are such a dear....thank you for the lovely comments on my blog today...coming from you they mean so much! xoxoxox

  8. this is a lovely post...
    Absolutely lovely! I want home to be where ever all these images were taken!


  9. That is so sweet. Larry loves you soooo much! You are both at "Home" with each other!

  10. divine post as always, Home to me is my canopy bed , down comforter, new magazine, Krumpet by my side and family laughing in the other room..


  11. I am always home if I am with my darling husband, family and friends. That is home to me.


  12. I absolutely love this post! you never cease to amaze and inspire me...thank you ever so much!...dj

  13. I love all your posts but this was very moving.Adore your shop and actually did a post on my blog a few weeks back on it.thanks for sharing all this loveliness....

  14. Lovely post. Your husband's words remind me of the words Stands With A Fish said to Dances With Wolves...I go where you go, my place is with you. This is how I feel when someone asks me where home is. Home truly is where you heart is, which brings me to the photo of the heart lock on the white door. So powerful in its simplicity of message. Sea Witch

  15. I completely agree with you. The cliche is so TRUE: home is where the heart is. And your husband's heart is with YOU. That is so sweet. I love the photos too. :)

  16. You have such a beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing such lovely words. Please feel welcomed to visit me at anytime as well.

    Sincerely impressed!

  17. Home is where my two guys are.......see I can write poetry -LOL! Sound like he is a keeper and he is taking you to Paris soon! We're going on a cruise to Spain, Italy, and France
    next month, I'll make him write me romantic poetry (like that's going to happen!) I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages, email me a life update when you have time. XO~XO

  18. My home wouldn't be complete without those that I love and the beautiful things I find comfort in. :)

  19. You have an absolutely gorgeous blog! I adore that first photo. Home to me is wherever my little family is. As long as we're together, it can feel like home.

  20. Janet,
    Sorry it's been so long since I've visited your lovely blog.
    I just love Rachel Ashwell's design style...
    I love my home because I love those whom I live with-my husband and daughter. I care for them, feed them, and keep their favorite things clean!!! I also try to make our home a beautiful place to live by hanging beautiful pictures on the walls, dressing windows with lovely drapes and putting soft sheets on the beds for a good night's sleep.

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  22. Home is where your heart is. :-)

    You have a beautiful blog, and I'm so glad I found it tonight!