Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is it About Claudia? Free Ad Giveaway!!!

Please tell me...
What is it about our Claudia...

Is it her knowledge of

Could it be the Book she wrote,
or her keen Eye
mazing photography skills?

Or is it her very Glamorous & Chic

Could it be
the yards & yards of vintage
Satin Silky fabrics & Mirrored furniture
she uses to put your life in the
middle of a
Hollywood movie set?

Or is it the sense of Surprise
she creates
in her Interior Design
Very hard work?

photo above from The Gossamer Tearoom

is it that she is the most Whimsical person I know,
Travels to
the mOOn and back on any
given day or night?

I am very excited to share my story with You!
Once upon a Time...
There was a very lovely
Mademoiselle named Claudia,
The Paris Apartment.
One day Claudia
mentioned my website,
French Blue & Co.
on her blog~
Later, that month I checked my
site traffic on Google Analytics,
because business had picked up to an unusual speed.
I could not believe my eyes when I saw my hits!
was from
The Paris Apartment Blog!
I emailed Claudia right away,
found her on the mOOn, sunbathing...
I let her know how very very powerful
she is... she didn't even know!!
She is like a magnet in the most unexplainable way!
I called my good friend Lynn at
Paris Hotel Boutique.
Together, Lynn & I can do anything!!
Between the 3 of us,
we chatted, created & chatted more...
Guess what?
Claudia is now offering
advertising on her blog!!
If you have any type of business,
and looking to promote yourself,
I highly recommend
The Paris Apartment
Her prices are affordable~~
I currently have my ad on her hits are still up
& this is my Number 1 traffic source.
Claudia is an amazing blogger, writer
everything else I mentioned above.
The Paris Apartment Blog is NUMBER 3
according to the
New York Times!!!
Claudia gets over 2000 hits a day
on her blog~

So... see, there is something about Claudia,
like no other...
She has a Huge Heart
her Blog is Alive!
Email Claudia Here
if you have any questions
or interest of having a beautiful resting place
to advertise.
You will be very happy~
If you figure out what it is about
Our Claudia that makes her Magic....
please let me know~
Could it be dewdrops
is it her mOOnbeams?

And we all lived Happily Ever After~
Claudia just commented....
She wants to Reward
all you little darlings...
So she is offering a giveaway drawing to one of
YOU with an online shop!!
FREE advertising on her site for 3 months!!
If you'd like to share this opportunity with your
blogger friends mention this post and let them know
about this contest so they can enter
the drawing too!!
Please leave me a second comment to
enter twice, if you posted this
Giveaway on your blog.
I will draw a name
from all comments left
on this post on Monday
June 1st.
Y E A!!
Thank You Claudia!!!


  1. Hi Janet,
    Another gorgeous, gorgeous post and I am sure Claudia will be overwhelmed on how beautifully you write about her. The photos today are so fabulous, where do you find these! How lovely that you celebrate other women the way you do.
    And she does have a wonderful blog.

  2. Hooray, for all the good blogs out there, and for your success and Claudia's!

  3. Janet, you scare me sometimes. I swear I went to bed last night thinking of Claudia, her site, her book, the ads. Are we on the same page or what?

    This post is so beautiful that there is not much to add. You captured Claudia's talent and spirit so wonderfully. She is truly a gem.

    And, yes, my hits have gone up significantly since the ad placement. I encourage all with businesses to run over to The Paris Apartment and advertise!!!

    amazing post...

  4. Being seen through your eyes is a treasure I'll never forget! This is the sweetest thing I've ever read and like a million moon bucks. I was feeling down this am and you lifted me up, up, up! I'd like to do something for your bloggy friends. I can't offer a free trip to Paris but can offer a free quarter of advertising if it's that effective! You can take a winner from the comments section. I'm thrilled to see bloggers build up their biz and know you have the best in the land!
    Love you and your girls, girl!

  5. Janet, YOU are amazing. But Claudia's secret is DewDrops for SURE. I am certain this time. Rod Stewart's mom is not involved. My answer is correct.

  6. oh my goodness! the paris apartment is one of my favorite blogs too - she has an endless supply of the most amazing images.
    i have a feeling i must have found your store through her site...or maybe it was Paris Hotel any event, it was well worth it to discover you!
    what a beautiful dedication.

  7. Janet,
    Besides Claudia's magical, feminine, chic, romantic, and well-trained eye AND her bountiful knowledge regarding French history, fashion, design, and culture, I believe much of her success can also be contributed to her willingness to help other entrepreneurs. She's confident enough in her own style, talent, and business that she's not intimidated or jealous of another successful business person. She is the queen of networking, promoting others, and encouragement. Her blog is a testimony to this.
    Well, I am not really ready to go public with this, but I am about to open my own online business. Can you guess what it will be??? Anyway, how could I miss such an OUTSTANDING, AMAZING opportunity for some major traffic from one of my favorite designers/bloggers? Please put my name in the drawing. As my husband always says, "What are you waiting for?Just do it!"

  8. wow! amazing blog, amazing woman and you, French Blue, you have a huge heart as well!

  9. Claudia is TRÈS FAB!!! I have contacted her about advertising on her blog... oooooh how I would LOVE to win this!!! Crossing my fingers!!!
    BTW... LOVE that first photo... it's trés paintable... Claudia always has those inspiring photos... le sigh!

  10. Claudia's blog is one of my faves, and I'm one of the people that found your blog through hers, and now I enjoy both

  11. I have so much to say about this post I don't even know where to start! For Claudia first, She is a Dew Drop from Heaven! She has blessed us all with a feel of what blogging really is as she shares her life and dreams with us. I was so lucky to get an ad on her page and have noticed much success since. When I get an email that says "Hi, I found you from The Paris Apartment" I just smile BIG. She is a powerful pure heart and I couldn't be more honored to advertise on her blog. Thank you CLUADIA for all that you do and share!

    And French Blue &
    Lynn! YOU TWO! You two CAN do anything together. Thank you and Cluadia for putting all this together.

    xoxo Noel

  12. I love Claudia's blog. I just look and drool. My daughter is moving to Paris in the fall to attend school - we pour over anything French.

    I have been trying different things to create more business for our website - we sell hand painted fairy doors and my daughter is starting her Deconstructed and Beverly Hills annex clothing sites back up. They all have been very slow. Maybe I should advertise on her blog?

  13. Oh! Pick me! Pick me! ;)

    I have admired Claudia for years and years -- I bought her book when it first came out, then bought things from her ebay offerings over the years...yes, I've admired her for sure. :)

    I would love to be entered in the drawing for ad time on her blog. Thank you so much -- what an incredible post you did and what an incredible prize Claudia is offering.


  14. I've been a follower of Paris Apartment for sometime now. I've always thought her photographs were amazing and I always wanted to meet the woman who lives in the apartment. Thanks to your fantastic description, I feel like I have met Claudia!
    Merci from La Mom in Paris.

  15. My copy of her book looks as vintage as some of her photos for the countless perusings I've done on whim & inspiration.
    J'adore, j'adore, j'adore!!!
    Your pictorial tribute was a magnificent as her book. The curtain image...luscious!!!!

  16. Those photos are just incredible. The silk, the photo shoot, the drapery. Fabulous.

  17. WOW I am blown away by your comments, this day, and my dear friends. I never imagined when I started blogging that this community would become my rocks. You are the reason I still do what I do with such a passion. Years of horrible reviews of my book on Amazon was pretty disheartening. Your support makes me feel like I can do anything and I thank and love you for that!
    PS: The offer is for bloggers who DO have an online business so just wanted to make that clear!

  18. Loove the dress in the picture!

  19. My head is spinning with all this French beauty and inspiring women! Janet and Claudia, you both are fabulous examples of making the dream a reality for women small business owners. I just launched my online boutique in April, so winning this beyond generous giveaway would send my dream to the moon and back!

    Thank you! Merci Beaucoup!

  20. Wow! What a generous giveaway on a magical blog. To see Marley & Lockyer on her page would be fantastic. I am so happy to see your site traffic is up Janet. Your blog is always a delicious eye treat.
    Ness xx

  21. Hi Janet, WHat a beautiful post about a beautiful person!! I've never met Claudia but I feel as if I know her from her posts and her sweet words. She is so warm hearted and so incredibly talented. Her vision is boundless and her talent incredible. I always wondered how it was possible for one woman to be so creative and so passionate. I know now it must be the moonbeams a dew drops! I am so grateful to her for opening up her life and her knowledge to all of us! Claudia ROCKS! !! Great post Janet, it's not hard to see why you are friends!

  22. What a gorgeous post and a great idea.

  23. Wow are amazing and any success is totally deserved!!!
    I have given you an Award on my blog today!! x cate

  24. Claudia was one of the first blogs I found and she is still one of my very favourites - count me in please, xv.

  25. This is such a wonderful gift and opportunity! I would love to have an advertisement on her blog!

  26. Just wanted to let you know that I posted this on my blog as well! If you would like to see, here is the link

    Have a wonderful day!

  27. Of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this dreamy giveaway with others, so please check out my post to this link:

    Thanks again for such a wonderful giveaway!

  28. This would be a wonderful gift for sure!I would love the opportunity to be on her blog!I will go and post this on my blog as well!:o)

  29. I posted the news on my blog as well:

    Thank you! :o)

  30. What a wonderful post, Janet. Both of your blogs are amazing. I would be honored to be mentioned on count me in! You're both so inspiring for women business owners. Thank you for bringing such beauty into our lives.

  31. I love "The Paris Apartment" and had the book since it was first published. To win such an awesome prize would be wonderful...oh la la

  32. Dear Janet,
    Thank you!!! I am so thrilled that you chose one of my moon cards to illustrate your post about Claudia! I agree that she is just amazing! I bought her book when it came out and it sits on my bookshelf with all my other Paris books. I will definitely be posting on my blog today about the giveaway. Once again, thank you so very much for mentioning me on your blog!
    Betty - The Gossamer Tearoom

  33. I'm so sorry, I've tagged you....

  34. I have posted about this on my blog. You are fabulous TWICE! Have the greatest weekend.

  35. Janet,
    Okay, I have mentioned this Fabulous giveaway in today's post!!! This is so fun! Bon week-end, mon amie!

  36. Such beautiful images and what a fabulous giveaway!!

  37. She will be so delighted with your kind words ! Her heart is certainly made of gold and trimmed with fabulous Parisian style that is so uniquely hers. Thank you for your beautiful posting ... I'm going to my blog right now to mention it !


  38. Janet,
    I just posted about you and Claudia and the giveaway. Thank you so much again to the both of you for being so sweet, generous and welcoming to everyone.
    Very happy weekend to all,


  39. oh boy...winning this would be a dream come true!
    your blog is so charming and lovely.
    such creativity.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  40. Bonjour Janet!
    Love, Love, Love that Claudia! And You! I have been giving her book to Vignettes' best customers for years now & they go wild for it.
    Just like I did! Best cover shot ever!
    Several years ago my husband went to New York on a business trip & I asked him to stop by her shop & pick me up a little something & she was there & was so nice. I treasure the embellished bottles that he got for me there!
    Husband's flight to New York: $600.00
    Beautiful Bottles from the Paris Apt.: $30.00
    Meeting Claudia: PRICELESS!

    Her magic is, most definitely, her over-the-moon talent & her willingness to give of that talent.

  41. Hello. I am new here and to The Paris Apartment, but I can promise I will be back visiting you both. I'm so impressed and inspired when women business owners work together...that is magical.
    P.S. I arrived via the fabulous g. of ticklish from a distance.
    jae x

  42. I wish I could remember how I stumbled on to The Paris Apartment, but I'm ever so grateful that the fates guided my clicker finger to my idea of heaven. I'd gladly move into the blog if only it were possible. Claudia has shown me the depth of her heart and gifted me with her boundless generosity. I enquired about her rates when she posted that she was taking sponsor's and even though I said I couldn't afford it *right now*, she believed in my work so much that she took a chance and offered me the same opportunity that she's now offering to others. And indeed my hits went way up, although my finances are still abysmal. I'd love to take advantage of her generosity again and put my name in the hat, not simply for the fabulous free advertising - but because I so want to be a part of the loveliness that is The Paris Apartment. But blessings are meant to be shared and I'll look forward to seeing just what lucky shops will be added to the right side of her blog. Bon Chance tout le monde!

  43. I've been a follower of Claudia's fabulously chic style for some time. She's such an inspiration!

    I'm delighted to blog about her lovely, generous "giving back the love" opportunity.

  44. Hi Gang! I feel like I just happened on the cool kids club at school...who knew? Love your blogs, love the pix, love the sentiments and sharing and helping each other. And I'm not just saying that to get a free ad, of course! Peace and Bonne Nuit....

  45. What a great idea and thank you for being so positive about other women.
    It's something that many of us do not do enough of.
    Women are my favourite people online and it's so great to see women supporting women.
    Gorgeous blogs, both of you. :)