Monday, May 11, 2009

Calling All Goddesses....Unveiling Party!

Calling all goddesses to our First
Guess Who Party!

Today is the unveiling of our very Special
and Beautiful face!

She dances through the pages of our lives....
With her grace and fineness.

With Ageless, Timeless Class,
she wraps our everyday lives
in Pretty Paper and
Satin Bows....
She makes everyday, even if it is just for
a moment, feel like
A Symphony and a Song ~
Do you see her yet?
Come closer...

The Inspiration for her business is...
"It is our opportunity to
help You make another woman
feel remarkably Special."
In our fast, crazy, fun loving, spinning world
of today,
she is busy creating Beauty & Elegance....
for us All...
To make Us feel
She reaches out to help us celebrate, to recognize,
to honor & to comfort.
Sande Chase ...
Thank You!
"My Respect for You is Immense"

A Gift Wrapped Life~
Sande puts her Interior Design
experience of rich Color & Textures
on top of
Pretty Boxes with long candy Ribbons~

Sande's Online Boutique
Oooh la la-Cadeau
is Amazingly Unique!
Gift Wrapped Presents for
every Special Occasion.
She offers a quality selection
of all sizes & price ranges
Free Shipping!

The Gift Wrapped Life
ande gives us ideas to do ourselves
that are Easy & Simple,
like wrapping a love letter in
satin bows and quality paper~

Every Monday, through Sande's Inspirational choices
of classic, sophisticated Fashion
we are reminded how Blessed we are,
just to be us.
She's truly an
Essay in Glamour~
And A Woman to be Admired.

ballet photo above by Tara at Paris Parfait

There were Three winners total for this contest.
Two who guessed Sande at A Gift Wrapped Life
One with the most creative answer.
Congratulations to Mandy at a' la Parisienne
Mandy's comment:
"This is very tough as I chose two wonderful bloggers...but
I would have to say Sande at A Gift Wrapped Life. She fits your

lovely description plus I saw an extra hint
in this post. "Oooh la la" like her boutique Oooh la la Cadeau!!??"
Congratulations to Noel at Fanciful Designs!!
(promise I didn't say a word!!)
Noel's comment:
"Well I just read through the comments above. And my guess
came to me so quickly after reading Sande's from
A Gift Wrapped Life.
Her comment is So so kind! I think she is the one!!
Every picture you posted looks like something she
would have wrapped. And her genuine comment,
how sweet of her to truly want to pick
everyone as there are so many wonderful
bloggers. I hope she is it!!"
Congratulations to Rayia at
A Fullness of Joy
The most creative comment
Rayia's comment:
Why, she's ME Darling!
She's the woman in my heart, the woman I am,
the woman I long to be, the woman I admire.
The woman we all want to be... Timeless!
We would not have lovely women like
Coco, Audrey, Grace Kelly or Jackie
without all of them loving who they are
and being (without apologies) just that!!"

Ericka at Fabulous French also wins
a token for Guessing
The Gift Wrapped Life.
But without reply to choose
one final of her two choices.

Thank you everyone for having fun and celebrating
Sande with me!
I know she would want all
of you to take home a gift wrapped cupcake
in her honor~ So please do!

On Sande's behalf,
I know she would insist that this contest is
All About You!
~All of You~

~Have a Beautiful Week~


  1. YAY!! Truly deserving that Sande is the one! She does make everything special...even the smallest tokens become magic when wrapped with care and thought!

    Congrats to the winners for such creative comments. Janet, great post, great inspiration for all of us!

  2. You have the most inviting pictures on your blog - I love them all and come back often to linger!

  3. First of all this post is GORGEOUS!!!!
    OOOh La La, Sande and French Blue!
    I am so happy for you, Sande! You are timeless, talented, gorgeous, a great blog friend, an encourager, creative, inspiring, unique, intelligent...I could keep on going.
    I am so happy that you are the SECRET GODDESS unveiled- you deserve it! Janet, thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful and beautiful "guess who?" party. I am delighted to have been invited! And quite excited to have guessed the correct special woman!!:)

  4. Congratulations to everyone!! I have not had the pleasure to visit Sande @ Gift Wrapped Life and did not know of her site until now. I will be sure to pay her a visit. And to Rayia @ A Fullness of Joy, congratulations on your very creative answer.


    P.S. Thanks Janet for such a wonderful post!!

  5. What a FUN and FABULOUS Post Lovely Janet! Sande~ so WELL deserved!!! I love all your pretty boxes and your satin ribbons are SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations to all the WINNERS...I must say this was so much FUN!!! Thank you Janet! The suspense was so DELIGHTFUL!!!

  6. Ooooh I am sooooo happy to hear about the unveiling! Sande's wrapping is FAB!!!
    ENJOY your week!

  7. Mom, as you have said, it's about sharing your thoughts and reflections~ I have enjoyed this to the fullest! Everyone had such creative & imaginative thoughts! Some made me laugh, and others smile! But mostly (without apoligies) I enjoyed the reflection it brought on myself.. and remembering to be ME and being thankful for JUST that! (as Rayia said) Brilliant!
    (for everyone who knows French Blue is my Mom... I tried so hard for her to just tell me and she wouldn't!) ;) So I played along and searched.. but found my anwser was right in front of me! Sande is a remarkable soul, and everytime I read her blog I see it more and more. I love reading her posts & watching her ever so glam creations come to life. I know my mother too, and know she sees for someone to make such beautiful packages deserves to get one in return. It's not just about the package or gift though... it's all the feelings that come with it.. "making another woman feeling remarkably special" That is the beautiful heart she has and to see it in others is even more beautiful. I SO enjoyed reading everyones thoughts and truly believe ALL of us bloggers are creating something beautiful here~ As Sande said, "there's too many wonderful bloggers, she would want to pick everyone!" I agree 110% as we all see beyond and encourage each other everyday in those small little ways that we will carry forver~
    xoxo Noel

  8. Dear Janet,
    OH MY!!!!! To be the recipient of this wonderfully creative and supportive goddess party is truly overwhelming.....I burst into tears!!! And I don't do that easily. But you caught me by surprise and it was the way you wrote it that truly touched my heart. All the goddesses had such fun with this creative concept all week and you are the true goddess for coming up with this delightful and fabulous idea (and I would say that even if it wasn't me!)and the comments were so entertaining.And yes,if I could I would wrap up a gift for everyone of you....I feel a goddess wrapping theme coming on I must say. Thank you Janet....such a special, special way to be thought of, oh dear, here come the tears again! and blushing. I've never been called a goddess before.....oooh, what fun!Congratulations to Mandy and Noel, clever and lucky girls!
    All my love,
    Sande XOXOXO

  9. I had never had the pleasure of visiting Sande's shop and was delighted by her lovely gifts, beautiful design and creativity! Congratulations Sande!!! Indeed a jewel of a woman!
    I was so excited to win the "creative comment" title! Thanks so much French Blue and Congratulations to the other winners!

  10. Dearest Sande,
    You are SO WELCOME! Thank you for all you do everywhere. I see it all... Your strength is Beautiful...To me as a mother, wife, business woman, friend & blogger there is nothing more important than Giving. You show us how, and help us to give...BUT you also remind us to give to ourselves too! You are an amazing role model & You are THE GIFT.

  11. Would you believe I had never visited her beautiful and inspiring blog before today??? Thank you thank you thank you for sharing her, and for giving me yet another fabulous inspiration - something I am always looking for!

  12. I have tears in my eyes from feeling suddenly engulfed by all the love, beauty and the supportive spirit on Janet's post and all the comments. I am truly overwhelmed by it. xo

  13. What a beautiful and fitting post for Sande! Congratulations Sande, you are all of this and more!!! I had so much fun trying to unveil the clues (even if I was terrible at it)! What a wonderful way to celebrate such an incredible, graceful, and gracious woman :) Bravo!
    Janet you are so sweet!

  14. Sande is the perfect goddess as are you for giving us such a fun and happy week of posts. xv

  15. I can see why you chose her :)
    I love the beauty in her wrapped gifts...
    Congratulations to all the lovely ladies.

  16. Mom,

    This whole idea you had amazed me from the start. I don't know how you do it. You just know how to blossom an idea into the most whimsical, most beautiful, most special flower...The true happiness and excitement you brought to each person on here is remarkable. You have a true gift...Not only do you provide us all with beauty and grace, you have given us all the gift of reflection...the most best reflection of all...reflecting our inner beauty, inner strength, inner peace, inner love, inner desires, and inner compliments, which is all so deserved yet often pushed aside and overlooked. To reflect on these things, builds us up and helps us to be happier, stronger, better women. It has allowed us to give back to ourselves for a moment. Made us all want to be the beautiful goddess and therefore striving to be just that...which as you so perfectly showed, we all already are in our own unique ways. You gave us the gift of recognizing it for ourselves. Thank you for your incredible guidance in all things beautiful...inside and out...

    Congratulations Sande, for being the featured Goddess...I have visited your blog often and am always inspired by the beauty. I know my mom finds you truly remarkable and loves all that you do. She has such a way of showing her apprecation...I know exactly how you felt when you burst into tears...I am one of her very luck daughter's and she expresses her thoughts, feelings, thanks and proudness in the most touching ways possible.

    I am so glad you all get to experience her love and gratitude and beauty...I cherish her with all my heart.

  17. What pure eye candy! Oh la la is right!

  18. I love the photos!!

    Congrats to the winners

  19. Of course, it all makes sense now. Sande is the goddess of all things beautiful as are you! I really enjoyed these posts and was touched to read the comment by your daughter. Her eloquence and admiration for you made me cry. You are indeed lucky to have each other.

  20. So very sweet of you to do this and how appropriate that Sande is the one! Every comment by her and for her is filled with the same sweetness she exhibits on her posts and photos! Congratulations Sande! You soo deserve it!

  21. What a pleasure it was to view this post, your photos are simply stunning!! Chrissy

  22. You deserve a blog for nicest blogger EVER. So I made you one. xoxox

  23. Beautiful!! Just love her site!

  24. Thanks for the introduction to Sandy and her remarkable and beautiful work! (And thanks for posting my photo). :)

  25. I meant award. I type too fast!!!!

  26. Hi. I just came across your blog and I am in love with it. So gorgeous!!! Daisy~

  27. I love a gift wrapped life! Beautiful post - the pictures are marvelous.

  28. Your blog is so beautiful, I'm so happy I found it over at A Gift Wrapped Life! ;) Keep up the inspiring posts...they are lovely!



  29. Sande makes everything special and so do you Janet, this post is a combination of yo two gorgeous women who are goddesses in every way!

  30. What a beautiful dreamy blog! I will be back again and again!

  31. What an incredible blog.... thank you

  32. I love your blog, it blows my mind in a way that I enjoy! You blog keeps me on a cloud, where I always want to be, a place of complete happness, where love and romance are always in the air!! I am new to blogging and am working on comming up with inspiring ideals for my self and others! Check out my blog if you have the time.