Friday, May 8, 2009

Calling All Goddesses.....Hint

I see you....

I just want to tell you....
are All very very
This week's post is only my
First "guess who" contest...
with more to come in time...
It really is just a simple post,
that I turned into a guessing game!
I want to be creative for you
& allow you to
be creative back, here with me.
This contest is not about the prizes.
It's about Sharing
with eachother...
your thoughts & reflections.
I love all your wonderful answers and I am having
so much fun reading them!
You are all
Princesses & Queens...
and Princes & Kings...
And you all wear your golden crowns
right here, in my French Blue world~

We are all notes in this music~
We are all in the Dance~
Oooh la la~~ la ti da~~
This means:
"Have a Beautiful & Happy Mother's Day!"
in FrenchBlue
Thank you for being a part of my world!
If you've guessed more than one goddess
you must tell me your final guess
by Sunday evening...
Mwahhhhh....Good Luck!
Our Beautiful Friend will be announced
Monday Morning..
along with the winner of the
most creative


  1. Tick Tock Tick Tock...the mouse ran down this clock...The time has come...for All to be involved! It's everyone!

  2. You are ridiculously lovely. Have a great weekend. xox g.

  3. No idea ...still thinking. I know so many favourite blogger gals that it could be....So fun though, clever you for thinking of this, xv.

  4. Since my doesn't blog I'm hoping it is the author of Fanciful Designs.
    I loved your whimsical post of the day! I have so much fun visiting your page always.
    Have a darling weekend...

  5. I think you should give the gift to yourself for being the most creative!!! I'm supposed to be wrapping and I'm sitting here trying to put clues together.....must need the fun break.
    The letters don't spell out anything so my
    guess is Vicki Archer because she's the Queen for sure! Back to work....

  6. Well now, this puts a completely different spin on this query??? First, (after seeing the mask with ears, I thought of The Mickey Mouse Club, (Music is playing) M I C, "see you real soon" K E Y, "why because we like you" M O U S E. Remember Minnie, Mickey's love?
    Then I thought better.

    Perhaps it is Cory of Tongue of Cheek?

    Oh dear, how hard this must be for you!!

  7. Your guessing game was utterly charming and the most fun I've had on a blog. Thank you for the delight. I can hardly wait until Monday!

  8. Your French Blue world is a beautiful place of surprise, delight and reflection. After peeking into all your talented and amazing friends worlds, I have concluded that they all make me feel like a Queen for a Day and I am honored to be invited in. I can see that every one of these special friends has many of the traits that your hints suggest. I hope all these fabulous women get treated like a Queen on Mother's Day, if you are a Momma. May this weekend be magical for all that love to play together in the French Blue world.

  9. Okay...oooh this is tough leaving my final answer (since I guessed two lovely bloggers last post) But I would have to say Sande @ A Gift Wrapped Life. She fits your lovely description plus I saw an extra hint in this post - "Ooh la la" like her boutique Ooh la la Cadeau!!??

  10. Happy Mother's Day to you and may you enjoy being Queen for a Day! I can only guess that the mystery bust is that of the Goddess of Spring, Flora, but the hair is a bit more like Marie Antoinette. Whoever the mystery lady happens to be she is lovely as is your blog.

  11. I'm not good at guessing games, so I dont have one. But how exciting is this to watch!! Yay!

  12. Ahhhh~ now I know why I started getting emails and comments from bloggers I have never heard before. It's because everyone is playing the guessing game real hard and starts checking on every single blogs. It makes the whole blogging world a lot more fun too because of your interesting and pretty hints. Not to mention the charming little gift.

    My mind suddenly exploded with inspirations and I could not stop smiling after seeing all the beautiful blogs out there! Everybody is a winner ! And YOU deserve to keep the little gift for being such a creative mother who ALWAYS leave sweet comments.

    "Bonne fête des mères!" =)


  13. Janet,

    I am just delighted to have found your blog!{I don't know where I've been!} You were so very kind to me in our old ebay days, and once in a while I catch a glimpse of you at the fleamarkets ~ it's nice to find you here. Happy Mother's Day!

  14. I can't wait to see the answer... the anticipation is killing moi!
    Bon week-end!

  15. Di Overton - From Designer Block

  16. Well, I left you my FINAL answer last night (on this post comment thread), and I keep coming back to see everyone's response! Hmmm....I wonder WHERE my FINAL guess is??? Was I correct????:);)
    Have a marvelous Mother's Day tomorrow! I wish that my mother had a blog. We would just have so much fun! You and your daughter are such a talented and sweet pair of ladies!

  17. Oh Janet, you have had me so confused!!! I hope you have had many giggles! But, I loved every minute of it searching through all these overwhelmingly over-talented artistic friends. Finally... finally... I looked at Designer Block. Hello... "Peek a boo... I see you...". She shares herself ten fold and is such a goddess for showing us her true self. I see the "feeling" of her true self. Ah... I get it. She has it ten fold on her blog. I hope you are getting a huge belly laugh from being so clever and driving us all crazy!!! But, I was so sure before... Miss Kris, Lisa GoLightly, The Paris Apartment, etc... So, what the heck do I know? My final answer is I hope Carol Ann is the winner of Noel's gorgeous paper flower!

    But, I must continue the fun search for all that inspires. The search for all Goddess's continues... not for the contest... for my little mind to expand. And, you ladies provide.

    Happy Mother's Day dear Janet and to all. Our dear Janet is the most clever of all.

  18. Janet,
    I'm pretending to be on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"....Question?" "Who is the goddess?" Answer: "The goddess is Cory of Tongue in Cheek." "Is that your final answer?" "Yes, final answer." Have a Great Mom's Day


  19. I think everyone who blogs is the 'Goddess' because in my mind only beautiful people blog thank you so much you have toally inspired my Mother's Day. Have the best ever breakfast in bed...

  20. I am arriving late to the party ... but wanted to guess for fun ... is it Lynn at Paris Hotel ?? You are so delightfully clever !