Sunday, April 12, 2009

~Special Ness~

Fairly new to blogging,
It didn't take me long to fall in
love with Marley & Lockyer.
I studied, I investigated & I learned,
Ness, is very special...

Ness is an Amazing
Artist & Creator...

Ness is a Designer of All things Beautiful.
Ness is a Mom of two boys, Delcan & Mason,
A Wife to Mic, A Friend,
A Sister, A Daughter
~A Decorator~

Ness knows the beauty in simplicity
and the art in nature...
She sees quality and has
an eye for excellence~

Ness Designs Pillows~
She sews them
hand paints each one

This one is my favorite
my daughter's favorite,
Noel of Fanciful Designs.
Noel showed me these pillows
and has been wanting one for
way too long. So....
I contacted Ness to help me
with Noel's & her sister Jeanna's
Easter basket~
Ness sewed & painted four pillows for me
shipped them right out.
I got to keep two!
We were both so excited,
we had a secret to share!!
But not as excited as Noel was when
she saw what the bunny brought to her!!
Surprise Noel!! (See bottom picture of Noel with her pillow:)
Jeanna loves hers too.
Thank You Ness!

The pillows are made with high quality
Crisp White Linen
Deep European pockets,
A Marley & Lockyer
label tag on the side...
her famous
M & L

I also love Ness's clay art.
made four all white tags...
to hang on each basket!
They are beautiful
and embellished
like old architecture!

She added a surprise for me...
An all white clay feather!

I hung it on my chandelier...
with other favorite pieces~
Thank You Ness!

This picture tells all of
what Ness loves....

And at the end of the day....
Ness dreams of
White flower gardens,
Zinc tables,
Old French baskets,
White crisp linens
New fresh designs
just for us...
Here are a few of
Ness's new items
she has made!
You can puchase them
Marley & Lockyer


  1. UH UH UH!!!!! This is AWESOME! Do you have pics of the girl's baskets? Hope you had a Happy Easter!

    I love this girls things. I've never seen her before and going to take a look right NOW not later. Such a BEAUTIFUL post!

  2. The feather is amazing too...and on the chandelier!!!!

  3. Lynn,
    Ness really is "The Best"!! I posted only one picture of Noel's basket(simplified down some) on my linen bench with my two new pillows:) My other pics didn't come out too good.

  4. Oh sweet Janet,
    Thank you so much for this beautiful post about my blog and shop. I really appreciate it. You have done a wonderful job of the post and I thank you very much. The baskets looked great and I am so glad to have been part of you little secret.
    Thanks again,
    Ness ...mwah!

  5. This pillow of Ness' made my Easter! It was so sweet sitting in my basket! I couldn't wait to get it home and put it on my all white bed. I will cherish it forever and the fact mom gave it to me means even more. Ness and Mom you're the BEST!

  6. What a special Easter treat for your daughters! Lovely work by M & L.

  7. I just found your blog via A Gift Wrapped Life. Amazing! This post is absolutely wonderful! The photo of the white bedroom with the ivory scrolly headboard... I want one!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow...can I be adopted???
    Much love,

  9. Wow Janet,
    Those Easter baskets are to die for! Can I be adopted???
    Much love,

  10. Well, I can see that Ness and I have a lot in common. I love the look and her beautiful pillows. Thanks so much for sharing this info. I will visit her shop.


  11. Hi Janet! What a beautiful and fitting tribute to Ness at M&L! She really is amazing! I have a special place for Ness in my heart as she was the first person to ever read my blog and make a comment. She was so sweet and supportive when I had no idea what I was doing! She is such a warm and caring individual and her work and talent are beyond my comprehension! She is fantastic! I feel lucky to read her posts. You did such an amazing post. The pictures and the sentiments are gorgeous! Bravo!

  12. great post! i too am a big fan of ness - she's one talented lady! you have a wonderful blog :)

  13. Hi Janet!

    What a BEAUTIFUL and sweet post about Ness! She is so talented and very SWEET! I loved seeing all her pillows all in a row. They look so cute, what a LOVELY gift this EASTER to you daughters.

    ~Miss Kris~

  14. I have been following Ness ever since she joined blogland and have bought lots of her lovely cushions for my new house! She is very good at what she does.

  15. Janet,
    You have out done yourself again. The Easter baskets are fabulous. You are the queen of creativity!

  16. Dearest Janet,

    You are very sweet leaving those comments on my blog. Yes, of course you can follow my blog by clicking the 'follow me' with the picture of a girl on the left hand side at the very bottom of my blog. I think it should be working. If not, let me know.

    I am in LOoooOOVE with the "&" sign pillow!!! Such a clever idea!! Très jolis, mademoiselle !!


  17. wow! my favorite was the bed... That may be my favorite white ornate bed...
    And I like ornated beds...