Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuileries Gardens Merry-go-round

I feel like taking a ride on the Merry-go-round in Paris~
Does anyone want to come with me?
I am so so missing Paris right now...
So I want to share with you a few photos
of the Carousel in the Tuileries Gardens
I took last October.

My favorite is the white and pink elephant!

The half moon is my second favorite.
I am saving it for Claudia from
The Paris Apartment. She loves the moon!
Miss Kris Do you think you can paint this
for me while your still there?

An evening view from the Le Meurice Hotel
looking over
Tuileries Gardens.
See us on the Carousel?

Do you ever miss Paris so much it hurts?
I do...
because, just like the carousel
it always goes round & round....
The music plays....
And everything is perfect!


  1. I will come!!!! meet me near the pink elephant carousel and then we can all go for coffee and a shop...

  2. Everything, including the colors are so pleasant...
    Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!

  3. I know exactly how feel Janet! I miss Paris so much it makes my heart literally ache sometimes! I will meet you there in a heartbeat! How fun would that be! Is Claudia still there? let's go!!!!

  4. Janet,

    I'm with you. I loved France so much. When I visited which was some time ago, I felt as though I had come home. Everything felt right there and even though I am unable to be there or go right now, I am always searching for things from there...things that most people would not even care about. It is the little things that I love and miss so much.

    Great carousel.


  5. Oh, I hurt every time I see Claudia's pics on her blog. They are so beautiful and I long to be there again. My husband and I are getting a group of adults together for a Paris trip next spring, and I really hope it all works out with the economy going the way it is... I guess we'll see. And the presence of carousels and ferris wheels throughout Paris are perfect examples of the city's appeal to fantasy!

  6. Janet,
    My husband and I miss Paris so much this year because we were there for our first anniversary. We thought for a while we might go back this year, but it's looking like that won't happen. We have spent so many hours now talking about what we would do if we went back this time! And like some of you have described, it did feel like we came home when we visited. When I get very Paris-sick (the Paris version of home-sick), I look at the street views part of Google Maps and just wander streets we walked on or streets we didn't get to. I guess it helps, or maybe it just makes it worse. I can't tell!


  7. Your images are lovely. but I wouldn't say Paris is perfect (despite the name of my blog). Visiting here is one thing; living here comes with the exhausting French bureaucracy and a few trials and frustrations - but also, of course, the beauty, the art, the food! :)

  8. What a playful FUN place! I am so lucky to have visited that merry go round! It make me smile and think of sitting on the ride with a warm crepe in my hand! I wish I could go play for a day and run around the tuileries. Maybe cross the street and enter Le Meurice as I sit over strong cafe with my family!

  9. Janet,
    Oh... now I have goal to aspire to. To ride the half moon with my Mom in Paris. Who wouldn't feel like a queen in that! It must come true! Back to work...

  10. how CUTE is that pink elephant!
    love it!!!!

    btw, we had spoken over the phone a few months back (my mom & i own a luxe lingerie boutique in los angeles)...i must have wanted something on your site...in any event, i have been following you ever since and love your style!


  11. Oooh Janet!

    What LOVELY images...oooh and colours! On my way to Musée Marmottan Monet I saw the lovliest carousel with some little tots going round and round, with such laughter ringing the bell with their sticks. It was JUST beautiful! I of course...stopped and made a quick sketch!

    And Yes Janet, since I'm still here painting for Noel, I would love to paint these for you also :) hehe. Have a great day!!! Miss Kris

  12. Oh Janet ... you inspired me yet again with the merry-go-round! =)

    Yin hardly writes comments but she did say THANK YOU! (I got her a pink nintendo DS) =)

    I made an illustration a while back using THAT merry-go-round for my friend who is now in Paris http://clickclockculture.blogspot.com/search/label/Illustration/BisousdeParis

    Paris is THE one place I would love to go one day. A place of romance and dreams.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos!


  13. These are the most gorgeous snaps and I love the carousel. xv

  14. My friend is bringing me home some Laduree macarons on Sunday......that will help for now. A gorgeous post, you have all us ladies just missing Paris so much. I'm in on any Paris trip....who wants to organize? Have a lovely weekend.

  15. April in Paris.....riding round, and round on an enchanted elephant.....at dusk.....tiny lights twinkling, as the music plays on. I've been swept up into your daydream. Thank you for letting me go along for the ride.

    Best Wishes,

  16. Yessssss... I miss Paris all the time! Trying to get back in 2010!!!

  17. Beautiful photos! What a lovely carrousel and to have been there to capture it on film!
    Yes, I think about Paris every single day. Dying to go back, shop, eat and wander the streets of this enchanting city!