Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thank You Miss Kris!

What a Ride Life is!

I must share with you, who shared with me!!

Thank You Miss Kris....
for sharing....

Look what I bought today at Appley Hoare Antiques!!
An old French paperback book printed in 1723.


Miss Kris was just introduced to me by my daughter Noel at Fanciful. Kris quickly understood what I love and sent me over a beautiful website based out of London, Appley Houare Antiques.

I am amazed at the talent of this young and beautiful artist, Miss Kris. She captures the simplicity in nature, the magic that twinkles in a day and the daydreams of the child that lives in us all. Her eye is fine and her world is a wonderland to discover.
Shop Miss Kris Studio Here!


  1. Miss Kris does deserve a THANKS.. that website is the best! I am jealous of that book... if anyone knows where to get more like it please let me know... it is GREAT! I love it.. I love you and I love Miss Kris.. she has a beaituful eye and creates beautiful things..

  2. Thanks Noel for sharing your friend with me too:)

  3. Hi Janet! I'm blushing over here!!! I feel awfully SILLY!!! You are so welcome, it was my pleasure to give you the information. WHAT a find you found, I LOVE IT!!!! So pretty and lovely. The font is LOVELY and OMG I love the colour!!!

    You and your daughter are great and so glad I met!!! Thank two are GREAT!!!

  4. Isin't she AMAZING! I just love every single post of hers and her talent is astounding! I am huge Miss Kris fan! Great post!