Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tim Walker A World of Magic

I live for the magic in a day.
Thank you Tim Walker for capturing
fantasy, wonder, and moonbeams!!

A dream comes true!

Tim Walker is a British fashion photographer based out of London.
He is well known for Vogue and Vanity Fair covers & photos.
I think he could be from the same planet
as I am from....

A world of beauty and a bit messy...
sometimes a little odd, and always misfit challenges,
but oh so magical!

And at the end of the day alone or together...
It always ends in frolicking and
being grateful for all the magic
that surrounds us.

Maybe it is time to buy yourself a present....
Tim Walkers amazing book!
Click here!
Happy Spring!!


  1. I think I may be from the same beautiful, crazy, and quite odd planet! Thank you for sharing his book with us. I must have!

  2. You must have had a hard time choosing which pictures to post ... they are all so wonderful ! What an amazing feeling he evokes in ea image. He is truly a man after my heart ! Thank you

  3. I feel like I just entered an AMAZING & Magical place. Not sure if I want to leave! Just breathtaking!!! Tres Belle!!!

  4. Christina, Claudia, Lisa & Miss Kris... All you whimsical dancers...let's all go fly away~~now not later!

  5. Oh So Special!! I love how you bring so many magical things to my life. Love you!!

  6. ps I just posted about this on my blog, come visit!

  7. Thanks Girlfriend for the QGT (quality girl time) visit and the mention! The world of Magic is a Italia Vogue Special Edition January 2008. I wish it was a new book!

  8. So whimsical, so peaceful. It is pure joy when I see the pictures on your site! Great inspiration as I am thinking of re-decorating my room. Thank You and Nice to Meet You! Just out of curiosity, is it ok for me to link you on my site - ?


  9. DReamy pictures! Thank you for visiting today. We were just admiring your papier shoes n the new Romantic Homes, wonderful!
    Come back often!