Monday, March 19, 2012

Carriere Freres Industrie

Once in a while, something comes along that inspires an
obsession within me.
The first time I saw these candles was at
in Paris.
They continued to quietly strum in my mind. 
Words like... Harvested for its strongly aromatic leaves, black tea is known for its stimulating virtues. The leaves are oxidized and turned into ‘black tea’, a process invented by the British in the XIX century. Once infused into hot water, the solution sends out a comforting woody green scent.
They were founded in 1884, by the inquisitive minds of two brothers,
is the keeper of wax craftsmanship from the XVIII century.
The Carrière brothers were
Fascinated by Botanic,
 they methodically created a formula for a pure vegetable wax.
The result was a recipe, free of paraffin,
 it does not produce smoke and easily blends with botanic oils. 
The candles are made by Cire Trudon in Paris!
They can be purchased directly online from
 in France
in Australia.
They make me want to grow my own tea garden! 
I would clean and dry my own leaves!
I want to
 cleanse all my sences to the most organic state
 I possibly can!




photos 1,2,3,4, Studio Homme photo 5 from I vitt inspiration 


  1. These candles sound heavenly. And a tea garden, even more enticing!!! I don't know much about them, but if it were at all possible in the climate where you live, I would say go for it! Growing a garden is really one of the best medicines for my soul~all stresses disappear and it gives me such gratification.

    Wishing you a blissful week.
    And I just read Noel's blog post about the Martha Stewart Show!!!!!!!! Her achievements just keep rising to new heights and I know her mother (and family) must be beaming:)


  2. Sighhh, these are the MOST beautiful and MOST delicious candles. I love love love them!

    Thank you for my gift~


  3. Mmmmmmm, I can see your fascination with these marvelous candles. I would want them too.

  4. I must try them Cire Trudon make the best candles in such fanciful designs

  5. I like that,cleanse your senses. Nice saying. Pretty candles too.

  6. I had the Cire Trudon candle in the Napoleon scent and it had no throw. How exasperating for such a pricy candle.

  7. Dear Janet,
    There's nothing like a beautifully scented candle to give a room a wonderful atmosphere. I'm not sure if you can get these here but, I shall do a bit of research and see if I can find them. Thanks so much for telling us about them.
    Have a lovely week Janet. XXXX

  8. Oh my how lovely...I must try this...and I need a new treat for my home. Hope you are well sweet one. xoxoxo HUGS

  9. These are really lovely candles...and that olive green glass is diviine. They are on the top of my list!!!

  10. I will have to try these candles, fin!
    Happy Thursday.

  11. Hope to make it to Cire Trudon on rue de Seine tomorrow....thank you for telling me about these beautiful botantical candles. (Was on my way there today but.....rain, rain all day....not the day for strolling in Paris.) Merci beaucoup.