Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Shining Star

Do you know I have a shinning star? 
I do!
His name is Brandon! 
33 years ago today my life changed forever... 
I was given my first born.
A bright shining star,
 my son!
Our days were filled with adventure, just the two of us. 
 We had to make something special out of nothing at all,
 but we did it! 
And always, we were together.
But then as we both grew,
we walked down different paths...
To be honest,
there were days I was so scared.
I worried if I would ever see my little star shine bright again.   
Through prayer,
I believe he survived.
He found a beautiful little angel that has stood by his side
through it all.    
Brandon & Megan
are the true meaning of
 Happy & Healthy. 
They have fun whatever they do as long as they are together. 
Brandon is always there for his two sisters.
Their big brother pulls them up if they fall down
he always has a way of making them laugh. 
Larry's smile is bigger now than ever before,
 he is very proud to be Brandon's Dad! 
Happy Birthday to my shining star,
to my crowned king,
my Brandon! 
Here is a cake just for you!
I will be up later to have a rose & lavender soy smoothie with 
{your new favorite!} 
I am SO grateful everyday for the man you have become,
for the little boy that has always been there for me, you always gave me hope and taken care of me when I needed it,
 even though I was your Mom...
Thank you for my very solid golden forever friend I have in YOU,
for always knowing the exact right thing to say...to us all.
And for being my first born baby and making me the proudest
Mom that ever is.... 
I Love you Brandon!
Meganbug too!
~ ~ ~
~Happy Birthday~
 Muah Muah Muah's!



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  1. Of course he is wonderful and adorable.........Look at who is his mother! Such a gorgeous family and Happy Birthday Brandon! Much love to all. XOXO

  2. Aww...such a sweet post.Happy Birthday to Brandon!

  3. Oh lucky you.....he is a beautiful man.



  4. Oh Janet,
    What a beautiful post from a mother to her son and first born. Our son was our first born and is 33 in a few months.
    Your Brandon sounds like a wonderful, caring and kind man who is right by your side at all times and, of course, your husbands and his sisters and Megan.
    Wishing Brandon a wonderful day and many, many happy returns. I know that his birthday will be as special as the other 32 have been if you have got anything to do with it Janet !! XXXX

  5. Such a beautiful tribute to your dear son. I love how you wrote, my crowned King. My youngest son is there right now, walking down a different path. Although I'm hugely proud of him, he has become someone that at times I don't recognise. It's his choice in a woman and the choices he makes since they've been together. I think he too will shine bright again, I must be patient.

    I hope your son has a magnificent day. YOU sound like a truly magnificent mother.

    Congratulations to you both!

  6. You have a very beautiful family and a very
    Happy Birthday to Brandon!

  7. Wonderfull. Thank you for this post.


  8. incredibly touching and loving, how special. You are a very loving person.
    Doyle, my son and I grew up together it seems.


  9. Happy birthday to your beautiful boy! I had no doubt that all your children would be the definition of love and joy!

  10. Happy, happy Birthday Brandon!!!!! Sending birthday wishes your way and to you dear Janet, I'm wishing you a lovely week!! Xoxoxo ~Ashely

  11. Happy Wonderful Birthday to your Baby Brandon Boy! You have an amazingly beautiful family! I am a January baby too (4th)..time to celebrate!!...Alexandra loves boba...Happy New Year and wonderful blessings to your family, and especially to you, I pray your heart fills with abundant joy and love for 2012........

  12. A beautiful heartfelt post of a loving relationship.

    Happy Birthday Brandon and continued love to all of you
    Helen xx

  13. Happy Birthday to you B.D., you are the Star today and everyday...I am so very Proud of you!!

  14. Dearest Janet,
    Happy Birthday to Brandon and super big hugs for you, his wonderful Mommy!

    Thank you for your Tearoom visit! I have left an extra-special message just for you there!



  15. Janet,
    What a sweet post for your son's birthday. No matter our age, it's always special to hear such a sweet birthday wish from our mother!
    Happy Birthday to Brandon, and how sweet of your husband to leave him a little note, too~!


  16. Janet you have the most wonderful family!! I can see why you are proud!


    Art by Karena

  17. What a delightful tribute to your sweet son.....it is so wonderful to be a parent!

  18. OH, I don't know how I will handle it when my first born is that big. Love those firstborn baby boys.
    Such a sweet song.

    Parisienne Farmgirl
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  19. Such a sweet post my friend..your Brandon is a handsome one! Happy Birthday to him..enjoy! Life is GOOD! xooxoxoo

  20. First Brandons Birthday.....then....it's.......JANETS BIRTHDAY!!!!Yippee.

  21. Look how handsome he is!! I love my big brother soooo much!!

  22. I found this page while looking for a Happy Birthday Brandon Banner....little did I know that I would be blessed in my search... What a Lovely Family. It's evident that you all appreciate each other. It's pleasant to view a Family that eludes Love in this day and time. My morning was extremely hectic but I found Peace here. Happy Late Birthday Brandon. I trust you know you are Blessed beyond measure to have such an endearing Mother,Family, and Support System. I would LOVE to know what song is playing in the background.