Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inside Astier de Villatte

Inside the doors of
in Paris...
The walls alone are art.  
Musky, pale faded green chippy paint sits very long and hard on my mind  
when I walk away. 
 The french windows are wavy, the lighting is dim.
Lithographs hang framed in gold, of course my favorite is the bug... 
The lopsided white enameled grey clay pottery lines the walls
unevenly in the most perfect way! 
Cire Trvdon candles sit under domes on top of crooked white platters
a white glazed clay heart centers the table and my heart. 
The front window display is a simple little arrangement.
I am still not sure what these are.
An egg cover perhaps? 
This aqua chandelier hangs here year after year
so eloquently,
so loved...


all photos taken by
Janet Solomon
FrenchBlue-FrenchBlue blogspot


  1. Janet so lovely. All of these images resonate with me!


    Art by Karena

  2. Hello Janet - I was in the store only 2 days ago as I am in Paris for my birthday. I just love that this shop is so untouched - right down to loose floor boards and leaky taps!! I just love the new scent diffusor's they have just released - will hopefully purchase these for the store this weekend at Maison Objet.

    Au revoir - Jill

  3. I cannot imagine being there. It must be what heaven is like. We have a dealer here. I love going to just look. But Astier in Paris...I can't imagine!


  4. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such a magical place.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Janet~
    I can see exactly why you love this place!
    The romantic yet simple pottery, the aqua chandelier, the ambiance. I imagine that this visit filled your mind with endless inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

  7. One of my very, very favourite stores in Paris Janet... xv

  8. oh my what pretty delights...I am thinking I would so love to have one of those sweet rabbit thingabobs. Hugs for a perfectly delightful weekend! xoxox

  9. Oh Janet, this post is so wonderful. That shop is beautiful in the most imperfect way. I love the way you tell such a beautiful story with your photos.
    Miss you bunches, hope all is well!

  10. Janet, thank you for taking us inside Astier de Villatte. You have captured the beauty in your amazing photos. I am obsessed with Astier. Every time I use a piece it brings me such joy. God willing, I hope one day to visit Astier de Villatte myself - in the mean time I will keep collecting and bring a little French magic into my home piece by piece. Love Kathy x

  11. You certainly captured it's personality....The way they display them makes me more into the European "shelving" in the kitchen, I am going to visit there SOON.;)Maryanne

  12. Just came over to give you the BIGGEST HUG and tell you I LOVE you...thanks for the very sweet comment...I think you really are the sweetest friend ever! What a blessing you are to not only me but you everyone you touch....please get better soon dear one....I will be praying for your health! xoxoxo