Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Le Grand Colbert

I am Home!
My cup is filled and I am so content. 
One of our first evenings in Paris was spent at 
It is one of my husbands favorite visits because of the warm setting and delicious food.
  It is also special because it is the restaurant Diane Keaton mentions and ends up on her Birthday with Keanu Reeves & Jack in one of my favorite movies,
We are far from Jack & Diane but we were
so happy being here together.
After dinner we walked by the Grand Palais at night all lit up. 
So stunning!
Then we walked across the bridge.  The water was magical,
just like liquid gold.

Thank you all for you sweet wishes to me on my post,
Here, There & Everywhere.
Each one was so important to me. 
I will be posting my winner soon!



All photos taken by FrenchBlue, Janet & Larry Solomon
photo taken in Le Grand Colbert by the waiter.


  1. Welcome Back! So glad you had a wonderful time and your photographs are beautiful!

  2. Le Grand Colbert through the window - a big sigh. Gorgeous...as are you.
    I love your description of the Seine, 'like liquid gold'. Sounds like your trip soothed your soul, Janet. Welcome home.
    Catherine xx

  3. What beautiful photographs of Paris Janet and, I think that you two are a few notches up from Diane and Jack !!
    Have a wonderful time, you two, and I look forward to stories and photographs from your trip.
    Have fun, good food and drink and fabulous shopping !! Lots of love. XXXX

  4. Janet~
    Oh, I am so happy to know that you and your husband had a lovely trip and are back home safely. I am also so glad you had the waiter take that special picture of you and your husband at Le Grand Colbert-you both look ravishing. And your lovely black ensemble is quite parisienne, I must say. I know October must always remind you of your special autumn walks in Paris...


  5. How divine! you look gorgeous and so does Paris. Seems to have been enchanting.


  6. Welcome home Janet....I am so happy you had a wonderful time....xv

  7. Thankyou for sharing your visit to Paris here! You might not be Diane Keaton but why would you need to be, you look so glamorous! What a wonderul time you must have had. I hope to be able to go there again one day. :)
    Jess xx

  8. So beautiful. I loved the movie. Lucky you to be sitting in such a beautiful place. I will go there when I am in Paris.
    I know that you are happy to be home.

  9. What a wonderful evening, enjoy your travels.

  10. That is my all time favorite movie! We want to eat there just because of the movie, so I am glad to know that it is actually good.
    What lovely photos of you and your husband. So romantic and cozy.

  11. Dearest Janet,
    It makes my heart so happy to think of you and your dear husband there!! I love the picture of you!! Your happiness comes right through our computer screens! Thank you so much for sharing it!

    Big hugs,


  12. Dear Janet,
    You look so at home in Paris with your sweetheart. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. I cannot wait to see more of your photos.

  13. Hello Beautiful!
    Just catching up on your blog today and am so happy for your romantic getaway... how wonderful for you and your hubby!! Your trips to Paris are always so captivating and remind me of the amazing treasures that I've been so fortunate to get from your trips!!
    I miss you sweet friend...
    It's been an interesting year hasn't it?
    Hope to visit here more often... as I miss our virtual friendship :)
    Welcome home,


  14. Everything looks so magical.....=) One day (I hope) I will be lucky enough to experience the magic of Paris myself...Xoxoxo ~Ashley

  15. Bon Jour! I pray your head and heart are filled and your cup runneth over! Welcome Home!-Beryl, Alexandra and Arianna

  16. Oh my goodness, Janet, you and hubby look so happy and delighted to be with each other. What a fabulous perfectly French restaurant, one that my husband adored as well. I love the images of you in your posts, it makes me appreciate your blog so much more. Sending love from Houston...

  17. ooh la la... looks like a FABuLOUS time!!!!!

  18. Oh My I would love to just peak in the window of the LeGrand Colbert

    I loved the way the move ended Someting Gotta Give all about Love