Monday, October 10, 2011

Here There and Everywhere...

I have learned that wherever you are....
 There is a door. 
A door that takes you to wherever you want to be.
It may be a place, a feeling or with a person.
It may be even with someone you loved, that you have lost~ 
I miss my Dad everyday. 
So much so that I was forced to  find a door with a bridge behind it that takes me to him.
My door has been shut very tight this year. 
I allowed myself no room. 
I felt like I was being buried alive. My husband noticed I was fading.
He came quietly to me and said...
"Let's go to France...
Let's go somewhere where everything makes sense to us...."  
"Where there is a secret hole we fall into..." 
"Where children are children. 
Where they catch rings with wooden sticks on a carousel." 
"Where you might find that very special little someone playing in the park after school again this year." 
"Where we can't read the menus and we can have two hour lunches."
 above photo Corey Amaro
"When we leave Paris we will go back to where the world feels balanced, perfect and right.
  Let's call Jean Bernard and stay at the La Madone in the Renaissance!"   
"You can stare for a long time at the linen drapes on those four hundred year old wooden floors again." 
"We can drive through the villages in Provence. We will go on daily adventures. 
 maybe even get lost if we want to." 
"We will see the leaves change color. 
It will be cold. 
 We will walk and walk and walk...."
"We can go to out of the way flea markets & brocantes." 
"Where we can find another unexpected treasure... 
like things that don't matter to anyone else, but us." 
"We can see and maybe even follow some of our favorite characters."  
"We will go all the way to the ocean this year, to the Cote de Azur! 
 There are brocantes in Cannes & Nice. We'll stay in a hotel over the water in 
And so I said...
Amy said I must visit The Monaco Oceanographic Museum headed by Jacques Cousteau.
She said It is by far the most beautiful place she has visited in France!
Lobsters are as big as us! SeaShells! Sea life specimens!  Huge old sea creature chandeliers!
I can't wait! 
My sweet friends....I have started packing today! 
Tell me what YOU want me to bring back to YOU!
Because you know I love to give back to you! 
This is will be my 4th annual Tell Me contest!  
Tell me something very SPECIAL you are longing for from a brocante in France.
The first treasure I find on my journey that fits a wish will be my winner!
It must fit in my suitcase.
Be descriptive.
Don't be shy.
Just Tell me. 
Your wishes can be taken now through october by just leaving me a comment on this post!
Presents are little things that make us smile,
I know....
But the best treasure I have to share with you is...
We will walk through many doors in our lifetime. 
Some doors we walk through are better than others.
Hard times or good times, married or single, travelers or not, rich or poor.
There is one door we walk through where it is all the same.
Everything is the same.
  The sky is blue above us everywhere. 
 The earth is the earth and soil we walk on.
There is only one moon that looks down on us. 
 There is only one sun that warms us.
There is only ONE place to be no matter where we are. 
 That choice is yours. 
Love exists and lives, it's a feeling that only we can make from inside of ourselves.
It is here, there and everywhere.

Au Revoir Mes Amis!!
photo 1 pinterest kathy hackman hutchison 2 lynn goldfinger photo 7 corey amaro photo 15, 16,17 google images.  all other photos taken by janet solomon


  1. I'm so happy you are going to France! Hope you and your husband can relax and have an enjoyable time. I will enter your "Tell Me" contest and it would be for an Eiffel Tower to sit on my dresser!

  2. Oh Janet,
    How exciting. I know how much you love France and, all I want you to bring back to me is a happy, smiling and content Janet !
    Have a wonderful time. Much love. XXXX

  3. Janet,

    I am so happy for you and your husband. I agree that it is so important for husband and wife to just "get away" and I can't think of a better place than France.
    You will love Nice and Monaco. Make sure you visit the medieval town of Eze if you want to be swept off of your feet. Perhaps you can have your husband choose a fragrance for you at Fragonard. My favorite fragrance is Miranda.

    If you happen to spy any sort of French children's teaching tool-book, toy, etc. I would love to add it to our new homeschool room.

    Enjoy your trip planning, my friend.

  4. I entered this amazing contest last year and will do so again today, although my desired treasure has yet to change. I have a little vignette in my home dedicated in memory of my brother whom I lost in Novemebr of '09', he was only 27 and I still can't get the grasp of my on-going life without him. If I am so lucky to win, I would love a religous figure of sorts, something old, something that tells a story...I am so thankful to enter this contest....Good luck to all who enter!! Xoxoxo ~Ashley

  5. Dearest Janet,
    Oh lucky, lucky, lucky you!!!! I cannot wait to see France through your eyes once more! And you know, there is only one thing I can think of that I hope you will make sure and bring back and that is....yourself! Our part of the world (real and blogging) is so much better because you are in it! So, go and refresh your spirit and then do what you always do, share some of it with us!

    Happiest hugs to you!

  6. I love this post as I have just returned from Texas, Waco to Denver from visiting my 93 year old Father. I will feel as you do some day.
    I would love to have from France a beautifully crafted clay basket of French veggies or fruits. I have a small basket of clay olives varietal, which I discovered one market day at the Isle Sur la Sorgue. Bon chance!!

  7. My dear Janet,
    Your husband is a wonderful man... to know what you need. You are lucky to have someone like that and I wish you a journey of love and healing and joy!
    I too still miss my father, even though he's not been with me for many years now. Funny how he will pop into my mind to remind me of his humour, his love of family and his history.
    If I was going to France I would look for a piece of jewelery as I often do on trips. Jewelery never goes out of style and always brings me back to the moment I bought it and the person I was with. You should buy something just for you - to remind you of how much you are loved!
    Enjoy your trip my friend!

  8. Look forward to hearing about your trip; oh to be in Villefranche!

  9. It's too long since I visited last. I loved your comment at Vicki's about blogging. By accident, I have landed on your giveaway post ~ so I thank the Universe for this happy coincidence and say that if luck falls my way, I would love a little pretty doorknob ~ in honour of your beautiful post. I'm so sorry for your loss of your dad. Your hubby sounds very special. Have a wonderful, happy and healing time ~ bon voyage.

  10. Sweet friend...enjoy enjoy your favourite spot in the world! I know how much Paris means to you...and I so want you to feel alive with all those joys around you. I do hope you find your special little girl again...can you just image if you do!
    Nothing for me...{I already was blessed} all I want you to do is to enjoy your Paris time. xoxoxoxoxxooxxoxooxxooxxoxooxoxo

  11. Oh Janet I am so happy for you, your husband is a dream indeed. I know it will be a most special time for you!

    I would love to ask for a little Eiffel Tower Replica to add to my small collection from friends who are in France or have visited,


    Art by Karena

  12. Bon voyage et soyez la bienvenue en France ! Il fait encore très beau dans le Sud, du bonheur à venir... Douces pensées. brigitte

  13. lucky girl!! Have a fabulous trip!! Whenever I am in Paris I always buy a bracelet from the flea markets. I think it started the first time I went to Paris in high school, I didn't have much money and I wanted a souvenir. Now every time I go back I get a bracelet and they are priceless to me!!

  14. I'm getting excited about going and I'm not even going! Lucky lucky you! I hope you bring back little cards with illustrations on them from French artists like Cecile Veilhan or Rebecca Dautremer. Really though, I'd just be happy with a post of your adventures! Bon Voyage :)
    Jess x

  15. I so love this: "Love exists and lives, it's a feeling that only we can make from inside of ourselves. It is here, there and everywhere."

    If you find a black and white sketch in one of the bookstalls on the quais de la siene my heart would once again sing for such a delighful discovery...

    Bon voyage (bless your husband and his understanding heart).

  16. I am sure you are gone by now but have the most wonderful Paris and France adventure Janet! I shall be thinking of you. Much love XO

  17. I wish for you to bring back magical stories and pictures to share with us.Have long walks in country towns and even longer hugs with your precious Larry!!!!And plenty of bisous.xxxx ooooo Amydoll

  18. So inspired and lovely!! I do prints, canvas, greeting cards and posters about fashion, you´r invited to see my work :)

    By the way love your blog and follow you!! :)

  19. Such a beautiful post!
    I miss my dad too, so much!
    love your blog.
    So special.

  20. I Love your Blog...and i think you are in Isel del sourge...beautifl!!!

    Thank you for the amazing photos!

    Lots of love from switzerland
    Jacqueline ♡

  21. Hey friends of this blog,
    I came across this blog and French Blue. I am renovating a bathroom and have fallen in love with the coral mirror on this link it’s the 7th picture down.
    Does anybody know where or how I can get this mirror as there is no direct contact and the page for French Blue is down.
    email ~

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  23. Janet, how wonderful that you can spend the rest of your life with a man who simply knows..........have a beautiful journey.

  24. Have a wonderful trip Janet and enjoy every well deserved moment.....xv

  25. Oh yes, what a perfect husband! I can feel your happiness. Have a lovely time, and don't think about anything. I adore Villefranche, Beaulieu & all that is here, there & everywhere in this beautiful part of our world. xx's

  26. Janet I saw your name on my blog comments this morning and I was so excited and honored to have you there. I too miss My Dad terribly, it is a very very hard door to go through and the unknown on the other side does not always feel very good, but with the passing of time and the many journeys that will follow it will feel better, there will be one day when you wake up and not having him with you won't be the first thing on your mind or the last thing on your mind before you go to sleep.
    Enjoy Paris with your sweet, thoughtful husband. If I were able to bring something back from Paris it would be some wonderful white with blue rimmed latte bowls to hold in both my hands as I drink a warm Latte to warm up on cold winter mornings. I would hold it in both my hands as the steam of the coffee would rise up to warm my face. Yes!! that is exactly what i would bring home from Paris!! xo kathysue

  27. Dear Mom and Dad,

    I am so happy for you both. It brings tears of joy to my eyes know you two get to do what you love most. You are the most deserving people and I always wish nothing but the best and most happiest times for you. I know your trip this time will be incredible - every day sounds like it is filled with the most beautiful sights, the most delicious food, the most incredible places.. I cannot wait to hear all about it!! You always bring home special finds, but the part I love most is hearing about your stories. It might be about an old sweet man singing to the birds or maybe how the French create something so pure from nature. Whatever it is, it always intrigues me and makes me so happy you and Dad are happy! I love you both more than you know. Be safe, Mike wishes you two a wonderful time and we look forward to spending time together when you get home.

  28. Your trip sounds just wonderful. It has been many years since travelled in France and do envy you your trip. Please bring back comments, and let us see photographs. Have a wonderful trip.


  29. Dear Janet, welcome to France!
    I live in the south, not far from La Madone! I'd love to have you at home for a drink or a meal.
    Tell me if you think that'd be possible?
    I'll send you my e-mail adress.
    Have a splendid time here!

  30. You are one lucky girl! French lace from a brocante would be my desire.

  31. Are in Paris my sweet friend? I am thinking of you and all the joy you must be having..I image you like a little bird fluttering around those amazing streets...I am SMILING inside and out! Hugs and love. xoxox

  32. It's simple: I want your husband. Well, maybe a replica ...

    You are so very blessed ... and I imagine that he is, too. All good wishes to you both as you galavant and savor ... just a treat to imagine how lovely your trip will be, with someone who completely "gets" you and cares so deeply.

    If you happen to see a morsel of rustic linen with an "MB" on it, or even an "M," I'd be thrilled!

    Enjoy every minute!

    Merry at

  33. oh darling friend.. this is such a sweet post... this will be such a lovely trip.... and your dad will be watching over you... xoxo

  34. I love France! We are saving to go there, too. If there is still time to enter, I would love some glass yogurt jars. You can find them in supermarkets, and they have cardboard or foil lids. The yogurt is really good, too; though I collect the jars. They're single serving size.

  35. I need those angels' wings...well actually any pair of angels' wings. Life is heavy right now and I need to be able to walk with the arch angels...Micheal on my left, Gabriel on my right and Raphael at my back. I hope you find a world that makes sense for you.

  36. Your blog is very beautiful, it makes happy, I see that you liked our region, maybe are crossed to you in my street, I have a small shop of creation of clothes there, in UZES
    See you again soon a day among us

  37. Love your blog - thank you for sharing. My wish . . . antique french lace. Enjoy your visit! Lots of love

  38. What a darling husband to care so deeply for you and your feelings..... what a precious gift.

    Well.........since I know I'll never be able to visit France, I do have a wish... :-) I have the sweetest little cabinet that really would be well dressed if it had six little vintage knobs...Such a gift that would be.... hopefully you'll run right into a nice salvage place first thing and find those perfect little cuties....

    Have a wonderful trip!


  39. Dear Janet,
    I wish a you and your sweet husband a lovely journey. I also wish for you to bring me a happy French heart! Everybody wins!

  40. Sweet man... You are lucky. Enjoy..
    I have never been to France but I love french soap. Sweet smelling beautifully packaged french soap..Yes.. That is what I would wish for.

  41. I SO wish my husband would say that to ME!!!

  42. You are blessed with such a caring husband.I love France in the winter, Provence is beautiful in its bare bone...beware it can be windy and frigid. Off the the Southwest of france to morrow to check on my parents. If you go to Nice, do have lunch or dinner at my cousin Jacques restaurant "Le Vieux Couvent" in Vence, tell him i sent you. Enjoy
    I just returned from an amazing Safari with my husband, these days away from it all (sorry kids...) were blissful and recaptured what can get lost so easily in the daily tribulations of lie. Enjoy

  43. There is something magical about France. I saw your link to Mariage Freres and wanted to share a recent post on teas -

  44. Dearest Janet,
    Thank you for taking the time to leave me such a sweet comment. I would love to share a cup of tea with you at my table. I hope you are well and enjoying the view...wherever you may be. Happy travels with your darling husband.
    Catherine xx

  45. Janet,
    Was wondering if you received my last 2 e-mails or if they got stuck in your spam box? Would love to hear from you soon to get "Philip Starcke Rooms" live! :)

  46. Love, love, love your blog! Thank you for the inspiration.

  47. Hi Janet,
    Wishing you and your husband many special moments together. And may you find lots special treasures that speak magic to your heart.
    Thank you for your beautiful blog.
    Kathy x

  48. Thanks for taking us on a wonderful tour through your live!

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