Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

Will you come with me...

just to be?

We'll drink the sun & soak our toes in the sand!

There's room for us all!

I wish wish so much we could...

because I would so love to see all your Beautiful smiling faces right now!



photos 1 & 3 taken by Nelson Garrido photo 2 pretty stuff tumblr


  1. New fan :O) Come follow my blog as well. Very nice photos

  2. I wish we had some sun today rain, rain Ugh! ~Cheers Kim

  3. Now wouldn't that be something! I wish too :)

  4. Here comes the Sun, do do do do, here comes the SON and I say its alright. That song always puts a smile on my face!! You can count me in, and consider this my official RSVP!! Save your wishes though frenchblue, for if you are given one the one to ask for is to never need another one. This blog seemed to quite different then your usual posts, definitely you just different. Don't forget to take time for you, and when you do take the time, don't forget why you are taking the time. That's what happens to me all the time lol. -hebe

  5. oh my gosh does that look inviting....

    Anne Marie

  6. Janet... I'm smiling...
    A send a "cafe au lait" toast to you, this morn'!
    {with love}

  7. Hi Janet.
    Oh, I wish we could see the sun, so gray and dreary here still! Are you having the most fabulous time planning that wedding? Of course you are! Such fun for all of you, it will be spectactular. Hope all is well and much love your way. XO

  8. Oh Thank You, Dear Janet, for the invitation! I wish I could be there visiting with you (and everyone else too!). My favorite pair of bare feet are longing to dig in the sand!

    Shall I bring the iced tea for us all?



  9. Janet,

    Every image you share on your blog is SO FrenchBlue. I would swear that you own this sandy salon with white linen laden couches...

    Yes, one day I hope to meet you in person.

    Bon week-end, mon amie,

  10. Oh sweet friend I want to jump into this image...oh how happy I would be sitting on that lovely white sofa with my feet in the sand. May your weekend be filled with the brightest JOYS. How are the wedding plans coming?

  11. Dear Janet,
    I just wanted to write you again and let you know that it always makes me smile to see that you have visited The Tearoom once again.

    Wishing you a happy middle-of-the-week,


  12. Dreamy pictures...I have been working on my next adventure trip and this is exactly the type of magical places I am booking near the coast line of Zanzibar...I am already there in spirit