Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grab Your Royal PJ's

My driver is on his way!! He will be at your door in ONE hour to pick you up!!!

Grab your best P.J's! Your invited to my Royal Wedding Sleepover~
Lynn has already taken care of your R.S.V.P. She has replied for us all at Lord Chamberloin's Office~ We will all take a ride through this special event together~
We'll have plenty of sparkling bubbles~~
Sande is bringing devils food cake & barbie dolls~ I have a special little treat just for you! Your very own ring just like Kate's straight from Paris France!! To win just tell me your ring size~

The winner will be drawn from this hat box~

I can't wait to see YOU!!!
In the morning I promise we'll have tea & scones~



photos: 1, martha stewart, 2, party ideas blogspot 3, paris hotel boutique 4, tim walker 5, a gift wrapped life 6, kiss the groom 7&8 google images.


  1. Yay!!!
    what royal fun and hijinks!!!
    can hardly wait!!!
    ring size..5 1/2
    It's mine!!!!
    warmest sandy hugs..

  2. This might be one of the cuutest blog posts ever!!
    4.5 if the ring becomes mine ;)

  3. Wouldn't that be wonderful if we could all get together for a sleepover! I will think of you gals as I know you will just be having the best time and waiting to see "the dress". I am up at 4 am to watch along with you, such early morning fun! Enjoy! Much love XO

  4. Ohhhhhhh how fun!! I cannot remember my ring size.......maybe 7 or 8. It's been so long since I have shopped for ring bling!
    I love the photo of the girls all in pink in a circle........brings back such memories.....and Barbie dolls......and now I am craving scones......sigh. Thank you for this delightful post.

    xox Rella

  5. Sounds like a fun party! I'll bring some crowns and tiaras! :)

  6. Beautiful ring. My ring size is 7!

  7. can you even image how nervous kate must be right now? 2 billion watchers!? yeeks.

    love a party that includes chocolate cake, champagne and barbies!


  8. Yay, yay, yay! I can't wait! I'm waiting for the driver and he is late, late late! I'll all ready with my tiara on and Vito even has his little one that you gave him. I have my fanciest vintage party dress on and my hair was done with pink and white feathers! (under the tiara) Where is the driver? I want some of Sande's cake NOW! Hurry up driver...

    ...and you know my ring size ;)

  9. Wouldn't that be the perfect blogger meet up event???
    Champagne, the telly, tea and scones, and lots of women oohing and awwing over the Royal Wedding???

    I can't wait to see it all!



  10. I will be on my way to Paris, but enter me to win; size 7! Did you get your presie yet??

  11. My daughter and I are counting the hours. This is so much more than a Royal Wedding, the beauty of it, at least to me, is the collected focus of all the romantic souls in the world. We all need it now more than ever.

    What a lovely giveaway ( size 6 ! )

    Pip Pip Cheerio !

  12. I am dressed and waiting. You have weaved a magical day and I for one wish it were all true. I too will up and anxious to see the first sight of Miss Catherine. Here's to us crazy royal watchers.

    Cheers my dear xx Deb

  13. Such fun and very pretty!

    We are so lucky with the time zone in Australia that it is all happening at 6pm on Friday night ~ woohoo! It's a high tea for us with scones and victoria sponges and Lady Grey tea of course!

  14. I am taking scones to a tea party tomorrow morning. Can't wait. Wish you could join us - or I could join YOU! I would have designed your invitations for you. :)


    ....and size 5.5

  15. I have my prettiest pj's packed, my jewels and tiara ready, and my scones in the kitchen... I'm ready and RSVPing yes! XO

  16. What fun! I will be fully atired in my jammies promptly at 1:00 am here on the west coast so count me in! Size 7, thank you.

  17. onetrueasset@yahoo.comApril 28, 2011 at 6:01 PM

    All the world loves a lover...
    (ring size 8)

  18. I don't know if I can stay awake for the wedding but i'll be glued to the TV tomorrow. I'm sure we will see lots of coverage all day. I would love a copy of Diana's and now Kate's ring (size 7 if you choose me).


  19. Tally ho, toodle pip and all that! Can't wait!

    Angela x

  20. What fun!
    I'll be dreaming of it, because I'm not staying up for this Royal wedding as I did for his father's.
    I would have such fun wearing that size 7 ring.

  21. Love this! Count me in I will be watching. Stop by my blog for a visit . I have a Royal post too!
    Sleep like a princess*

  22. I do hope that you, like me, will be wearing your royal pjs *with* a tiara while watching the wedding tonight - well, not exactly "tonight" as it will be 3 am here... I am giddy with excitement - scones and lemon curd ready, tea is also on the menu!

  23. What a beautiful post - I shall be sitting on the couch watching with bubbles on hand sans faux tiara - husband has already been told no interruptions - in Oz all the festivities start at 7pm but I would stay up all night anyway - I can't wait to see the FROCK!!

  24. Cheers to all, my ring size is 6, and my birthstone is sapphire, so you see it is mean to be mine ; )

  25. Yippee
    Love it all
    ring size 6
    and fingers crossed too

  26. You are Dazzling and the Queen of presents!
    I curtsey and thank you for this giveaway. Lady Pamela's ring size is 7.

  27. I think you will be having your own royal wedding soon.I cannot wait for pictures of that...You are a cute blogger in every way...fin

  28. I can feel the elegant and luxurious life as I read your post. The ring is truly a beauty, The Duchess is really fortunate and beloved enough. Wonderful.

  29. What a lovely post! I had a wonderful time watching the wedding! Wasn't it perfection for two happy people? I had a Royal Wedding Celebration Playdate for my 5 year old and her was fun!

  30. I did not hardly sleep at all that night! Wasn't her dress gorgeoys! Lovely ceremony. I also saw the ceremony of Diana and Charles. Always have loved that ring. A size? Hmm maybe an 8.

  31. I had a lovely time staying up all night to watch the wedding! Oh, she was truly a beautiful princess...sigh! What utter romance, all that lace, silk and prefect touch of diamonds!
    I was so in love with Princess Diana's wedding ring that I asked for one that looked similar (very tiny) to it for my 18th birthday.
    I don't know if I am to late to enter the "royal drawing", but if not my ring size is 8. I'd love to win a small piece of my childhood love affair, and to always remember that most beautiful night!

  32. beryla@starband.netMay 9, 2011 at 8:46 PM

    Bon Soir Madame! I just found your blog by accident (coincidence?) and my daughter Alexandra and I have gone to heaven, we were in PARIS on Easter Sunday/Monday, although Paris was quiet/closed because of the Holiday, we were magically entranced and cannot stop thinking of this most exquisite city, Lauduree was open and we did buy the heavenly macaroons to bring home, we are absolutely "in love", thank you so much for your beautiful blog it is a dream, j'adore...we live in Fallbrook, California a far cry from France! I think I will be sad that you are "renovating" we just discoverd you this evening, it is like our very short stay in Paris, there will be a longing to favorite number is 4, but I am sure my fingers are no longer that graceful and slender, my daughter perhaps? Merci!

  33. Bon Soir I just typed the most heartfelt comment, but it did not post? My daughter Alexandra and I were in Paris on easter Sunday/Monday althought the city was quiet becuase of the holiday we fell in love deeply. By chance or coincidence I stumbled upon your blog tonight, it made our hearts sing! I pray you won;t be gon elong now that we just found you, we miss France so very much! Lauduree was open and we did bring home the heavenly macaroons...we are in Fallbrook so veryfar from France, thank you for this visual words cannot describe, Merci Alexandra has the slenderest and longest fingers I have ever seen very tres chic, 4 or 5...she loves all the fluff of the skirts and the white wedding dresses she is breathless!

  34. Such a lovely posting, got all happy and in partymood!

    Love your blog!!! Going to follow it.

  35. Love this! great post! i love your blog)))

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