Sunday, January 23, 2011

Playing With Angels Giveaway

This pair of
White Feather Angel Wings
were worn in a
Christmas pageant in France by a little angel who lost her wings~
they are for One of You!
Because we play with angels~

Those who know me know that I adore wings~
Especially ones lost by little French angels...
I want to share with you two of my treasured Christmas presents.
The wings above were my gift from one of my dearest friends, Lynn.
They were brought back from France by her friend. She always knows just what I love~

Old gold gilt layered paper, like rose petals applied by hand, one by one just like fish scales.
Each has an old metal hook to attach to the back of the alter boy alb.
They are 100 yrs. old.
They were worn in church ceremonies.
I Adore them everyday.

These darling wings are from my sweet friend Amy.

She found them in Paris at the Clignancourt flea market!

There were 4, she bought 3, she kept 2,
she gave me 1!

They are from the late 19th Century.
Worn in Catholic Churches for Christmas Pageants.
Old grayish white gauzy linen,
hand sewn thread stitching
slightly tattered in all the right places
So so so beautiful.
I feel holy just touching them~
I Love them so much.

So you see.... When you are given something that touches your heart in a way you didn't even know your heart could be touched that way.
You realize it is a moment.
A moment of being blessed by an Angel.
A moment that the gift of receiving from a friend is understood. It is not about the gift. It is about being loved by your friend.
It is understood that our life is simply a playground
to play with Angels~
Thank you Lynn & Amy.

With all that being said.
There are no rules to win these wings.
Simply tell me....
about playing with your Angels or why you need this pair of lost angel wings~

An angel will be visiting me to read your stories & draw your name from a basket.



photos 1,2,3,4 taken by FrenchBlue photos 5,6 from Fanciful Designs


  1. Fin for about the last 6 months or so I have been enamoured with angel wings. I think it has to do with going to the Holy Land this year. It was such a spiritual trip for me. I feel a need not just a desire for angel wings in my home. I looked at christmas time and did not find what I was looking for.These are exactly what I had envisioned. Oh to have these, would literally be heavenly, xo Kathysue

  2. Janet ... I had NO idea you liked wings too ! I have always wanted a pair of feathered ones since my 16 yr old daughter had open heart surgery 14 yrs ago. She is and always will be my miraculous little angel. All the best to you and your family !

  3. There would be such delight in seeing these lovely wings in our home.
    We have recently lost some of our dearest family members and the wings would be a gentle reminder that although are beloveds are not here with us any more, they are definitely happy playing amongst the angels.

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive such a beautiful gift,

    Felicity x

  4. The angels walk with me every day. The Archangels, Michael on my left, Gabriel on my right and Raphael at my back. Big, big, big angels, with armour and swords, marching through life as my protectors. I love them...they hold my heart, they've got my back.
    That's why I need those wings.

  5. I've been searching for lost angel wings, in my own way I guess, I search everyday for something, anything, to remind me of my brother and while I always find something in my daily activities, I truly think a pair of angel wings will "carry" me (so to speak) through my days, reminding me that I'm a bit closer to my angel, my brother.
    Happy Sunday to you! Xoxoxo

  6. as I read this post I felt as if I was floating away on wings. Really, your gorgeous pics and PERFECT prose bring me to a more peaceful tranquil place. As if I were wearing a pair of wings.
    I can only imagine I would feel that way every time I saw them...

  7. These angels wings are beautiful!
    I actually have a pair of white feather angel wings perched on top of our armoire in our room. One of these days, I look forward to letting Amelia try them on...

    Your angel wing collection is beyond wonderful! And I am not surprised that you love them!


  8. I believe we are surrounded by angels among us. Your friends Lynn and Amy are certainly a testimony to that. Or perhaps they are just very good friends. Either way, I have experienced a loss this week that reminds me more than ever how I need my angels to guard over me. Not that there is ever a time when we don't need our angels, but I find that since my best and most dear guardian angel, my mom, passed away 11 years ago this month, that I need to be reminded periodically of the presence of angels in the every day. Perhaps this is why I find myself with an unexpected angel collection in my home. One day, I commented to my husband that I thought I had a collection of cherubs and he just laughed and said something to the effect of, "Well, I've known that for a while now, didn't you?" I guess I didn't, but sure enough, in every room, they were there...little reminders of the divine. And so, I would adore a pair of angel wings for my antique dress form or perhaps to hang on the back of a dining room chair. Every time I look at them, I will be reminded that they walk among us and above us and that they are God's instruments of peace and beauty (or at least, in my mind they are). And I will remember that I am never alone and that everything will turn out alright. And that is my not so short story.

    Thank you for the chance to win this DIVINE offering,

  9. I would give these wings to my mother to encourage her to fly

  10. I would love to win these beautiful wings to protect my dear daughter who is too old for me shield, any longer

  11. I do beleive we all have a Guardian Angel. the beautiful Lost Angel Wings, remind me of all I lost in my life, family members, and the hardships I have had to endure, while nuturing my own family without them around. I have just this past Monday lost my job unfairly.
    The Lost Angel Wings will remind me of these things, but most of all Humble me, to always remember, that some up there DOES Love me, and that, we are NEVER LOST, we just need to be said we are loved by someone forever.

    Thank you for this opportunity
    XX :-)

  12. I would love to have this pair of angel wings because I once had a similar pair and sold them in a yard sale and have regretted it ever since! I would love to put them on my favorite dress form in my home!!

  13. OK, I know I proably do not have a chance in you know what, but here goes.
    If you ask my children and hubby, they will tell you I am the last person to own wings. But I would so love them. I promise to wear them on needed occasions.

  14. Seriously, it is because of people like you that I love blogging. Not because you are giving something away, but because of your written words...very sweet. It seems that as a busy gal, my wings aren't lost but rather ruffled! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  15. I am commenting again because I don't think my first one went through.
    I would love to win these beautiful wings! I have been looking at some in a catalog that look exactly like these. They would be perfect!
    Love your gold and linen wings too! Just gorgeous! Thank you!!

  16. Fin, you are the most divine thing in all the world! What a glorious, gorgeous post... While I also have a thing for angel wings (see my post I live way over on the other side of the world so understand if you can't consider me for your give away. I just wanted you to know that your post touched me deeply... today, you are my angel.

    Wicker & Stitch

  17. I have a precious angel in my life...innocent, so very sweet and growing like a little weed!!! My dear granddaughter Clara ~ I would so love to be entered into your giveaway!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  18. Dearest French Blue,

    It is high time that I come to pay you a visit. I have seen your name ALL over blogland and I have never seen you before! Your world is akin to mine; I am a French teacher, love all things French and Brocante-like. And angels' wings? PARFAIT! C'est si beau ici!!!

    Bonne journée, Anita

  19. I rarely enter giveaways but I am drawn to angels. My mother is suffering greatly and doing very poorly and may not be long with us. I like to think that there are real angels out there, hovering nearby to watch over those we love. Even if I don't win, thinking about angels has brought me some comfort today. Thanks for that.

  20. I'd love a pair of angel's wings so I can take pictures of them and share them with the world. Everyone would be reminded it's safe to fly.

    It's pretty generous of you to give these away...I'd say some angels will touch you in return.


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  21. I have a new love for angel wings. I just received a darling onesie for my 4 month old that had angel wings on the back. I'm now convinced all of my son's clothes should have angel wings on the back. They're just precious. He also has these little patches of hair on his back where I like to say he got his wings clipped before he came down from heaven. Sometimes he stares and smiles off into the distance and I am comforted thinking he's just smiling at his angel buddies he was hanging out with before we were blessed with his presence. What a great giveaway!

  22. As I sit here in tears reading this blog, and these responses, I am reminded of my loved ones that are no longer here that I feel are my Angels. I miss the so much sometimes even though I know they are close. Also I am reminded of when I lost my wings, and what a very long a strenuous journey it was for me to find them again. Thank you so much for the world you create, and sharing with us. Whoever wins these wings from this living breathing Angel will truly deserve them.


  23. I do not want to be in the running for the wings as I am lucky to have so many.I want to leave all those spots open for those whom do not.But,I would like to know what that sweet thing is hanging off the wings I gave you !?I am liking it and I am thinking communion medal?You may have to photo and blog about those little gems .Count me in for those .M A G I C A L blog as always!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. What a beautiful give angels..this year has been a tremendous loss of family members for me...but luckily, my angels, my dearest friends have donned their wings and been the wind beneath my wings when I have needed them.

    Please count me in for this wonderful drawing.



  25. Reminds moi of the wings in the movie Castaway... I wish that movie would continue with the sculpture and Tom Hanks... or tell HER story as a castaway out in the middle of NOWHERE sculpting... LOL
    How are you? Hope all is well with YOU!!!

  26. Such beautiful wings. There is something about angles and their wings.
    I paint angels and would love to add these beautiful wings to my collection.
    Thank you for such a beautiful giveaway.

  27. I want so much to fly away right now.

  28. Janet,

    I really think that it has to do with the fact that I have felt Angels watching over me so many times in my life...thank you for offering this wonderful Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  29. Well, because they would remind me of you everyday, of course. XO

  30. lovely wings... lovely you my friend... xoxo

  31. This is such a beautiful giveaway and beautiful post!:-) Somebody will be very luck to have this wings. Please, do not enter me simply because I do have several sets of wings both in my Atelier and home studio. I even have a little hat with Angel wings...

    I would like to invite you to visit my Blog to see today's post. I have, finally, posted editorial with the hat made with Noel's gorgeous shoe. :-))) I hope you like it. I told Noel that as soon as editorial is reay she is welcome to request high resolution images to promote her phenomenal artwork. Wishing you wonderful weekend. :-)

  32. These are just beautiful. For years now I've collected angels. Ever since I can remember I've loved everything about them. In a way they are comforting and looking at them is like getting a big hug. The kind that just envelop your entire being.


  33. What a special post! It's full of truth and pure feelings that one is capable of having.. the feelings lke you said just because one cares and knows you so well. Anyone who wins a pair of wings from you is so lucky because they're coming from an angel. You.
    I love you mom, you've always been my angel and as I've always sad you gave me my wings to help become who I am.


  34. I would love to get these angel wings, I do believe in angels.

  35. I'm entering because I really need an angel sign this week.
    Thank you! Bless your angelic heart. . .

  36. Interesthing wings,I love especially for Amy.Have a nice day:))

  37. Dearest Janet ~

    You truly are an angel placed upon this Earth to make us all realize our potential and 'find our wings' to soar. Thank you for always making my heart and dreams reach new heights.

    Sending you lots of love,

  38. Very beautiful post ! I love Angels...
    I wish you an angelic week end. brigitte (France)