Sunday, January 9, 2011

Forever on My Mind

Imprinted forever on my mind
are images of our visit to
the Renaissance apartment at the La Madone
in Apt, France~

Recently hung in the front entrance are these props from a Chanel Fashion Show!
Someone that lives in the building works for Chanel.
They were given to her as a gift after the show~
I was so excited!
The adventure of discovery outside of our new "home"
was a gift alone....
even if it was just for a glimpse of time
in my life.

The ceiling in the Master bedroom.
I starred. I dreamed. I loved.

The wavy glass doors from the kitchen to the porch.
The long old French linen panels
that hung on the 17th Century floor.
I could look at all day long~

The lighting down to the old stone wine cellar
was warm & so beautiful, it actually talked~

The Master bedroom,
as the rest of the apartment is
a perfect marriage between both owners. Jean Bernard & Nathalie are husband & wife.
A 17th Century gold canopy found by Jean Bernard.
It is draped with the perfect color lavender-grey
antique French linen that Nathalie designed and dyed herself.

An antique oil painting found by Nathalie hangs in the bedroom.

Nathalie has an authentic eye. Jean Bernard knows how to make it all happen. They restore, they work & they laugh together~

My sweet husband sits.

He sits thinking.

And I know what he is thinking about,

because he asked me,

"How am I going to get you back here?"

I answered only,

"very soon". Another lavender dyed linen by Nathalie.

She covered this chair, it haunts me daily with it's perfection of color


it's imperfection of beauty~

The small village steps from your door is

friendly & familiar.

It feels like Home.

My treasure.

My angel wings found in Apt.

I lost my heart that day.

It fell to the ground.

It stayed in a small village named Apt in Provence.

It sits in an apartment called

The Renaissance at the La Madone.

It is waiting for me there.


Thank you for always listening & letting me share with you~


Have a Beautiful week!!




Image 7 image from LaMadone All other images taken by Janet & Larry Solomon


  1. I'm an interior designer from Melbourne, Australia - I loved your blog, I found it very inspiring. This is all new to me but I have just set up my own blog
    You may like to check it out because I had so much fun doing it.
    Thanks for providing me with such great entertainment!

  2. I cant wait to go there. You are so lucky to be able to live the dream! Fiona

  3. Dearest Janet,
    This place looks like a dream.
    I can just imagine how you surveyed every inch of this lovely home.
    My husband would also love the architecture of this home/room-the tall windows, the parquet flooring, and the exposed beams. One day perhaps we will build our own petit French chateau...

    Have a sweet week!

  4. That wavy glass door is just so dreamy. Happy New Year to you.

  5. Oh my friend so amazingly beautiful...I can not even image a place like this...what a blessing for you. I hope you make it back very soon.

    Monday hugs. xoxo

  6. WOW just beautiful pictures!


  7. Lovely and must have the lavender dyed chair. Exquisite. Sea Witch

  8. what? noone has written as of yet? how could you not write something about these absolutely photos. i love it when you share. this is all too grand. thank you. Bestest,Denise

  9. LOVE the combination of the lavenders and grey and stone; such a soothing yet classic look, a modern take. I have driven the road from Avignon to the Luberon many times, through Apt; I can see why you would fall in love with the area, and La Madone would be a dream!

  10. oh can you hear me sighing from there? I sigh with awe of the sheer beauty. Stunning to begin with, the photos are gorgeous...


  11. Sadly, I know the feeling all too well. While I didn't make it to La Madone on my most recent trip, we were in St. Remy and fell just as hard. Maybe we need to start a support group for those of us who long to live in the south of France... :)

  12. Welcome to invite me your block is wonderful to see you:)

  13. That looks like a fairytale! WOW.....fabulous. The grays and lavenders make for such a soothing and romantic palette. Since you are a francophile...please check out my new blog about the building of our new french dreamhouse and all my loves of decor and design. (only a week old) I am loving this blog world!
    Great job here...really love what you do:)

  14. Those wings are to die for! Such an amazing find that will be forever be so special. I love all the inspiring things you found and saw in Provence.. thank you for sharing such pure beauty!


  15. I love how you have described the beauty of this place ... it is absolutely stunning, amazing, wonderful, dreamy, awe inspiring, etc. etc. etc. I really can't even imagine knowing people who get to live like that. Wow.

  16. I think that perhaps, after reading this post, my heart has left me and gone there as well!
    What a special husband you have to be thinking of you and reuniting you with your love!
    Thank you for sharing such a heavenly place with us. I will dream of it!