Friday, October 15, 2010

Au Revoir Wishing Contest

~Au Revoir~
I have a Surprise waiting
Just For You!
Your Wishing Contest
Starts Right Now!

I bet you didn't know...
Your coming with Me!
Yes you Are!
Right on my lap!
at least a very special part of you is coming....
Your wishes!!

Here's how this contest works~
{some of you may remember this from last year
Mel & Koralee you can win again:}

Make 2 Wishes~
Tell me, on this post something vintage
You want from France.
Choose a special treat from
I am listening to your details and every thought...

The one who chooses the 2 items

I can actually find on my journey through the

Brocantes in Provence
Flea Markets in Paris
will be my Winner!

You will be surprised what my eyes can find~
So please don't be shy.
I love the hunt, especially for my
somebody specials
like You!

Your wishes are my command...
Choose anything.
Don't be Shy.
Be Imaginative.
Be Specific.
Greedy is ok.
I Love Unique.
2 Rules Only
1. Only one entry per person
You may comment/wish more than once.
However each time will eliminate your prior wishes.
This is if you want to change your mind.

2. Items must fit in my suitcase
note: Tell me details & be descriptive...
because if more than one of you wish for the same thing
without details then the first one who asks for it wins it.

Au Revoir my Special friends~

Our house & cat sitter has just arrived


I am off !!!

I will miss you All!!

I'm sorry I will not be posting or commenting while

I am away....but I will be checking in

for all of your wishes along the way~

kiss kiss kiss


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5.imgfave-tumblr, atelier 7. home beautiful


  1. Janet what an exciting giveaway!

    I would adore receiving the Laduree in the Signature Louboutin Box. Then I have wanted a little iron replica of the Eifel Tower for my desk!

    I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  2. Dear Janet,
    First of all, apologies for not commenting lately.....I have been having a little trouble with Blogger !!
    Bon Voyage to you and your husband and I wish you the most beautiful time in France.
    I shall put your giveaway on my sidebar Janet even though it will lower my chances !!!! haha
    I remember when you did this last time and thought how lovely it was and such a brilliant and generous idea.
    I have thought long and hard about my wishes and it was very difficult to decide but,my two wishes are,
    1. Vintage letters or postcards from anywhere in France &
    2. Any little 'art nouveau' trinket that you might see on your travels.
    Thank you so much for making our wishes come true.
    Au revoir. XXXX

  3. I would adore some French Vellum be it paper or book form. Also maybe a Fancy Linen be it hanky or whatever and the older the better. I also have a small collection of Pierrot that could be added to if found. So to sum it up a piece of Vellum, Linen or maybe a Clown lol Have a Wonderful vacation and eat a fancy dessert for me ;)

  4. OOOhhhh LOVE it.....I am squeeling with delight! I wish for a vintage letter M comme Metis. And anything from Fauchon...perhaps some sea salt....I can't wait to follow your trip Janet, and hope you will be posting along the way! Je te souhaite un tres bon voyage et bon week-end~ A

  5. How wonderfully generous of you!!!
    I have seen these macaroons all over blog land and they make my mouth water...I don't think they can be found in Alabama!!!
    So, I would love some of those - have no idea what flavors are the best, but the Blackcurrant Violet from Laduree sounds yummy for some reason.
    And, the greedy request would be a little French crown - been craving one of those too!!
    Thanks and have a wonderful, safe trip!

  6. Have the most fabulous time Janet and especially at the ballet, it is going to be spectacular. I will be thinking about you! Much love and safe flight. XO

  7. Bon Voyage! My wish is to have found for me a lovely, excellent condition French bracelet that I once owned, but in a time of decluttering, sold. I would never be greedy enough to expect this item to be gifted to me, but would gratefully reimburse for it's purchase.
    Desciption: VICTORIAN 'Souvenir de Paris' two-piece silver bangle embossed with a pin closure, an image of Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sacre-Coeur de Montmatre and a charm of the Eiffel Tower. Hallmarked inside with a crescent moon and star.
    A vanilla or chocolate macaroon from Laudree would be lovely.
    Safe travels!

  8. Bienvenue en France, Janet! Bienvenue chez nous! Profitez de chaque seconde dans ce beau Paris, et ensuite en Provence, où j'habite!Mon coeur est avec vous, à bientôt!

  9. Oh my what a wonderful idea! I love it.

    I'm wishing for a vintage postcard with a rabbit on it.

    My daughter's middle name is after my grandmother. My grandmother's nickname was Bunny so I've started a small collection of "Bunnies" for my little girl. She has bunnies on her bedspread, stuffed bunnies and a big porcelain bunny that sits on the floor. Now it's time for something we can frame and put on the wall.

    What a lovely idea for a hunt! Good Luck!

  10. I wrap all my lovely and hopeful wishes and carefully send them your way! My first wish: I want nothing more than a little something of Saint Christopher, a protector of children and one who I imagine is now protecting my brother who passed in Nov. "09" I long for my brother and cry for him everyday, he was a lost soul and a weary soul, one who was tired and one who was always a little boy at heart who lost his innocence in a terrible lifestyle. Saint Christopher is the last I need in my collection of my brothers belongings, I beg you....please find one, if you do and cant bring it home, please send me a picture. My next wish: I dream in chocolate EVERYDAY, it has become a part of my daily life, from delectable sweets, to a gravy sauce for prime rib, it's an absolute must in my household! I would adore, just adore the Elysees from La Collection Laduree. I can only imagine seeing this beautfil pastry biscuit with lucious envelopes of chocolate, just spilling out with each gentle dig of the fork, I would have to forget my manners and say YUMMY! Sorry so long, but both are so important to me for differnt reasons! Have a fabulous trip xoxoxo

  11. Oh, what a great idea! Well, don't mind if I do! I wish for...a vintage Dior ad (specific examples here: and a Fleur d’Oranger (orange blossom) candle from Laduree!! This is the best giveaway ever! Thanks for thinking of us Francophiles ;-).

  12. This is fabulous and very generous. Thank you.

    If I could set my imagination free, I'm afraid it wouldn't fly very far.

    The very first two items that come to my mind are a vintage toast rack. A lovely silver one with scrolly details, perhaps with flowers or leaf details, or hearts. Something pretty, something frilly.

    And the other thing that I would love to own is a vintage Coco Chanel dust bag (clarified, not the purse but the cloth bag that the purse came in).I'm not fussy, Louis Vuitton or Yves Saint Laurent would work equally as well. On the other hand, maybe skip the toast rack as I'd love TWO vintage dust bags. You did say greedy was ok.

    I would like to have them framed and hung on my wall as art.

    My final wishes are for you to have a safe and relaxing trip. And good luck with the treasure hunting. Let's hope your eagle eyes spot many unique pieces.

  13. WOW! You are so generous, I can't wait to see what your friends come up with! Bon voyage dewy dew drop and my request is that you take photos of that stunning hotel you're in and share it with us while you're there!

  14. Dearest Janet,
    Oh, I hope you and Monsieur FrenchBlue have a splendid trip!

    My wishlist:
    I would LOVE something from Ladurée. If you want specifics perhaps a blush pink Ladurée package with their beautiful gold leaf logo! I would be happy with whatever contents are inside.Even an empty Ladurée box frin la puce would be magnifique!

    As for a vintage item...anything reminiscent of the Paris Apartment look-something blush pink or ivory to go in my bedroom-vintage ribbon, fabric reminents, millinery, feathers, a French book just a few ideas!

    Enjoy shopping at the fleas and your trip to Garnier! And to Repetto as I am sure you will be visiting their again!
    Bon Voyage, ma chère amie!

  15. I have never ever seen a giveaway like this one. I have been looking thru these stores for an hour now. I will be dreaming of this until you return. LOL
    Can I fit in the suitcase and go with you ? I will eat the crumbs off your plate and won't ask for anything to eat. I have found this item and it says shopping bag but it is and looks like and umbrella. I love both of them. The one that is purple and a black pretty design is my favorite. I also bought a white large porcelan hand from a lady one time that had bought them over in Paris. She doesn't have anymore, and I would love another one. It is 15 inches tall and is solid white and has writting on it from the mold it was made out of. It is to used to hang necklaces on, but a person could do anything with them. I do have a picture of it if you'd like to see it. Below is what was written by the picture that is an umbrella.
    Les accessoires La collection
    bébé Ladurée Shopping Bag
    Thanks so much for the chance to go to Paris with you thru your eyes, and a chance of owning something from there as well. My name is Kath' at and my site is Thanks again

  16. Well, I've never tasted a macaron and I wish I could have a beautifully scripted note on a slip of paper or a drawing on a note.

  17. have a wonderful trip ... I'm off to daydream a little more

  18. oh my dear - wishing you the MOST MAGICAL trip ever! I am sure it will be dreamy~
    my wishes... well, salted caramel macrons are a must from laduree, and, as for those marvelous brocantes - my wish would be for a linen sheet - something to put on my bed at night and make me feel like I was sleeping in france!
    bisous mon amie!

  19. My wishes are for something old with the monogram MA on it like Marie Antoinette's monogram could be a letter, a piece of silver, old key just the MA is important.It is also my monogram (see my blog) and from Laduree I would like some of the rose bath powder that makes a bubble bath. It comes in a round paper box pink of course.
    Good hunting!
    Marie Arden Pink Living

  20. This is a lovely blog you have here... just one beautiful image after the other. Will be back to visit again soon :) Paris in Pink

  21. oh, my . Have a wonderful time, friend. I wish you safe journey and great travels!


  22. Well this is quite a special contest. Really more than a contest though. A special gift in itself that you would consider looking after so many wishes while you are away.
    You know, I have only dreamed of travels through the Brocantes in Provence &
    Flea Markets in Paris and wouldn't know where to begin. I see and read about such magical places through my lovely and kind blogger friends like you.
    Safe travels my dear.

  23. I hope you have a wonderful trip! France in the autumn would be beautiful. And I also hope the demonstrations don't hinder you.

    If I were visiting a brocante - I'd look for an old key - something from a long ago home. And from Laduree - one of their beautiful boxes - with or without the treat!

  24. Oh Janet... Bon Voyage!
    Enjoy every minute, no one deserves this lovely sojourn more than you. My thoughts will be with you... Safe travels my sweet friend!!

  25. greetings!

    i just found your blog via jacqueline/the four tides. the beautiful images in this post have me gasping! they are lovely.

    wishing you a wonderful trip!


  26. I love this creative giveaway! My wishes are for candied chestnuts from Fauchon, and a set (two or more) of vintage espresso cups. I can't get enough of their tiny elegance :)

  27. Dearest Beloved Janet ~
    Sean and I are thinking of you and your love fiercely as you stroll through the gardens of Paris! October is one of our favorite times in this exquisite city...the golden light just seems to set its heart aglow even more so, don't you think?
    You know how much I loved last year's giveaway, and the crumb still checks her sweet ballerina slipper daily to see what treat might be inside. And she knows it is from her Auntie Janet!
    Please send a few wishes into the Parisian air for know what they are!
    I cannot wait to hear ALL the details of your trip upon your return, but in the meantime, I will think of you daily and picture your glowing smile as you stroll arm-in-arm with your beloved through the magnificence of our cherished France.
    P.S. A very dear friend asked me if I would like a Goyard bag for next year's birthday. I'll definitely need your expert skills with this delightful 'task'. {wink, wink}

  28. Hi, What a fun give away, thank you so much for thinking of us on your trip. I hope you have a fabulous time.

    I would love to have a post card with a Monet painting or from Giverny.

    I am redoing my studio and decorating it with a French Patisserie theme. I would love a photo or poster to hang in my studio for inspiration:)

    Have a safe and wonderful trip. Gail

  29. How wonderful!

    A beautiful jar of Acacia Honey from anywhere in France would be devine.
    From Laduree it would have to be the Rose Petal Tea in the adorable green cylindrical tin.

    Oh thank you for this; just dreaming about these French treasures enlightens my senses.

  30. I just discovered your blog is a gift in itself. I dream to travel to France someday. Here's wishing you a wonderful, blessed trip. If I had to pick something it would be a an old crown for one of my bear creations, they are as tiny as 4" and up or even bigger for me ;-). Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! Looking forward to living through your trip in photos! I live in North San Diego County (Vista), we are almost neighbors. *Hugs*

  31. Janet what a marvelous idea & so very generous. I would love anything Laudree as I have never had a French macaroon. Can you imagine?!

    My wish would be a vintage leopard scarf. When I think of Paris, I think of scarves and the chic women that wear them.

    Safe travels & you and your husband have a marvelous time.

    Cheers ~ Deb

  32. Janet~ What a whimsical and thoughtful idea~ This is so you!!!
    If I were to go I would be hopeful to find a french children's book with charming illustrations, something that I could possibly take apart and frame for my grandbabies. At Laduree, my mind would swirl at all the choices but I would probably want a small tin of their signature tea blend or a bag of the small pink marshmallows.

  33. Oh My Dearest Janet,
    What a beautiful and fun giveaway!
    Sending you warm wishes for a wonderful and safe trip! My only wishes are that you take lots of photos of that beautiful Paris to share with us and that you have an amazing time!

  34. Hi darling. I'm Sandy, the artist that created the Ooh La Frou Frou Collection card line. I've been a follower for some time but was pretty bad at keeping up with all of the blogs because I was so busy trying to get a card line going & a new blog for the card line. Well, the blog is now up and running & I'm stopping by to say hello & that I love your blog! For one, the color is JUST DREAMY, and here I come to your post to find you're talking about Laduree and the post today on the Ooh La Frou Frou Collection is ALSO Laduree! (there are eight girlfriends that star in the card line and one of them posts to the blog each Monday -- today was Aimee who loves Paris). Here's the link if you're intereted in stopping by sometime:

    Let's see, if I were to wish for something:
    Perhaps one of those striking BLACK boxes that I've seen of Ladurees? They're so different from all of their pretty pastel ones.

    Have a wonderful time and thanks for the adventure! xoxo

  35. Dear Janet,
    I love your blog. I visit each day. My first wish is to receive a compact with a mirror to tuck in my handbag. It matters not if it is old or new...I just wish for it to be a reflection of "French Blue"...My second wish is a love letter.
    Thank you for your kindness and inspiration.

  36. Dearest Janet,
    I am so excited to think that you are there in Paris right now! Did you know that Julia Child called France her "spiritual homeland"? Isn't that wonderful? It must be the same for so many people!

    Here are my two wishes for your shopping (I hope I am not too late!):
    1. I am inheriting my mother's silver and I am so in love with it! I would love it if you could find any small antique silver dish. My mother has some mixed patterns in the dishes and flatware, but they all have flowers, so something floral or art deco would be perfect!

    2. I am not sure if they are still being made, but at one point, Ladurée was making ladies' fans and there was one in black and vivid purple that I loved! (What a fun giveaway! Thank you!!!!)

    Wishing you a beautiful time there in my favorite city!



  37. 1st, a safe and happy trip for you! i really don't think i would win,but this is a hoot of a contest and i just want to be able to say that I made two requests from France. o.k. here goes. i wish for a white porcelain(with design on it or not) cutting board and there is a hole on one end for hanging. they are rectangular in shape(approx. 4 1/2 x 8 inches. some have 4 straight sizes and some have at the hole end, a decorative scroll end. some call it a cheese board. 2nd wish is flavored truffle oil from Fauchon. now you go firl and have fun. Bestest,Denise

  38. I'm not going to wish for anything for myself. I love anything from Paris so how can a girl chose just one thing?
    But I do want to wish you a safe trip, free of strikes and work disruptions. Enjoy!

  39. First of all have a wonderful & safe trip Janet!! As a incurable Francophile my wish is
    for a gorgeous old gilt french for Laduree anything from my favorite place would be fabulous!!! Enjoy every moment and merci!!!!

  40. Melanie ( 20, 2010 at 5:14 PM

    What a delightful giveaway. I expect the hunt is a delight for you too. If my wishes were answered they would be for
    1. some "winter tea" from Fauchon and
    2. a vintage cafe au lait cup with some pink in it from a brocante/flea market.

  41. How lucky you are! I wish you & your husband a safe & magical trip. For my 2 wishes, I would love to have a Laduree gift bag with one pink & one blue macaroon inside. For the second gift, I would wish for anything that is 'chippy' wood and pale aqua. This is fun! Au revoir :)

  42. This is amazing. And such a good idea! Since you were the first person to comment on my blog, and inspired me to keep going, I will of course choose a wish!....

    I honestly only have one (:
    I love writing, and I love journals, but I can never seem to find one I like. I like ones that are different and just make me feel good.
    So, my one wish would be a journal from somewhere special during your travels, so I can keep writing and continue to be inspired by people like you (:

    Have fun and safe travels

  43. I would love a blush pink lace tablecloth (or runner or dresser scarf) and a limoges trinket box that would be aqua and gold or aqua and pink! Fun to dream about this giveaway!

  44. Hi Janet,
    Hope I'm not too late to enter and that you're having a wonderful time in France :) I adore everything purple and bohemian, so I'd wish for a vintage cushion cover in any shade of purple! I've also never tried a proper macaroon before so that would be my Laduree wish!
    Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway and I can't wait to see your photos!
    ~ Pam

  45. Oh what a darling giveaway!!! I wish you the loveliest of trips!!! I am thinking how magical it'd be just to go...but if I were to win...I'd have to pic something shabby chic, maybe an old scoop (like for grain, flour) or an old ornate clock of some sort. How fun!! *Crosses fingers to win* Can't wait to see pics!!!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  46. Oh, how do I choose?? So many choices, I can't possibly narrow it down.

    Anything calligraphic - some original vintage, handwritten letters, a set of wooden French curves, an empty Sennelier oil stick wooden box. ...oh, any Parisian art supplies!!! an antique ink well. ...oh, I have been too greedy! Just pick two if I should win. ;D

    Just have fun and take tons of photos. What a great time to be in Paris and Provence.

    kiss, kiss ~~Dana

  47. Oh Wow! what a contest, what wishes! I'd love a handwritten vintage letter (love letter if possible) and a pair or even one vintage ballet shoe. Hope you have a great time, I know you will!

  48. Oh la la! A very old salt box or fountain pen would make me squeal with joy!
    Bon voyage!

  49. I would love a foaming bath product from Lauduree and a pretty linen from anywhere you shop! Both of these stores carry so many beautiful things! Hope you took an extra suitcase...and ENJOY your trip! ♥

  50. Your blog is just lovely! I wish you the most magical trip through france. May you find this trip inspiring.............

    hmmm, if I could have 2 wishes, other than to visit Paris.....I would have to give them to both of my young daughters, who day dream about one day visiting Paris. We LOVE all things French--our home is a french design and is filled with french antiques. Both of my girls have the sweetest dreams about Paris and lavender fields tucked into their Louis XV beds at night..aww, how we love France!

    1--from Laudree...either tea or yummy pink marshmellows. We love all things pink, girly and tea parties are a favorite mommy-daughter treat! The box is lovely as well.

    2--anything related to the ballet! Dreamy, ballet pink, ruffled, tulle, etc....both of my daughters dance in the Nutcracker and ADORE ballet. A box, charm, piece of pink ribbon, a vintage ballet book, any of the above would be sweet and magical.....and treasured always!

    Have a safe and relaxing vacation and many, many thank you's for making one of our dreams come true................


    Baton Rouge, LA

  51. Ooooh, how very Frenchy of you to offer such a unique prize. My wish is for beautiful old French buttons, lace and pearls - strung or not. I have already won by finding your's lovely. Happy travels.

  52. If it is not too late I would like to put my wish into the lot. I have a desire for metal numbers (specifically 38). If that constitutes two things then I'm thrilled with that. If I still have a second wish it would be a piece of fabric that could be made into a small pillow (12X12) that has a French motif. (A toile or a tone on tone would be super) Without a doubt you are having a glorious time. I'm looking forward to some lovely and inspiring posts on your return.

  53. Oh I am so jealous I was scheduled to go to Paris in October but life intervened...I went instead to Savannah and charleston for a short vacation. I would love something monogrammed with an M... be it a hankie, vintage linen towel or a jewel box..I do not care just as long as it come from a Paris flea market. My mouth is also watering for a macaron...I see them on so many blogs and have yet to savor one of these pastel beauties. Winning would make my Paris trip almost come true.
    Thank you for this opportunity. Have a wonderful and safe trip and take lots of photos's to share!!!

  54. Love this give a way. Hope to win this season. Anything you find always captures my attention...holy medals or rosaries; pretty shell cameos; broken in ballet slippers; millinary feathers; artists supplies...there is so much to choose from. I can't wait to see what you bring back and HOPE HOPE HOPE you select the Sea Witch this year.

  55. Very Dear Janet~ I pine for the French linen tea towels that magically whisk away water so much better than the usual kitchen towel. There is nothing better than drying a fine wine glass with one of these tea towels. Some people have their initials added. I know why. Wishing you very happy travels. Penny

  56. Wuaw, amazing idea.. Wish I could join you.

    Vintage paperdolls! I collect paperdolls so that would make my year :D

    From Laduree, I would very much like the signature Louboutin or Fragonard.

    Love from Denmark

  57. Have so much fun with your husband on this trip. Make it something memorable!

    I won't enter this because I'm nowhere near to a true, true follower. I'd like someone who loves your blog more than I do to win this.

    I absolutely love the picture with the jar of magic and, of course, the ballet photo. Love it.
    Thanks for this wonderful post. Love, Sam. <3

  58. Mitzi Said
    Have a great time and enjoy all the lovely sites on your trip.
    I am stunned at your kind heart to even consider this type of give away.
    Your blog is beautiful! And you are a beautiful person.
    1.) Anything with the Eiffle Tower on it - maybe a Tea Towel (love to collet them) for my new Kitchen - White-Pink-Aqua.
    2.) Any ribbon or Paper for gift wrapping or crafting - Old-New-Used.
    Have a great trip and post great photos - to view!

  59. ooooooo cannot wait for an update!!!!!!! hope you are truly enjoying every moment xx

  60. Paris is so stunning, I got my tickets for the famous Moulin Rouge show to see the unmissable show while in the French capital!