Friday, April 30, 2010

I So Wish I Could

Oh gosh...
You have no idea how
I so wish I could
rest this weekend...
but my work load is still
way too full...
{no worries... it's all good stuff.
I will share with you later if all my
hard work pays off}
So this is my wish for all
of you Beauties...
to rest, to sleep, to dream,
to play, for me
until I can...
I miss you all!!


  1. Hope all you hard work pays off Janet. I emaile dyouearlier this week and you had won the giveaway. Just need your address so I can send it out Monday. Can you email. Thanks
    Talk soon. Xo

  2. I will play very hard for you this weekend. I am so thankful I can. Today I saw a woman getting out of her car with crutches and an obvious permanent disability. She really made me count my blessings that I can play, and I can easily walk, bend, skip, jump, kneel or run. So glad I have a lot to be thankful for.

    You enjoy whatever your plans are!

  3. I am there with you, working hard all weekend too, stopped for a peak into blogland and visit my favorite friends. Wish i could rest too. I am wishing you tons of energy!lol ~Lulu

  4. Oh Janet .... how I share in your yearning for some rest too. I will be working all weekend as well. So happy to hear this is a labor of love. I am patiently waiting for your news. Do tell sooner than later ... I'm dying to know & I don't need any more stress, I'm already eating too much candy as it is !

  5. Oh my dear sweet friend...make sure you have some rest in amoungst all that work! I am off to bed early tonight as this week has been a looooooooooong one..hugs to you xoxoxo

  6. Don't let the workload get to you, get some rest and relaxation as well when and if you can! Take care!

  7. Wishing you a beautiful and productive weekend My Dear Janet!!! May all of your hardwork pay off in the best ways. Wishing you the best,

  8. Hopefully your hard work on all the good stuff will pay off making some time off later all the more special.

  9. Hello my sweet...hard at work. Try and take a little break.

    I do love the picture you chose for us.

    Big hugs DJ

  10. Happy working Janet...enjoy it, xv.

  11. I shall do LOTS of playing and I look forward to seeing what you've been doing!xx

  12. My first weekend off in eight weeks so I will play for you! (Actually I will be cleaning house as it is getting a bit desperate!!!!!)

  13. Dear Janet!:-)*

    I wish you very good working,but satisfied with themselves weekend,my beautiful beyond talented Friend!!!-)))*
    I wil pray for you***

    My Love and blessings,

  14. That''s a nice wish....... I'll most likely be working this weekend, but trying to limit it to one day, Loved the picture!!!!!Thanks
    Maryanne ;)

  15. Janet, of course I love your site and have spent many wonderful times in San Clemente. I lived in San Diego thirteen years and would often go up to visit a dear friend for a long weekend!!

    Art by Karena

  16. Oh my I'm so excited for your news!!
    Nothing great is easy... see it through and it will surely pay off :)
    My thoughts are with you dear friend.

  17. i'm doing just that. i took a lunesta at 8:30 last night and slept until 8:00 this morning...missed lightening storm and all. heaven. but now I just want to do it all over again today!!! i think that one is called escaping reality

  18. Dear Janet,
    Don't you worry. I will party for both of us !!!!
    Try to take a bit of time for yourself, Janet.
    All work and no play is not always a good idea !!
    Take care of yourself and don't work too hard.
    Lots of love. XXXX

  19. i share your sentiment. i have a final paper + exam next week and a thousand other things to do. good luck with your work.

    xo Alison

  20. Enjoy playing this weekend....I know that you can turn all of your chores into playtime if you just believe!! Can't wait to see the results!! Happy Weekend xOxO Nerina

  21. Hope you don't work too hard and make sure you get a few little breaks in between. I always find that makes a big day a little easier if you can just sit and look at the sky for a moment and just zone out! Can't wait to see what all the work is about.... Best wishes
    ps I love Fauchon as well! I brought little sugar cubes wrapped in the gorgeous packaging home with me when we were in Paris. I still haven't opened them! Come and vist anytime .. you would be very welcome.

  22. will do my friend. will play and rest for both of us. good luck with your current project, cannot wait to hear about it...


  23. You are so sweet! I hope your able to rest a little! take care

  24. Make sure You enjoy whatever your plans are :) XX

  25. Oh, I actually had lot's of stuff planned for today that I both need and want to do. Sadly, I am now nursing a really bad cold and have to stay in and rest.

    It's not fun resting when you are sick though. *Achewwww*

  26. That's exactly how I feel too! I love the photo....

  27. Janet,
    What a magical world you have created - Thank you. I've just visited for the first time, it's early in the morning on the other side of the world and you have set me up for a beauty filled day! Your energy and the beauty of your blog has given me a 'new start' feeling. I'm setting off on my daily walk and then I want to do some "me" stuff. I've signed up for your posts and look forward to the next one. Paris is my fav along with Laduree.

  28. Dearest Janet ~

    I'll continue to wish only the most beautiful moments in the days ahead, and for much rest and relaxation to follow soon thereafter.

    Thinking of you and your magnificent self!

  29. I'm having one of those types of day today too! Here's hoping you get your nap!

  30. Your images are always visiting your blog. I look forward to your news! I played with my children all weekend and cherished every single moment.

  31. Janet! So here I come after a long week, into your world where it is time to escape, and I am blown away by your thoughtful post. You have a heart so big I am surprised you do not have some ET glow thing going on. ANd of all weekends, Mother's Day--so apropos! Love to all the Solomons. xo