Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life Gives Back

Life has such a way...
A way of giving back
when you least
expect it...
Noel & I wanted to spend time
with our friend Jacqueline, editor of
Romantic Homes Magazine.
With all of our schedules so busy,
our only time to connect was on
one of Jacqueline's "work days"
in which case she said,
"I'll have to bring my camera"~
So Noel & I decided to stage my house with
Fanciful's paper art for her to photograph~
Our q.g.t. as Jacqueline calls it,
{quality girl time}
took place last Wednesday~

Our timing was perfect practice for the

Bridal Fair
I helped Noel with yesterday
at Laguna Cliffs Marriot.
At the show we made friends with two
amazing women from
Jo Malone ~
When I bought a candle for our booth,
I was given back a small make-up bag
filled with Jo Malone samples!!
Not just one cute little black Jo Malone bag, but TWO!
Wink wink!!

SO... back to my story...
Here are some photos at my house
staged for Jacqueline.
A little fluffy, I know...

We covered two walls with Noel's

Huge White Paper Flowers!!
It truly looked amazing,
especially at the corner~

Noel made
Raw lettuce wraps as seen at Cru
ginger jasmine white iced tea~
I, of course was serving
Rose flavored Marshmallows~

Just another photo for you...

Jacqueline arrived with
her big smiles, hugs,
little round pouch in front,
{she's having her 1st baby next month}
her sunshining energy
{that she could truly sell, if she could bottle}.
She handed me a book she has
just published,
{Buy it here}
She showed me a chapter she wrote
about my tabletops, kitchen and me!
I was SO
Surprised, Proud & Amazed!
Merci Beaucoup Mon Aime

Here are a few of my pages

I want to share with you
from the book.

When I read
what Jacqueline wrote,
I realized she knows me better than
I know myself...
it shows in every word.
She is an amazing writer
and photographer.

My kitchen cabinets have since changed
from this.
They are now filled only with
my collection of

cafe cup & candle~

One of the most beautiful things about this
book for me is that two of my best friends in
in the world are in it too!
I introduced Jacqueline to
Lynn from
The original Queen of
all things beautiful,
Lucy from

There is a page with my
Laduree collection
A huge passion of mine
as you all know!

this is the cover of
The Vintage Table.
I am giving
One of You
A copy of this amazing book
A Jo Malone Make-up bag
filled with samples from Jo Malone!!
One for you & One for me!!~
Life just gave me
two very unexpected surprises
in return for working so hard.
Now I want to share them with
for working so hard too!
Because I know you do...
Life Does Gives Back~


Noel's paper art at
will be featured in
Romantic Homes Magazine
October 2010~
Have a Good Week Beautifuls!!

~ P.S. A winner will be chosen at via next Monday.

All photos on this post taken by Janet Solomon at FrenchBlue
actual photos in The Vintage Table taken by Jacqueline de Montravel


  1. Absolutely breathtaking...not only Noel's beautiful flowers but the home staging as well! Simply lovely!!!!

  2. Janet~~~!!!
    I love it all!! Your walls covered with Noel's paper flowers...the chandelier...and all of the beautiful images of your home included in the book, The Vintage Table. I have been meaning to purchase this book, one for me, and one for my mother-in-law! Please enter me in your drawing!
    I imagine that Jacqueline will be doing a special issue of Romantic Homes with all of the soft, feminine eye-candy you provided on her "work day"

  3. Oh my goodness Janet!!! Where do I start!?! This post is beautiful in so many ways. First, the beauty of a friendship so sweet. I cannot wait to read this book, Jaqueline is so very talented and after reading countless articles in Romantic Homes and being such a huge fan, I can only imagine how wonderful this book is.

    I am always in awe of how incredibly talented and creative you and Noel are! That room looks like a dream. A frothy, fluffy, romantic, perfect dream. It's just stunning. My friend, you never cease to amaze me!

  4. Beautiful post.......beautiful pics.



  5. Oh Fin What a generous giveaway!! I can only imagine how amazing your home looked with the beauty of all the gorgeous white flowers. I want to hang out and have QGT with you lovely ladies. What a treat that would be. I love coming here and relaxing with all of your lovelies. Have a wonderful week, Kathysue

  6. Your home and Noel's beautiful work are lovely together. Congratulations on the book appearance!

  7. I cannot believe the good things heading your way Janet, but then I can, because no one deserves it more. I am beyond thrilled for you and I know this will have you on cloud 9, where you should be with all that magic you share. I would say the Solomon women are ready to take on the world. See, I told you so! I will be buying up a ton of copies to give to my friends and say "know that fairy princess lady I keep talking about? Well here she is"
    Big, big hugs and just absolutely thrilled beyone belief Janet. This is the best news!
    Much, much love XOXOXO

  8. Forgot to mention that this book looks incredibly beautiful, I must do a post on it.
    And I am so sad that we are not closer so I could have come and helped you with hanging those flowers! I would have loved to see it all. I swear I am moving to California.....that's it!

  9. How fun, Janet! I adore those rose covered shoes!

  10. What a fabulous whirlwind it sounds like you had...and a gorgeous girly one to boot (which is my favorite kind!) Congratulations on being mentioned in the book; what an honor! And you did such a beautiful job styling those exquisite paper flowers (I've had dreams about filling my dream home with those flowers). Thanks for such an interesting and visually stimulating post!

    Bonne nuit!
    Hope Ava

  11. Oh That would be a lovely gift to receive...I love Jo Malone and have spent time at the Holt Renfrew counter sniffing all the scents!
    The book looks beautiful and full of inspiration...what scent are you wearing right now?
    I like the Vanilla and Anise.
    Let the randomness begin!
    Hugs from the Hostess

  12. Your Majesty,

    How wonderful to be the first follower to leave you a comment on this fabulous post!!!! The pictures are simply amazing, and how exciting to get a book from the author herself and one that is featuring your beautiful kitchen!! And congrats to Noel on all of her divine white roses:)) What a fun project for the both of you!

    I would love to win this book that would beautiful in my studio:))

    Royal wishes,

  13. Oh Fin,

    My heart sings when I see your work!!!

    xxxx Coty

  14. wow!!! You know what this post reminds me of? Oddly... the New York Ballet's staging of The Nutcracker, where the large Christmas tree suddenly grows bigger... and bigger... and BIGGER... Yep, Joe Malone, yep, staging the house beautifully, yep, having a magazine editor in your home, and then, biggest of all - you're all over a book! I hope I win. It's fantastically beautiful. And the world's biggest congratulations on such a well-deserved honor!! :)
    -Sanity Fair

  15. Oh Jo Malone, honestly I live through that stuff haha.
    ``Life has such a way...A way of giving back
    when you least expect it...``- you`re so right about that one..I used to not believe that sort of terms until I`ve actually experienced that sort of awakening. Great post, take care!

  16. Okay, big red face and oozy feeling in my tummy right now--or could that be the baby swimming! You and Noel are the true muses in this little production, I just tag along for the ride and take in all that you incredibly talented women create. The uber bonus is that you are both, really, really nice--in the genuine category. I am proud to call you close friends and champions of our shared causes. Now let's see more of what you both will create! xoxo

  17. The photos are beautiful. And congrats on images of your home being featured in her book!

  18. So many magnificent things in one post ... where does one begin! You, Noel, those flowers!, the shoe, Astier, Jo Malone (I just got one of those little bags with a purchase:),your lovely home, the book, wow!

    You do live an enchanting, beautiful life, Janet! Can't wait to see the magazine!!

    xo ~Dana

  19. Fin, I have never seen anything so beautiful, so creative, so romantic, so fluffy, so breathtaking in my life. Isn't it wonderful to have such a girlfriend!! What a beautiful gift you've given us darling one. Thank you so much. I will save this forever. xx's Marsha

  20. EEEK! Jo Malone is divine! So is the book! Double EEK! :)

    Susan @

  21. OH FIN!!! Those pictures are MAGICAL! I wish I was there with you all to be in your relaxing home with all of the "white wonderland" that you and Noelie created!!! Thank you for introducing me to Jacqueline too. I would have never been in the book without YOU!! uh uh uh! I just bought 4 copies of it for Mother's Day! LOVE!! Add me to the giveaway, pa-lease! XOXOXOX Fin

  22. Dearest Janet,
    I'm not sure where to heart is beating so quickly after viewing such incredible images all about you and your beautiful world! No one deserves this recognition and special tribute more than you and your beloved Noel! You two are the perfect team in more ways than one! And the next place we land, I truly hope you both will come and decorate the crumb's room ~ I cannot imagine a more magical, fairy existence than this! I'm going out first thing in the morning to find this book ~ because I love reading every single thing I can about you, for you are such an inspiration! And your Noel, I'm dying to know all about the weekend. Jaws must have remained at floor level as they passed by what I can only imagine to have been the most decadent and glorious booth ever! If only I were still down there, I would personally give you a big congratulations hug and we would sit and have tea and talk about every. single. detail of your amazing experiences!

  23. Congratulations to both you and Noel on all the blessings that have come your way. Nothing is a coincidence and everything happens for a reason!
    You are such sweet deserving souls and I for one can't wait to get my hands on that book just to see yours and Lynn's beautiful kitchens/homes!!
    I'm so thrilled for you Janet, so thrilled!!
    Continued blessings :)

  24. one word....WOW. These images of your house are fantastic I almost couldn't believe them! I had to read twice...even without all the added magical decoration look spectacular, but for this photoshoot it is just over the top! j'adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  25. Your posts really do make my heart sing. Thank you for sharing your world.

  26. Where are the angels? It is breathtaking. I thoroughly enjoy your pictures - beautiful!

  27. I agree with Elizabeth -- those photos might as well have been taken in heaven. SOOOO beautiful...

    This post also serves as a reminder to me to get back to Noel about ordering!!! (Sorry, Noel!! Have had a ton on my plate lately). ;)

    Thanks so much for this post. You are so lucky to call Jacqueline a dear friend.


  28. Such extraordinary attention to detail! It's always an inspiration to see what you'll come up with next.

  29. What a wonderful friend you found in Jacqueline. It is so beautiful the images that you displayed. I loved looking at them.

  30. These are some of THE BEST pictures I've seen in all the blogs I visit!

  31. oh my goodness...i was just going to say that these pictures look straight out of a magazine...and here they're going into a magazine! wow, you are certainly talented with staging your home. really, you did an amazing job.
    xox alison

  32. Janet,
    You have some extraordinarily talented friends. Congratulations on being featured in such a beautiful book. Your blog would make a wonderful book as each post is filled with beauty.
    Best wishes!

  33. What a beautiful life, and beautiful friends, Janet. The book looks terrific. I will definitely have to have a copy...especially since you are included! congratulations to all.

  34. I love it... the decorative details and the all white theme... gorgeous!

  35. Oh sweet friend...I had to read your amazingly lovely post twice..your home is always so enchanting and magical but with these beautiful flowers embellishing your rooms I am speechless...there is not a word in the English language to describe the beauty of it all...I am so waiting for October to come so I can run and get a copy.
    Yes...I have been meaning to pick up a copy of that book as I am going to run and order one straight away...hugs to you for a blessed evening. I know I will have sweet dreams now...visions of white flowers dancing in my head. xoxox

  36. Thank you for sharing your world with us. Beautiful pics.

  37. This is all so gorgeous Janet....I can't wait to see Jaqueline's book, xv.

  38. Oh my goodness! Congratulations on being featured in a beautiful book!
    And those big white flowers look amazing on your wall! Gorgeous photos :)

  39. Spectacular, my darling! Thank you for sharing so much goodness with us!

  40. Oh my oh my .... You and Noel both are like magical pastry artists turning the ordinary of life into something so sweet ! Feel like dipping my finger in it ! Just amazing. Yay for Lynn too ! Buttercream Kisses, lisa

  41. What an adorable post,my Godness!!!-)*
    Amazingly beautiful work of you and Noel!-)))*

    All images are just breathtaking and SOooo pure LOVE***

    Much Love and blessings,

  42. Fin, thank you for sharing your home with all of precious to show the fufu fluff with your blog readers...I know you are so excited to be in the book and the paper flowers were just beautiful..Giving back is so gracious of you or are you just paying it foward? Either way it is great..I would love to be the winner of your giveaway...Can not wait to see Noel in the Oct. magazine (one that I subscribe to)..keep up the wonderful blog...vera

  43. I so love your blog,and this post was so dreamy I couldnt bear to leave the page, I just wanted to float away with it.The book looks devine and I hope it becomes available in Australia. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful blog with us! Fiona

  44. Lovely post and wonderful pictures. Am drooling.. both because of the mention of pink marshmallows and white jasmine iced tea and because of the fantastic inspiration.

    The book looks an absolute treat too - table top decor is so much fun!

    Your double give away is very generous - bag and book!
    I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed I will be the lucky chosen one.

    x Charlotta

  45. I absolutely love your blog and this post is definitely in my top 10! I just love the romance of the pictures above - one day I hope to completely redo my home to have more of a Paris-inspired vintage feel! (Hopefully my husband won't mind :)) It is very generous of you to share a copy of the book with your readers and I would love to be the winner of this giveaway! Thank you very much for the opportunity.

  46. Oh I'm kind of speechless.....okay I'm over that now! So amazing, you girls must have had SO much fun. I would love to have seen you all together, you are the most wonderful, giving person. You amaze me.

    I love Noel's work, she is SO talented, you both are. I love the feature in the book about you...big hugs.

    love DJ

  47. Looks like you all had an amazing shoot....and the book sounds fabulous!! Happy weekend to you! xxoo :)

  48. Truly stunning! I just recently found your blog & keep coming back for more :) Thanks for sharing ...

  49. Oh my golly gosh, how absolutely heavenly, I'm so glad I came across your blog, gorgeous!!

  50. Janet you presented us with so many wonderful surprises. First off a huge congratulations for all your accomplishments and a huge mention in what looks like a lovely book. Your photos from home were remarkable and as you can tell we are all swooning & swaying! Good things do happen to good people. Enough said! Relish in all the joy this weekend xx deb

  51. How cool that you are featured in a book! Thanks for the contest!

  52. Oh wow, where do I start with the depth and beauty of this post!? First of all your home looks incredible with Noel's gorgeous creations. You two must have had a ball together! And that, I have to get my hands on a copy! I'll be ordering it tonight! Can't wait to have such a fabulous piece of you in my collection! xoc

  53. O.M.G!!!! My dear Mother told me how breathtaking your home was filled with sweet Noel's flowers, but it is quite overwhelming to see it here! Oh Geez!!! The talent of you and your daughters are quite out of this world for all of us. I have told you this before. You all do live in a plane just quite higher than what the rest of us normally live in. And, on the special moments we get to experience with you and the girls, you open up the special world you all live in and leave quite amazing impressions on all us that may last a life time. It's quite a gift. So, I am not at all surprised that sweet and dear Jacqueline created a special chapter just for you. I must get my little hands on her book and congrads on all your amazing fam is up to!


  54. Janet:

    When I saw the first couple of photos filled with those glorious paper roses -- I thought this is what heaven must look like...

    Congratulation -- on Your home and Noel's beautiful work being featured in such a beautiful book.


  55. This is incredibly gorgeous. I had no idea you were on first-name/girl's-night-out-basis with Noel and Jacqueline! Wow wow wow! Congratulations on the mention in the book. You deserve it!

  56. What beautiful photographs! And Jo Malone - I love her things!


  57. Hi Janet...whenever I want a slice of heaven I mosey on over here. are in TYPE! Love how you focused on that section as if just the idea of it was so wonderful. You deserve to be in books. Thanks for all the beauty. XO Trish

  58. Thank you for sharing your talents! Truly enjoyable! Congratulations on all your accomplishments.

  59. Thanks for your warm wishes, Janet. I'm heading out in the morning and am so excited. Will catch up with all the beauty here at French Blue as soon as I return.
    Catherine xx

  60. It is always so special when wonderful things happen to wonderful people.
    You are always so helpful and encouraging.
    Congrats to you on the well deserved inclusion in just a lovely book. Your daughter's fanciful creations are divine.
    thank you for sharing. I would cherish a book with you in it, please include me...


  61. Congratulations!!!
    lovely post!!
    Please enter me in the giveaway..
    Love it all!!!

  62. Congratulations on being published in the book! So happy for you!! Your house looked just gorgeous decorated with Noel's creations!

    Wishing you and Noel a beautiful day!


  63. MON DIEU!
    I am trop tard...but what gorgeous stuff you have! I am drooling non-stop
    BRAVO for these divine pages!

  64. your blog is my "happy place". i come her to smile. i marvel at the beauty that you create, a gift that share with us generously. thank you!

  65. Bonjour! You have such a beautiful blog and I thought I'd say hello after lurking for a while :) You sound so passionate about your wonderful life, and no wonder - it is filled with such beauty! Congratulations for the book feature - how exciting for you!

  66. i love porcelain/tea cups and yours if fantastic!! and congrats to being in the book! wow~!!!!!

  67. Love your blog and your post! I also like the fact that you are just a hop, skip and a jump from me :)

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home! You are inspiring me!

  68. Hi there-
    I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say you are so talented! Everything you touch turns to gold! I'm a new follower so I don't miss out. Have a wonderful Wednesday
    Take care

  69. Wonderful post - I love the images!

  70. I didn't know you actually knew mlle. J! I have only corresponded with her online, and she was kind enough to feature my blog in her fabulous magazine (you don't know anything about that, do you...?). How much fun would the two of you have - your beauty and her camera??? I can't wait to see the October issue and will check into the book. I love buying books by people I "know"!
    I also have been known to fly to London with the specific intent on buying Jo Malone at the shop there...
    big bisous mon amie!