Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Morning Most Beautiful!!

"Good Morning Most Beautiful"...
were the first words I said
to her 29 years ago
Meet my daughter

Jeanna is my beautiful friend, listener,
helper, solid partner, pure gold,
the best sister to my Noel & Brandon,
health adviser,
{her dr. even calls her dr. jeanna},
we work side by side in property management,
secret sharer & my first baby girl!
I am So So PROUD of her!
Thank you Most Beautiful one
for everyday you have given me!!
I love you!!

Happy Happy Birthday
Most Beautiful one!!
May all your
special & secret wishes
come true!!!!!!
to all of you most beautiful friends!


  1. This is exactly how I feel about my daughter...beautiful post. Thank you for making my day and Happy Birthday to Jeanna.
    xx's Marsha

  2. I have someone she should meet......and he has red hair! Darn, she has a boyfriend doesn't she? Happy,Happy Birthday to Jeanna and a big hug Janet. 29 years goes fast and you are one lucky mother. I think she should be a model which I am sure she hears every day. Much love - XO

  3. Your sweet daughter is gorgeous..gorgeous. Wishing Jenna a spectacular birthday. May this 29th year hold much love, delight, peace and excitement. I hope you all "whoop" it up in a big way. xx deb

  4. Happy Birthday Jeanna,
    Wow she is really beautiful. How sweet is that what you said about Jenna, Congratulations to you for raising such a special girl!
    Take Care,

  5. Wooow!!!!!-)*

    Happy,happy birthday beautiful Jeanna!-)))***

    SO nice touch in the heart!!!

    Many happynes and many,many LOVE for you sister,dear French Blue!-)*

    Love and care,


  6. Happy Birthday Jeanna......you are beautiful!!

    Janet, you must be SO proud of your daughters, and rightly so, they all sound amazing :)

    Enjoy your day, all of you....I bet 29 years has flown by!!


  7. Wow Janet ... you and your husband make THE most beautiful girls !!! Wishing you and your Jeanna a most special day ever. So thrilled to have met you and Noel !

  8. Happy Birthday Dear, Sweet and BEAUTIFUL Jeanna! Have a GRATE, GREAT birthday and year ahead!! Love, Auntie Lynn

  9. She is breathtakingly beautiful! What a treasure she is!! Happy Birthday Jeanna! I hope this day brings lots of cherished moments... thanks for sharing her Birthday with us.
    ~xo always

  10. That is such a beautiful post, how blessed are you to have a such a wonderful person in your life;) She is absolutely gorgeous!!

    ~Thanks for sharing~

  11. And I would say "Most beautiful one" is the PERFECT term of endearment for her! She is lovely -- inside and out. :)

    Happy Birthday, Jeanna!!


  12. Happy Bday to Jenna, she is gorgeous. Looks like a model , a Christi Brinkley look, all American clean-cut beauty, Gorgeous!! Kathysue

  13. Oh pass on my very best wishes to the beautiful Jeanna....she certainly lives up to her title...what a stunner!
    xoxo DJ

  14. She is a very beautiful girl, and a very lucky one to have a mum who feels that way about her!
    A very happy birthday to her!

  15. Janet,
    This post is so sweet. Lisa is right; you and your husband do make beautiful children! What a blessing to have such sweet girls.
    A Happy Birthday to your first-born little girl!

  16. Your sweet daughter is a true beauty!! You didn't say a word too much.. Most beautiful one is so so striking!! Love the gateau too, by the way.
    Happy Happy Birthday! E N J O Y

  17. Dearest Janet,
    Your life is full of such beauty, and all the blissful love is so deserved by you! Jeanna is absolutely stunning....just like her mama and her sister, Noel! Wow! Your husband must be the talk of the town when surrounded by such gorgeous ladies! :)
    Happy Birthday to your beloved first-born!

  18. I already left a comment, but I had to come back, your daughter is gorgeous. I thought you had posted about Heidi Klum, so did my sister. Your post is so sweet and touching!
    Take Care,

  19. Dear Janet,
    Many, many Happy Returns to your beautiful daughter, Jeanna.....I wish her everything that she wishes herself on her special day. It has to be said that your children are very beautiful and, take after their mother (and father!!).
    I know that you will do everything to make her birthday very special.
    Hope that you got my email re giveaway. XXXX

  20. Dear Janet,
    I have never really met you in blogland, but I had to come comment and tell you what a sweet post this is! It is so wonderful to see how much you love your daughter. She is absolutely gorgeous!! It is wonderful to see that you share such a special relationship. It is the best blessing you can be given! Great job raising such a lovely girl into a beautiful woman.
    I just had to also tell you what an amazing blog you have! You have an incredible sense of style. I am loving the eye candy :) What a pretty slice of cake too. I wish I had a virtual fork!!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful daughter with us
    Have a lovely day!

  21. Sooooo sweet...your daughter is stunning..just like her mom. Happy happy Birthday to Jeanna..sigh..your post is so lovely...makes me want to cry. Hugs to you both today. xoxoxo

  22. Happy Birthday Jenna:

    May all your dreams come true today and everyday.


  23. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter...and congratulations to you. I'm sure she takes after you in every way!


  24. Jenna, May all your birthday wishes come true.
    What a special and beautiful bond.

  25. What a beautiful young lady. Take after her Mum???

  26. Just typed the longest comment, and it said "error" and deleted it! But basically I said, Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous. And as a mother too, I understand those first words you say to your new child. 29 years probably seemed like yesterday! Where does the time go? I hope she has a great birthday, I was "29" for about 5 years straight....then I just couldn't pull it off anymore. ahhaha

  27. She really is so beautiful! Happy birthday, Jenna!

  28. Wow! What beautiful babies you make! I know you must be so proud of your girls, as they are their wonderful mom.
    Happy Birthday, Jenna!
    xo ~ Dana

  29. Very lovely post for a very lovely girl. Happy Birthday, hope it's a great day!

  30. She is beautiful!!! Just found your beautiful blog as well ...

    xoxo Laura

  31. Dear Mom~ Thank you for always making me feel so, soo specaial and so, soo loved!! My heart is wrapped in warmth all the time because of you. The best birthday gift I've ever been given is getting you as my mom... Truly I am the most lucky and you are my most prized gift ever. I love you with all my heart forever and always! xx

    Dear EVERYONE~ Thank you so much for all of the sweet, beautiful, thoughtful birthday wishes. And for all of the kind things you have said about me. Even though I don't know most of you, you all made me smile even bigger on my birthday!! You made my day that much brighter... Thank you for celebrating me with my mom - that was an unexpected and very appreciated gift!

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

    ~Jeanna xox

  32. My Sweet Sweet Sister~~ Happy Birthday to you!! Mom, this post made me cry, you described Jeanna perfectly and I am so lucky to have her in my life as my best friend and sister. She is beautiful inside & out! Such special and thoughtful comments, I know they made her smile! I hope you have an amazing Birthday because you deserve it!!

  33. okay, seriously, whatever you have done in life, where ever you have gone, you can rest easy in the fact that you have raised such a gorgeous (stunning, really) incredible woman. That knowledge of your life will get me through these evenings with these crazy children - wondering if what I am doing makes any difference at all. Clearly, it does.
    Bravo my friend, for being such a (clearly) exceptional mom (not to mention woman and friend)~

  34. She's beautiful! Slightly belated birthday wishes being sent from downunder :)

  35. I did a quick retake as I thought it was Noel at first. How incredibly lovely your children are Janet. But now having met you in person, I am not surprised in the least.
    And your relationship with them is so evidently close and special. Kudos to a great mom and Happy Belated to the Birthday Girl!
    Lisa & Alfie

  36. Oh honey! Your blog is just pure divinity!!! I love it sooo much! Adding you to my blog roll and including you in a post tomorrow, hope you don't mind! Take care and have a wonderful weekend with lots of joy! :)