Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Gift

My gift
this year after much thought
& reading La Dolphina's
post about visiting
her beautiful
is to give
the gift of
Time Together...

I am
s l o w i n g
down my Holiday
hustle & bustle.
I decided to put my time
where it counts.
I am taking my 2 girls
up to Northern California on a
"just the 3 of us"
girl holiday!!
We will be together for 24 hours
with no interruptions~
Yay Yay Yay!!!
We are almost off!

We will then go visit my mom,
"Just the 4 of us".
We will have
a day to make memories~
A day made up of time together.
Maybe doing nothing at all...
but laughing,
something we do best~

Then we will be off to see my sister,
Aunt Julie.
"Just the 5 of us".
We may stay up all night talking,
drinking coffee or sipping tea,
as if tomorrow never comes.
Our time together is
Rare & Priceless,
we find a place where
time stands still~
We are five women
strung together by the same
golden thread...
We are all so different
we are all so much the same~
If I could slow down time,
I would...
If any of you
smart, beautiful & creative ones
have figured it out
please tell me how....
Have a blissful week full of
solid beautiful time
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  1. Janet,
    This is definitely the greatest gift of all! I will picture you and your lovely threads of gold woven together during this blissful weekend of what is guaranteed to be filled with love, laughter, and the making of sweet memories!

  2. Oh Janet, how wonderful. Time spent with those that you love. Make the most of it beacause, I'm sorry to have to tell you this but, I don't think that anyone has worked out how to slow down time BUT, I am glad because, those times wouldn't be as special as they are if that were possible.
    Have a special, special time and make every moment count. XXXX

  3. Time is a gift. And how beautiful that you will share that precious gift with your daughters, mother and sister. Enjoy every moment!

  4. Oh wow, I'm kinda teary for some reason. I think you are just beautiful. I wish you a magical time of wonderful memories darling.

    I adore the photo's, they are gorgeous.

  5. Bonjour and thank you for this beautiful post - time together - that is what is most important in life. Enjoy a fabulous weekend together!

  6. what a perfect sentiment. we all need to be more selective with our time and spend it with who is important~ lovely...


  7. And don't forget seeing your Auntie Lynn while you're here! Uh Uh Uh! Come right NOW not later! Can't wait!

  8. What a lovely, lovely post. The first photo is stunning, I love it.

  9. You are such a smart lady! That is the best gift a mother can give her girls, good memories. Make it magical with lots of good laughs. Love to you all XO

  10. Love your blog and this was a most beautiful post.

  11. Oh Janet, I'm so happy you were inspired by my Mom's house at Christmas :)
    I wish you all the best time together!
    Lots of love xo

  12. What lovely photographs and what a lovely idea. You are sure to have a memory making time.

  13. Janet, this post is absolutely beautiful, I love what you have written, you have expressed it perfectly.

    Have a wonderful time :) xo

  14. I too was a bit teary eyed by this post, and love that you are close to these women in your life. Do take time out with them to make more precious memories together.

  15. Oh my dear are so wise..all the memories you will make. These times will be so treasured by all of you...may you enjoy laughter...friendship...and pure bliss as you take your lovely girls away from all the craziness this time of year can bring. Love love these beautiful images. I have 3 girls and time spent with them is so so precious. xoxoxoxo

  16. I'm all packed up and ready to go off, off and AwAyYyyy~~ I am so thankful we made the time to share special moments together! It is going to be so much fun and something that is needed indeed. ***You are so beautiful mom, inside & out**** Thank you for writing such a special post. I know I will look back on it one day and smile. Excitement fills my heart knowing I get to share time with You & Jeanna! I can't wait to see Auntie Lynn, Aunt Julie & Grandmother too!! Eeeeeee!!! I'm jumping for joy!
    I love you~~

  17. Janet & Noel,

    I hope you all have a safe trip and that you enjoy every moment together. These are the times that we look forward to-cherish it.


  18. You´re so inspiring... Such a meaningful Post! Loved it!

  19. SWhat a beautiful, spirited post! Wonderful idea for a gift, what can be more precious than time spent with those we love...Whishing you the most beautiful Christmas Season filled with magic and joy. :-)

  20. I have two sisters and my Mom ...we should make a plan, eh?

    this thrilled my soul

  21. There is no sweeter gift than that of time. Specially when it's shared with those special to us.
    Have a lovely time.

  22. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,

    This would have to be one of the most wonderful posts that I have seen this season.

    Thank you for this gentle reminder about what is really important. Time to stop and spend time with the ones we truly love.

    Happy holidays,
    xx Coty

  23. wow. please enjoy your time together. it sounds perfect.

    all my best. (and love the poofy skirts...)

  24. Have a wonderful time, girls!! What fun photos. They do remind me of you.

    I have a little treat for you...
    Fabulous Finds Gal

  25. What a great reminder of what is most important to us all. I hope you have a great time with all of your girls, all 5, and make beautiful memories to remember.
    Ness xx

  26. Beautifully written! and how true this is, what a lot of us need to do and so many times we don't
    make away for that time and that is what grounds us. As an artist sometimes I get so consumed with my passions I forget I need that time. Thank you so much for reminding me. You have an exquisite site I look forward to following you, I love your style and taste. Beautiful pictures of such grandeur and elegance. Thank You for sharing. Warmest wishes,Sincerely Jonny

  27. There's no substitute for girl time, is there? Your photos are so ethereal, they are making me want to slow way down and just relax, twirl, and unwind with my friends and family!

  28. This is my first time to visit your blog, but I have seen your website several times and just love it. I think it's just wonderful that you are slowing down and enjoying the holidays. I need to take a lesson from you.

  29. I found you through Jackie @ Home - so happy to have been in time to read this timely post; an incredible post bye the way. I wish you all a glorious time together. How incredible that you appreciate those moments like you do. It was hard to read with out shedding a few tears. Your is beautiful.
    Happy memories to you & yours x deb

  30. It took about an hour to get to the bottom of all these comments -lol! Watch your emails over the next few day -XO Oneis coming.

  31. Dear Janet,
    What great gifts for you and your loved ones: time together and your memories of each other. Money can't buy these precious things.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful, memory-filled holiday!


  32. I know Terri and how she can inspire people. I am doing the same...that is, spending time together rather than actual gifts. My daughter, her boyfriend and I will be going to see the King Tut exhibit and having dinner in SF instead of the usual gift exchange. Lots more memories that way and the many, many recalls of all those feelings will be free of charge and last forever!!

  33. A beautiful several generation filled ladies only day...sounds heavenly. And there is no better gift than your time!

  34. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. What a gorgeous post. There is no better gift than to spend time with those we love.