Monday, October 5, 2009

Merci Beaucoup Claudia!

Merci Merci Merci
to my
Sweet Friend


I want to give you a Party!
Right Now!!
I am inviting all my friends to come~
We will pick our best dresses...

Photo by Von Otter

We will meet at the L' Hotel~
Cheers to Friendship!

We will toast to celebrate gratitude,
sharing & being
a part of such a wonderful

We will eat pastries

without any guilt at all~

In honor of my beloved

photo from Reverie Daydream Boutique

Merci Beaucoup My Friend
having the biggest heart
in the whole world
for seeing me
through your
Beautiful eyes~



  1. Love how your home sparkles...I'm sure that's a reflection of you! Agreed...Claudia is the best of the best. My first "catch your breath" blog-love. And Frenchblue...endless beauty. XO Trish

  2. No one throws a party better than you FrenchBlue!

  3. are the sweetest Friend. Your images and post are always amazing...I love visiting you. Thanks for making my evening!

  4. we have to stop this loVeFest...

    if only we could!!

  5. And you deserve it Janet! You are always the first to always celebrate the talents of others.....and make them feel remarkably special. I hereby proclaim it Janet~ French Blue month. I will start my post now! You have a bevy of women who love and admire you Janet. Enjoy! I don't fly to LA for just anybody you know! - Love ~S

  6. Great post, I love the white sweets.

  7. Ok my dear...just popped over to your friends..Claudia's lovely blog and found such beauty beyond words...your home is the loveliest I have ever seen...your tile floor is to die for and I love the pale blue/white theme!!!! Please post more images of your home...such a lovely home for such a sweet person! xoxoxo

  8. You always have the most amazing pictures!!!

  9. This is such a sincere beautiful post! Every picture is so well chosen and so special!! I have to join the party! Claudia does have a big heart and so do you mom!


  10. Absolutely beautiful - what a lovely post! The wine in the fabulous stone bath did make me smile :)

  11. Janet, you are the world's sweetest and I will come to any party where you are celebrating!!!!

  12. What a lovely, sincere post, Janet. You are a lovely and loyal person and friend .... and, of course, your pictures are divine. XXXX

  13. Janet,

    Claudia did see you through her beautiful eyes, but of course, your presence in this world makes us all see everything so much more beautifully!

    J'adore the images (especially the tub filled with wine bottles!). And yes, Merci Beaucoup - oh you, you, you - Spoil me!



  14. Again, another fantastic post. You always have the most beautiful photos and words to go with them...lovely.

  15. This is an exquisite post. What a lovely treat for your friend. I agree with Simone on the wine bottles in the gorgeous bath. Lovely...

  16. As always, such a lovely, smiles a mile wide post. You are a marvelous hostess. Sea Witch

  17. Hi Janet!!!
    I just read the post Claudia wrote about your home and it is spectacular!!! I adore it and all of the special details. You are truly amazing and I don't know wether you sparkel more or your home does...I think you do! It's a little slice of heaven viewing those pics. WHat lucky girls you have to be brought up with so much grace and elegance and joy of life!!! Gorgeous!!!!

  18. C'est trop jolie!!!!
    you have such loveliness running through you!
    thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  19. That clawfooted basin is truly magnifique!
    Hooray for friendship!

  20. beautiful post! Your house is as beautiful and enchanting as I imagined it to be..

  21. beautiful post! Your house is as beautiful and enchanting as I imagined it to be..

  22. Oooh la la a party!!! LOVE it!!! Ooooh and are cat is gorgeous!!! Ooooh and that pink building... I stole it... I couldn't help myself!
    ENJOY your day!

  23. Claudia seems to be flavour of the month - love her!

  24. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog as always :)

    I am intrigued by your comment about a "change"!!! Tell me more......did you mean in my blog content or in me?! My blog has definitely been on a journey, starting out tentatively as one thing and ending up in another totally different, but happy and beautiful, place.

    Do tell.....I know we have been following each other with mutual appreciation for some time feel free to tell me the truth.....I would love to hear your opinion!

    Have a lovely day,

    Simone xo

  25. I just found your beautiful blog from a comment you left on Coreys blog about family and the brother who left her stranded. What a beautiful heart you have! I was so touched by the words you wrote to her because I feel like you and I must have grown up in the same must be my long lost sister. I just added you to my blog roll so that I can come back and visit this very special blog. Merci dear one ~ Joy

  26. this post stopped me in my tracks ... your ♥ is so gracious and it shows in each and every word on the page ... and YES mmdsle Claudia has the same adoration for you as you do for her ...I can just tell!

    I'm addicted to frenchblue-frenchblue've popped right on to my favorites!

  27. They were beautiful pictures Janet and I would agree that Claudia is just the best. A wonderful party Janet...wish we were all having a real one. Have a fun and happy weekend, xv.

  28. Hi, Such a gorgeous post, filled with so many great pics!

  29. What a lovely post about an even lovelier person ! Lovin the Dita Von tease shot ! Everything is always so beautiful in your world. XOL