Monday, July 27, 2009

Sandcastles in the Air

The Waves are big,
loud right now~
{I can hear them from my house}
Smiling sandy faces,
large mounds of seaweed
kelp scented air
unlocked a memory today...
A memory of
how important it was to me
at one time in my life
to build

I love the water,
being on the sand
collecting & creating
with jewels from the ocean.
This is who I am~

I realized today
that I have outgrown
my urge to
on the sand...
But I have not outgrown
my first love...
the sea.
Or lessons I have learned from her.
She taught me well....
I now build my sandcastles
in the air~
She is a mother,
always teaching
always honest...

above photo from Tongue & Cheek

I learned very quickly to
my mother in nature
I am grateful that
she taught me all my life lessons
right here in
sandcastle air~

Have a beautiful week
little mermaids
get your toes
a little bit sandy~



  1. What a fabulous and wise post my friend~
    Sandy toes to you as well this week!

  2. I still like building sandcastles and I'm ancient !!!! I don't think that the extent of my skills would allow me to build one like these though.
    I just thought that I would tell you Janet that I gave you an award on Friday as you have been so supportive through my blogging journey.Thank you so much. XXXX

  3. Wonderful and whimsical pictures. I love the sea too. These are fantastic sand sculptures, but I love the baby's sandy toes the best.

  4. Beautiful post..., my love for the sea is as boundless as the sea itself.

  5. Lovely images Janet! Such beautiful sandcastles. It would be wonderful to hear the ocean.....lucky you! Have a fabulous week! XO

  6. Your 'mother' has taught you oh so well...a glorious life lesson learned with sand between your toes and creations at your fingertips.

    You are a very special and rare gem in this world!

  7. I adore your post....there is a sandcastle competition at a beach close by where we live every year...the castles and art work is totally amazing...i so enjoy just walking around in amazment!!!With a How do they do that??? look on my face.
    Thanks for the fun today!! Beautiful images once again!

  8. I too love the ocean and walking barefoot on the beach. I don't get there often enough. Thanks for reminding me of happy moments spent on the beach!

  9. a beautiful medley of words and photos and sincere sentiments! a gift! merci et salut du midi :)

  10. What a precious blog you have here!!!☺

  11. Touching words, I'm amazed by those who can create out of sand.

    Thank you for coming to "The Attic" and taking time to leave a comment. Hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

    Have a beautiful week,
    xxx DJ

  12. Beautiful blog! The photographs, the sculptures of sand ... Everything is beautiful!

  13. Just me again...just read your lovely comment on my blog...and I thought I should let you know I don't have 5 people yet for the pay it forward event...if you want just let me know and you can come on pressure...i know it can be just another thing to add to the craziness of life...just didn't want you to feel like you missed it if it was something you really wanted to do! I don't usually do these things but thought I would give it a try myself....I have some great ideas for my hand made treasure...

  14. Baby feet so sweet!!! My feet shall get sea sandy in 3 weeks & Im soo thrilled to be able to treasure hunt for shells too.
    The images of sandcastles are marvelous as well. I watched a competition once & it truly is an art!!!

  15. I'll be there soon to walk on the beach with you!! Yay!!!!

  16. I just found your blog and feel like you are a sister of the sea. Love your words and photos. Sea Witch

  17. You've made me yearn for the beach and some sand between my toes!

  18. thank you for your comment on my blog! i finally posted those pictures i was mentioning to you last month. i'm so pleased with the post - all of my favorite boudoir images in one shot! thank you for the inspiration.
    xoxo alison

  19. What a lovely post! How cute is that picture of baby toes in the sand - love it! We just got back from the beach ourselves recently (although the lake kind, not the sea) and it is so very therapeutic to be there:)


  20. AMAZING first sandcastle! ADORABLE little sandy feet!

  21. Beautiful photos!Those sandcastles are pretty amazing!!

  22. What a gorgeous post. I've had the pleasure to visit your house and will testify that you build beautiful castles on the ground too!

  23. How beautiful - made me feel like I was there. I have just discovered your blog and loved it so much I added you to my fave blog list

  24. I find myself at a loss for words when I try to comment to your posts. Firstly, I am usually in some dreamlike state from viewing your gorgeous photos. Secondly, I am then taken to another realm from reading your poetic script. Add the risk of repeating myself- your post was beautiful, wonderful, enchanting....

  25. Wonderful impressions from the beach, those sandcastles are really amazing...
    Have a great sunny week

  26. Absolutely lovely post! What great mermaid photos and creations! Love the mermaids tail made with shells. And what looks like a sculpture!
    So much fun!

  27. I love this..I love building sandcastles at the beach with my boys, I only wish they had the patience for the detail...:) Cate

  28. Baby feet so ADORABLE!!! Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing..

  29. Thanks so much Janet, speak when I return with tales and photos Italian !!!!!!

  30. Ohhhhhhh, look at those precious tootsies. What a lovely post!