Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Special Dad's...

There is nothing quite like the
teaching & patience of a

My husband is the most patient
man I know...
He teaches through living.
He see's through wide eyes.
He hears,
and he loves with a Huge Heart.
I honor him for being the Best
Dad ever!!
I miss my Dad everyday...
He taught me to live my life
in a world that lives forever...
Happy Father's Day
to all the sweet & dear
Dad's in your life!!
Have a Fun Weekend
Whatever your doing!
p.s. What did your Dad teach

Top photo
taken by FrenchBlue is
my brother-in-law & nephew.
Bottom photo
taken by my friend, Amy McGee,
her Husband & Daughter


  1. What a lovely post. I lost my Daddy 19 years ago and I still miss him so much. He taught me how to be giving to others and to this day, I still give just as much as I can. It is what makes my heart soar.


  2. Lovely post, I miss my Dad too. He would try to teach me golf right handed as we're both lefties and thought it would help. It did not however,wonderful memories.

  3. My Dad taught me to be strong and work hard as well as to never give up. Here's to all the great Dad's in this world!

  4. How special our Father's are...I love Father's Day so Father taught me how to be gentle and kind in every way...he is amazing!

  5. Janet, What a beautiful post.

    My Dad means the world to me. Together with my Mom he taught me how to be honest and kind, open and tolerant. He is a good man with incredible values and morals and I respect and love him so much.

    I am who I am because of him. I am so fortunate to have found a man just like him to marry! I am a lucky girl!

    Thanks for the reminder. I hope that your Father's day is not too hard. I know how tough it can be. Thank you for reminding me to cherish every second with the ones I love. Have a good weekend my friend!

  6. I adore my daddy and wish he were closer. I too have a wonderful husband who is an incredible father to our four boys. He gives all of himself to them each and every day. So tomorrow our gift to him is a few hours all to himself! He has hobbies that can't be done with boys climbing all over him, so while I take them to do something fun, he can enjoy the peace and quiet and do something he loves~

  7. OH... what a touching post!!! I adore the photos! I am so lucky to still have my Daddy and I thank God everyday for that. What I have learned from my Dad is to always be honest, pay your debts in full, to dream BIG, and that I could do and be anything in life. Oh, I love my Dad so.
    Happy Father's Day Larry!!!

  8. I had a father for years but when my mom remarried back in 1998 I finally received the blessing of a dad. He still teaches me constantly that I'm great just as I am...something I sorely missed growing up.
    A wonderful weekend to you, the hubby & your entire family!!!

  9. I still miss my dad too. He taught me to love and to laugh!

  10. As I told you on the phone, this post was very touching. My Dad taught me responsibility, ha! I think that's why I ended up working in a bank. I think I inherited his silly sense of humor too.

    Anyway, Happy Father's Day to Larry who is the BEST Dad! xo

  11. I loved your beautiful ode to Fathers. Thanks Janet. xoxo