Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Martha Stewart Photo
I believe that Life is the best Gift we receive...
Being aware of this
creates constant Gratitude.
Gratitude is
reflected in Giving.
(without expectation)
is an investment
that makes one happy.
What does
mean to you?


  1. Giving to me means thinking how you can celebrate someone you love and hold dear...with Father's Day approaching I want to be sure to let my step-father know just how much he means to my life, and by doing something as simple as cooking a family meal, spending the day talking and laughing with him, is a priceless gift...life is truly about moments shared...

  2. Janet, this is quite a subject for me. Being a full time Momma I feel like I give all day. I give to my little one, constantly and consistantly. I give a five hour playdate that drives me mad several times a week so that my little one has pleasure. (today being one of them). I give to my parents. When my Dad is really sick or well, I am there. When my Mom needs a friend, I am there. I give to my friends. I give to my husband all I have. I give to people I don't know. I give and give and give. So that humanity is better for it. I am not complaining. I enjoy every moment of it. I have a choice. What is life without giving? I wouldn't know.

  3. those are gorgeous gifts - of course they're martha! at first glance i thought they were flawlessy decorated cakes!!

  4. Giving from the heart....so completely important to our human existence..people can give in so many ways...the best gift i got today was from two complete strangers in the waiting room at the dr. office...my daughter sliced open her foot from toe to heal and was in amazing pain.... her foot wrapped in a blood soaked towel...the receptionist would not even take her into a room to wait ...told her there were 2 people in frount of her and she could wait as long as 20mins....both ladies that were waiting long before us stood up and told the receptionist that my daughter Molly could take their spots and to go ahead...amazing kindness by strangers...{i really could not believe that heartless receptionist!}Molly ended up with countless number of stiches.. Giving from stranger to stranger....now that is what it is all about!

  5. We have a phrase: "For fun and for free".
    Which means to give of our Self freely, willingly, happily, with out expecting anything in exchange. The giving is the gift to our Self.
    Sometimes the gift is in us just showing up.
    An invitation is a suggestion but, sometimes it turns into an obligation. Either way, we find we might be surprised at what my be there waiting for us when we arrive. An unexpected old friend, and unexpected new friend, or an ear full of unexpected delights.

  6. Giving is the gift of kindness, an act that needs know repayment or reward...unselfishness at it very best...great post!!

  7. Giving is to me taking a moment from someones existence to make them smile and feel loved, which will stay with that person forever.

    I thought the middle one was a cake too!
    Ness xx

  8. I am by nature a giving person. It fills me up inside to know that I've made someone smile. I especially love to give unexpected gifts - even something as simple as a handwritten note can be a delight.
    There are some blogs - like this one - that are like daily gifts of beauty and inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to share with your readers. I always look forward to seeing what you've posted.

  9. Giving to me makes my heart soar. That is why I am constantly doing Giveaways on my Blog and doing for others in everyday life.

    I love your new header.


  10. Doing something for someone that you know they need, would make them smile, and expecting nothing in return.

  11. A smile is a simple,soulful,unconditional and inspiring gift that gives and gives....

  12. Giving offers me the greatest gift of all: receiving a smile in return, making someone's day, being loved unconditionally by those I give my everything to on a daily basis. What would life be without giving? I would hate to find out.

    P.S. Janet, we are having the best time! My little girl has finally adjusted to the new time zone, and she is loving Spain (of course, all the locals love her and her blonde hair and blue eyes!). We just stumbled onto a delicious market filled with glorious produce, cava, and tapas. It is very hot, so luckily, we can take a siesta (I get to write and blog) in the afternoon and then enjoy more of this fantastic city as the sun goes down. Thanks for asking...

  13. Sometimes a smile is the sweetest gift. :-)

  14. To really listen when someone is talking....I mean really listen. Best gift!
    lovely post as always... :)

  15. frou-frou & ness,
    i think the middle one is a cake too :) but to me a cake can be a present~~
    love you both!

  16. Giving is simply...love.

    You just gave me a hearty laugh over that mannequin. You were quite spirited about it! The gift of laughter is a great thing to give.


  17. i love this... (and your blog)... it is so simple and easy to be nice and give... (just because it is the right thing to do!) give of one's time, let someone into your lane while driving, help someone walking with a cane or just simply say hello to a stranger on the street. .... it is about giving and not expecting anything in return. in the end, that is all that matters... thank you.

  18. Here's a gift - I made a comment :)

  19. Making you heart smile as well as someone elses.

    xoxo Noel

  20. I LOVE to give... I find giving makes me feel so much better than receiving... the smile on ones face, the gleam in the eye... it is ENCHANTING!!!
    Beautiful photos!

  21. I love these quotes by Kahlil Gibran. They sum up how I feel about giving ~
    ~You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.
    ~There are those who give with joy, and their joy is their reward.

  22. Giving is something you do from your heart without expecting anything in return. And it is so much better to give than receive :)