Friday, April 3, 2009

A Very Peaceful Weekend

My favorite kind of week-end...
no plans.. :)

Long walks....and long hot baths...
I will slow down...
and balance myself.

I will day dream...
of Easter and special surprises...
for you!
What are you doing this week-end?


  1. That bedroom just looks scrumptious. My morning to lie in isn't until Sunday as I work my store on Saturdays. But somehow when you are your own boss, it isn't quite so bad. Enjoy the weekend!
    Lisa & Alfie

  2. A beautiful and luxurious post, I feel more calm reading it :) Have a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvinating weekend!

  3. That bed is heavenly. It is getting cold here at the moment and I could curl up in that in front of a fire for sure...but, we are painting doing samples for the kitchen and I am trying to get the curtains done for the French doors and possibly a slip cover or two.
    Have a great weekend Janet,
    Ness xx

  4. I think I might spend the day curled up in bed after I have had a long soak in that beautiful bath.

  5. I love the weekends with no plans the best too. Enjoy your, xv.

  6. Oh... to jump into that bathe for an hour and hit the bed for hours! But, must go to T-ball! But, thank you for making me forget about that for a moment and enjoy!

  7. Hi Janet! Sound like you are going to have a beautiful weekend! No plans...are the best. I am off to Virtual Paree...although I spent yesterday up north(WI) at summer home, cleaning, moving furniture...etc...I would love to rest my muscles in that LOVELY TUB!!! So PRETTY, I LOVE IT!!!

    Enjoy your weekend, Miss Kris

  8. We'll have a great week end: Saturday will be spent with the kids on the soccer field and Sunday we will be having our first Arcade Sale from 9 to 4. Hope to see you there!!!

  9. Gorgeous images - so calming that blue isn't it....and a weekend that is plan free is my kind of weekend also. I would spend the whole weekend in that gorgeous bed with a good book!

  10. Janet,

    May I say...THAT is my kind of weekend too! It almost reminds me of Erica Barry's room (Diane Keaton in "Something's Gotta Give".


    eLLy * ClickClockCulture

  11. I'm in love with the color of the tub. I can't wait for a peaceful weekend :) My house is now stacked floor to ceiling with numbered and tagged boxes. I am eyeing my dining table and hutch that I am dreaming of repainting and reupholstering. With all this clutter even thinking about painting is tiring and seems so tedious. So I decided to revisit your blog and catch some fresh air. I can honestly say, thank you for such such a fresh and visually pleasing blog. :)