Saturday, April 25, 2009

French Paper Wigs

A paper artist & teacher, Jeffery Rudell was invited to
do a window display on 5th Ave in New York
for Tiffany & Co.
He visioned elaborate wigs of
Mid-18th Century France
as his focal point~

Instead of powdered hair these wigs are
hand crafted with
Handmade French Paper...
Each one is a sea of rolling curls and
piled a high 36 inches tall!

Jeff's challenge was finding a way to
create volume without weight
to sculpture pieces that look light & airy.

He imagined and created
fanciful shapes like this
violin & harp
to top the curls~
another with a songbird.

Jeffery Rudell was also invited to do
another window for
Tiffany & Co. for Mother's Day
with a theme of
"Queen For A Day"
He made Paper Crowns~~
Photos of Jeffery's work were all taken
by Katherine Knauer.
I could not find a website direct for
Jeffery Rudell.
If anyone knows it please let me know~


  1. Don't you just love, love to see people this creative. Took my breath away! Thank you for sharing this.....I'm entranced. Such patience, such art, such beauty.

  2. I just absolutely love, love, love that. That is spectacular!! That violin and songbird OMG!! I am enthralled with how he did this...


  3. It's wonderful how an artist could create such beauty from something so mundane as paper. Lovely!

  4. Wow!!! That is true art right there! So imaginative and creative. I am breathless! Wonderful post Janet. Have a great new week!

  5. Those are absolutely amazing. I could never have imagined such creations.

  6. Some people are so incredibly talented!
    (insert jealousy here...)

  7. Ohhhhhhhh my GOD! I mean GOSH! What incredible pictures. I love every single bit. Jeffery AMAZINGGG!

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  9. Spectacular and inspiring! So glad I stumbled on this post.


  10. WoW ! Simply ... WOW !

    Another paper cut artist I really like is Rob Ryan. Have you seen his work? He collaborated some work with London's Tatty Devine a while back. The birds necklace is so pretty & cute!

    We decided to do Romantic Gothic photoshoot first this coming Saturday because Melbourne has been raining non stop and it's quite windy these past weeks.

    Yes, my parents came!! Papa left early as he gets cranky if he doesn't work =) but mama is still here and hasn't stopped cooking delicious food for us. Not to mention a very clean house with fresh flowers everytime I wake up in the morning. I'm loving her! ^_^


  11. These are just fabulous - the detail is extraordinary. xv

  12. Hi, have been directed to your sute by friend and really enjoyed, thank you. Jeff Rudell's site is Rudell. He's also on twitter, jeffrudell on Twitter. Hope that's helpful.

  13. I think we need to see Prince Poppycock put one of these on his head.

  14. these wigs are truly creative! could you give me some pointers on how I can get re-create one.

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