Monday, June 18, 2012

So Proud

I just saw my living room featured on the cover of this French Published Magazine
Maison Romantique!
Thanks to a post I JUST saw this morning visiting Sandy at
her Beautiful home joins mine in this
 June/July 2012 issue!! 
Although my walls have been painted, the New York lady portrait in black dress has sold, the small french blue end table & coral sconces are in my daughter's home.  The old pine french window mirror hangs in my other daughter's {Noel's studio}, the seacape hangs in my kitchen and the colors have all erased to shades of grey....
I make myself laugh with the constant changes I do,
but as one of my articles quoted me,
"Things change in my home like the tide in the ocean, but the love never changes it is always constant."
I am so Proud to be on this cover in France and to have my home seen from so far away~
Just wanted to share with YOU my most darling friends!
If any of you know how I can get a copy of this please let me know~

Have a Beautiful Week!!




  1. Hello Janet,
    How wonderful to have your room published and in France no less! I believe they should be sending you a few copies at least for using your photos. Or fly you to France to pick it up! Enjoy. Much love and nice to see you here once in a while. Hugs XO

  2. So romantic and SO beautiful!!!

    These home is absolutely dreamy and invited+:-)*


  3. Hello Fin, congratulations to you too what a thrill. Your living room feature is divine and funny how we look back and have sold items or moved them on since. Pretty unbelievable that a publication in France is viewing our homes. I have a relative in France that is tracking down the magazine. But if you email the Publishing Company I'm sure they will send you one. I will find their email and forward it to you. Have a great day and I am now your latest follower. Sandy xx

  4. Oh Janet,
    How exciting for you .......... you must be over the moon.
    ....and, your home looks beautiful, even though most of it is now scattered around your family and the paintwork has undergone so much change !!!!
    I know that you must feel so honoured to be in a French publication ...... so perfect for you.
    I am sure that someone out there in blogging land can find a copy for you.
    Hope that you and your family are all well Janet and enjoying the Summer. Much love. XXXX

  5. Congratulations, Fin! Such a beautiful home,and I am certain it is just as gorgeous in its new version.
    Happy Tuesday.

  6. So beautiful, Janet ~ just as I imagined your home would be! Congratulations.

  7. Wow congratulations, it is (was:) a beautiful, lovely room!!

    Ask Julie at Provence Post blog to get you a copy..I'm sure she will!

    a bientôt!


  8. Would love to get my hands on this magazine.

  9. Wow! congratulations! What a beautiful photo!


  10. Bonjour ~~~ oh this is so sweet to hear that you were featured in the magazine, congratulations to you, the room is absolutely beautiful and I am sure with the changes you have made, that your home is still beautiful indeed.


  11. WOW~!! This is SO exciting! I am not surprised one bit that a French magazine would buy photos of your home to feature in their magazine! Everything you create in your home shines and I"m so happy people in France are able to see that! I can't wait to sit down and look through this beautiful quality magazine!~~ I'm just so happy they have recognized YOU and your incredible taste!

  12. Janet~

    I've been out of town and away from the computer, so I apologize for being late to respond.
    What a gorgeous shot of your livingroom and to see French text over it on a publication is so chic!
    What a thrill to know that the very look you enjoy emulating has made its journey to and presence known in that very country!
    I have no doubt that from change to change and tide to tide, your home is always beautiful to behold.
    Congratulations on your home's feature!


  13. I'll look out for the mag Janet.....trés belle!

  14. How gorgeous Janet... Your room looks stunning... and I am sure it looks equally beautiful now, with the changes...I don't know this magazine but I am going to look and see if I can find you one... xv

  15. Congrats! to you!
    I would love to get a copy of this magazine.
    Where could I get an English version?
    Could share an online resource with us?
    Best wishes.

  16. DANG I would have bought that lady portrait! Very Madame X!

  17. Beautiful Janet, just beautiful! Transition makes a constant of it's own, no? I am the same. It makes me happy.
    Lisa & Alfie