Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tea Leaves

 I am obsessing once again. 
This time it is over tea!
Tea bags, tea leaves
 sipping hot steaming green tea.  
I found this darling dress to share with you!
It is made out of mighty leaf tea pouches! 
 I love it!!
It makes me imagine sitting in a hot jacuzzi, pretending it is a giant tea cup
 I am the teabag! 
This image makes me imagine 
organic fluffy down pillows
 thick antique linen or hemp sheets.
 If I were a designer,
I would design recycled french teabag bedding....
The tag would be a tea bag~  
It would be scented like my sweet Noel..
Or maybe my all time very favorite,
the fresh perfumed scent of
 Earl Grey French Blue tea leaves
To drink....
I choose as Vicki Archer just posted,
{who inspired this post}
steaming hot Green Tea tea in the morning!
It makes our bodies sing!
it makes us happy!
There is only one problem I have...
I never seem to get enough~

sweet friends!



all photos from google images


  1. Ooooo how delicious Janet .....the dress made me laugh. I can just imagine you in it, sitting in a jacuzzi being a tea bag !!
    As I told Vicki, I love a good old cup of English Breakfast with a dash of milk and I also adore liquorice tea. It has a natural sweetness and, for me, is delicious. XXXX

  2. Janet~

    Only you have the gift of making tea bags such a romantic thing! Only YOU could find this tea bag creative!

    I think that the scent of tea on linens would be lovely. My favorite tea is Jasmine Pearl. The scent and taste is so beautiful and romantic.

    Enjoy your warm cup of tea in the morning dear friend.

    Bonne nuit,

  3. Beautiful Janet!! Adore the dress and of course Earl Grey is my favorite! I must try the French Blue!

    I have a $100 Gift Card Giveaway from Soft Surroundings if you would like to enter!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Hello to you, Dear Janet!
    This dress is amazing!! Will you wear it to my next soirée at The Tearoom?

    (Have missed you so much and I hope you are well.)

    With hugs to start the week,


  5. Oh my friend..this is lovely! I am a tea lover so this tugs at my heart! We have a fun new tea shop in Canada called David's Tea...from Montreal. We are addicted to girls are following in my footsteps. Hugs and love to you for a wonderful week. xoxoxoxoox

  6. Ah, wonderful. I recently found The Art of Tea...a company with absolutely delightful teas....truly worth looking up....

  7. Sighhh I could sip on tea all day~ Oh wait, I do! This captures the ART of tea so well, I love that tea dress! Beautiful Beautiful post!

  8. Your blog is sooooo beautiful.