Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Trust

Do you ever have a craving that your not sure exactly what it is?
I do.
I think it is because many things are all rolled into one.
I'm craving the cleansing and the scent of
 natural plants, herbs
green tea!
But the funny thing is that it seems to be leading me to repaint, but not with just any paint.
So then this is leading me to a favorite stop of mine in Paris,
So then....
I begin to wonder and obsess about what shade of grey do I want to paint...
which then leads me to thoughts of a Chateau in the South of France
 to somewhere that looks very much like this~ 
 my journey makes me stop and wonder,
 what exactly am I craving...?
Then to find out,
I am content to know that I am not really sure. 
But I am sure,
I am at peace
 with my very own process of thoughts,
 even though I don't know exactly why they are.
  I know that I am very grateful that I have the space in my mind to dream~
because I trust that it will take me somewhere very beautiful!

Hugs to All of You my Darling Friends!!



1. Inspiration i Vitt
2. Flamant
3. Greige Design
4. Kathy Hackman Pinterest


  1. Dearest Janet~

    Gorgeous and dreamy words...I love the way your mind is filled with such lovely thoughts. Always thinking of you {and our beloved Noel}.


  2. The grey colour is so lovely. We all get restless now and then. I quite often do and usually a walk on the beach to think works.It certainly is easier than painting.

  3. Ooooo Janet ..... my favourite shade of grey. Our daughter has just had plantation shutters fitted in grey and they look beautiful.I am sure that your thoughts will become clear to you and that you will put them into practice.I think that it's great to have vague thoughts .... and, very exciting.
    A beautiful post with 'me' written all over it !!
    Hope that you are feeling so much better now Janet and that you are back to your old certainly sounds like it !! Much love. XXXX

  4. Space in your mind..........HOW beautiful that is,dear Janet!!!:-)*

    Fantastic and so elegant post!


  5. The first time I walked in to Flamant I think I stopped breathing Janet.I could live in that store! Then I came home and wanted to re-decorate..........everything. Happy weekend XO

  6. I love your sentiments here! And that photo from the chateau is divine. I adore the the walls. Have a good one.


  7. Janet,

    I am so glad God created dreams. Sometimes they help us to deal with reality.
    Your dreams of natural herbs, French chateaux, and beautiful colors sound like a beautiful reverie!


  8. Your photos take me to happy thoughts and places I dream about.
    Thank you, needed it today.


  9. I love the many shades of gray, it is always so calming and serene.....Wishing you a lovely day Janet! Xoxoxo

  10. I'm right there with you! Thank you for a beautiful post. Warmly~L

  11. Being at peace is a good thing. I strive for that but find it not so easy to attain.

  12. Lovely post Janet,
    You always seem to know just how to put into words the feeling we share. Hope are well Darling!

  13. Scoop,

    I love how you share your thought process with us. It is the best sometimes to just welcome what comes our way.

    Pretty inspiring photos!!

    Muahss Scoop

  14. Being a school teacher your post kinda reminds me of that book..."If you give a Mouse a Cookie" where one thing leads to another and it is hard to find the beginning thought that started the whole process! I think very much like this!
    Hugs to you dear one...xoxo Happy weekend.

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  17. Thank you for this beautiful post and for sharing your exquisite dream. Flamant Store will be on my mind when I next visit Europe. Thank you for the introduction

    Helen xx

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  19. This post is absolutely beautiful...the images, text and music.....j'adore!

  20. I adore that last picture..doorway leading to doorway to doorway...
    Manifique Mademoiselle

  21. I'm glad you have found. Your world is wonderful!

  22. I cannot get enough of your blog! I am officially a follower!

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